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“I will think of you when I am far away,” Magnus promised, fastening the pendant about her throat. “I would like to think of you fearless.”

ok i drag greek a lot, we all do, but do you ever just get that romantic feeling while you are struggling through it? Like you are translating a dead language and you don’t know who is speaking but it is like catching whispers behind a curtain, the voices lost and indistinguishable but the words remain, a shadow play of light without heat from stars now dead and light years away, snatches of things in a language no one learns on their mother’s knees anymore, foreign phrases and idioms in strange orders that sound more and more natural the more they appear to you - “Truly, you speak?” “Why indeed?” “I do not understand what you say” “I suppose” “To be one, or two?” Watching these words drop like pebbles and pass through other centuries, other decades, other languages and transcriptions, as blurred as they are illuminated.

Is that why I am still studying this?


Hallo guys!! I’m just going to give all of y'all a heads up about GORETOBER/INKTOBER so no one is taken off guard,

My goal this year is to do both! Inktober drawings will be released in the mornings, and Goretober drawings will be in the evenings! Both with be tagged with Inktober2016 and Goretober2016 respectively !

Thank you all so much for your support! LOLs to you all !!

Thanks @roger-waterss for tagging me!
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british tv recs round 4

how the hell did we get to the fourth post? cos there is some hella great but underrated british tv out there, that’s why! here are parts one, two and three

1. hinterland

this is done in both it’s original welsh and in english and it’s the old tale of brilliant but troubled police detective who isolates himself in the wild countryside of wales, solving murders and searching for redemption. bilingual, it’s beautiful cinematography, location and gripping storylines mean that this very quickly became a very well regarded show. 

2. miranda

ok, so i recommend a lot of dark crime shows on these things, because i love them are they are great. but sometimes we need a laugh - what better than miranda, the sitcom written by and starring miranda hart? idk why she isn’t the most loved comedian on tumblr, tbh. introverted and socially awkward, miranda runs a joke shop with her best friend whilst trying and failing to negociate the adult world, her overbaring mother and her crush on Gary (played by the very lovable tom ellis). she feels like an old friend. relatable and hilarious even when it leans to the slapstick and the absurd. i have rewatched this so, so many time and it still makes me laugh and smile. and cry a lil bit at the end.

2. thirteen

just aired, this follows ivy moxam, who escapes from the man who kidnapped her thirteen years ago. No longer the child that got taken, she has to try and fit into this new world. But is she really Ivy? and what secrets lay behind her years away? dark and twisty and gripping, we see the effects of crime on the family and the police officers involved (shoutout to those guys tbh). Jodie Comer is excellent as Ivy, and she leads us onto the next show on this list…

3. my mad fat diary

based on the autobiographical book of the same name, this is a beautiful show. heavily recommended. It follows teenager Rae as she struggles with severe mental health issues and eating issues. raw, unflinching and honest. gut wrenching sometimes. Beautifull written and acted. trigger warnings for suicide, eating disorders, but the look at the trauma and self esteem issues is really well done and important. 

4. in the club

this follows the various ups and downs of a group of women all in the same mother and baby group. through pregnancy and all the family dramas (including but not limited to: teen pregnancy, affairs with older women, affairs with other men, being left as a single working mother, etc etc) funny and touching drama.

5. monarch of the glen

you know, i think this is turning into the happiest list yet. this family drama follows Archie, who returns to his native scotland to become the newest lord of glenbogle. He has to wrestle his new estate into the 21st century, in amongst romantic drama and eccentric neighbours. full of heart and drama, there is a cast change in s5 however i remember seeing the end of this show when i was little, and so i take it to be that even the later seasons are worth watching, especially as you grow to love and care about the various characters. heartwarming family saga.

6. casualty and holby city

ok, ok. those of you who know of these shows are gonna say ‘jess. no. why are you putting soaps on here?’ well. these are technically long running dramas, since they are only on once a week and go on for an hour each. and i’m putting them on here because i love them. set in the same hospital, casualty follows the lives of the staff in the a&e department (the ER, casualty, whatever y’all call it.) holby, which airs on seperate day, is about everyone upstairs on the surgery wards. you don’t have to watch all 30 seasons of casualty (30 year anniversary this year!) and you don’t have to watch all 18 seasons of holby. instead you can jump in wherever (though i have my personal opinions on when to start, if you really want to know, and i can point you to where you can watch them). anyway, these aren’t just ‘soaps’. they are dramas, and have a wonderful cast of characters and hard hitting storylines. my url is a character from these shows. goold old fashioned hospital drama, politics, romance and stupid accidents. they’re great fun and you’ll get sucked in, i promise.

7. undercover

holy shit you guys, this show. written by peter moffat who did silk (see post one) this follows maya, a lawyer who returns to Britain to become the first black Director of Public Prosecutions. She begins to suspect that everything she knew about the man she has been married to for the past 20 years is a lie. And we know it is - because Nick is an undercover police officer, and is being forced to spy on his wife again after two decades away from the force. Maya is played by Sophie Okenedo, aka one of the best british actresses around right now. She is a tour de force. She’s literally…fucking amazing. Nick is adrian lester who is equally compelling. All black family, one of their children also has a learning disability, this is a gripping, addictive, beautiful and brutal story. bonus points for representation as the case Maya is involved in in america features a black man and the death penalty and the discussion that creates. Also follows black rights movements in the 90′s, as Maya’s friend who was killed in police custody was a black man killed by a white racist. Honestly a really great discussion on race, justice, family, consent (!!! a beautiful point brought up, totally unexpected but really important is what it means to their lives that Nick has been lying about who he is. he’s not just forgiven. it’s deep and it’s dark and it’s a visceral trauma surrounding lies and identity and what it means for all their choices) just, perfect. please please watch this show honestly.

8. the vicar of dibley

ok so after the beautiful fucking trauma of the last suggestion, you might need another pick me up. so i present to you one of the most loved british comedies ever. honestly it’s so famous over here that it’s crazy to me people don’t know this show. It follows the incomparable Dawn French (one of our most famous comediennes) as Vicar Geraldine Granger. A Hilarious look into her life as an underestimated female member of the clergy. So so funny, it might be about a vicar but it isn’t about religion as much as it’s about the people in the community that become her friends. Very, very well loved. Very funny and heartwarming. def a great sitcom, paving the way for things like Miranda as suggested earlier in this post. Also always stay for the after credits joke. Always.

// Oh another thing! If your muse is not as well know with their roots as others are, that’s ok! There’s lots of latinxs who are Americanized and they don’t get to have the same experiences as everyone else. Take this as a chance to learn with them. Give them that “Well I dont know shit but I’d still like to learn stuff.” And go from there. Little by little build them up. It’s kind of like “Whooooa.” Experience. Dont stress yourself out.