ok a lil sorry

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Everyone at the watch point thinks that genji is super chill cause he meditates all the time and hes found perfect inner peace. Really every time hes mad and his dragon restless hes got a bunch of magnets that he tries to stealth stick to zenyatta without him finding out. Zenyatta knows this and genji knows he knows but still lets him do it.

When hanzo asked zen why he plays along, he just tells him that despite genjis youthful rebellion he never really had much chance at a healthy childhood did he and if this helps genji achieve peace its worth it.

The next week when mccree drags homself half asleep for his morning coffee in the kitchen after a tricky mission in hanamura, no one mentions the magnet stuck to the back of the cowboys arm. Nor the small snout poking out from under his serepe.


we’re just kids, we aren’t supposed to be heroes  → a playlist for the losers club

another night on mars [the maine] ♦ on our way [the royal concept] ♦ you get what you give [new radicals] ♦ young volcanoes [fall out boy] ♦ runaways [all time low] ♦ here’s to us [halestorm] ♦ we are golden [mika] ♦ paper chase [the academy is…] ♦ i’m still standing [elton john] ♦ don’t you (forget about me) [simple minds] ♦ the kids aren’t alright [fall out boy] ♦ summer of ‘69 [bryan adams] ♦ kids in america [kim wilde] ♦ we built this city [starship] ♦ carry on [fun.] ♦ (don’t fear) the reaper [blue oyster cult] ♦ the last of the real ones [fall out boy] ♦ only the good die young [billy joel] ♦ come on eileen [dexys midnight runners] ♦ west end kids [new politics] ♦ devil town [bright eyes] ♦ to build a home [the cinematic orchestra]

This is Sam and she’s half alien. If you ask where her alien parts are, she will kick your ass.

i may or may not have totally tweaked her face lol shh


I would love to fight by her side and maybe make out with her a bit