ok added text and stuff

kanaya has a bit of free time during her days in the winter so she decides to take up yoga(roxy probably gave her the idea since i can definitely see them hanging out a lot)

conveniently whenever kanaya is doing yoga rose…….just happens to be in the same room ‘reading’ a book

kanaya catches on very quickly and teases rose about it because most of the time the book she is ‘reading’ is upside down or something and eventually kanaya convinces a very reluctant rose to do yoga with her. this eventually becomes apart of their morning routine

this is very good for rose because most of the time she sits like a gargoyle and its been taking a toll of her back. now she stops asking kanaya for back massages every five minutes and thus kanaya having to lecture her on her terrible posture


daily / goofy / random texts w/ cha cha 😝