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Thanks Hades

My group plays rift, which is like dnd with sci-fi and a lot of game and TV series jumping. We also have Gm or dm points if we have made our dm laugh with shit we have done. I have 7 at this point. I’m playing a necrocleric (deathwalker) devil. We were facing a demon, that has tamed another demon as it’s pet. Both were way above our level and the dm was gearing up for the fight. Well as a necromancer I have Hades as my god .

Me: I want to communicate with my god.

Gm: roll percentiles the higher the better

Me: alright… but I want to use all 7 of my Gm points to kill the demons

Gm: ok

Me: *rolls 87/100*

Gm: … Hades smites them where they stand… damn you….

genderbends are already inherently bad but the worst ones are when they take a guy whose distinct but when they make them a women they’re suddenly Skinny Generic Conventionally Attractive Woman #87

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I just really need to know what you look like. Is that supposed to be you in your profile pic?

yup. that is me. just a civil war dude with a song in me heart:

68 “All I wanted was your honesty.”
72 “You can’t just kiss me and think everything is ok.”
87 “I made a mistake.”


Bitter disappointment is written over his face as you come home from work, nothing is left from his upright carriage.
He knows and there’s no way you could deny it.
“I made a mistake. And I’m sorry. So sorry, Negan.” You whisper and frame his face, the cheeks wet from tears he cried.
It breaks your heart to see him like this.
“Don’t fuckin’ touch me.” Harshly he pushes you away. “You said, you motherfuckin’ promised me not to do it.”
Tears pooling in your eyes and you’ve to look away as you think about the evening.
The story is quickly told. One of Negan’s students found out about your past as an exotic dancer and made fun about you. Negan heard and lost it.
The problem wasn’t only that he’s a kid, but also he’s the son of the director.
“Tell me what the fuck happened.” He mumbles.
So he doesn’t know the whole truth what’s probably for the best.
“Nothing you need to worry about.” Again you frame his face, kissing the trembling lips. “It was just a dance, I promise you.”
From the look in his eyes you know he doesn’t believe you. Even when it was the truth.
Or a part of it.
“No Negan, what are you doing?” You ask in panic as he takes a rucksack and the keys for his car.
“You can’t just kiss me and think everything is ok.” He shakes his head and opens the door.
“Please Negan. I love you. I did that for you.” You beg.
“I never fucking asked you for it.” His brown eyes are cold as he turns around to you. “All I wanted was your honesty.”
“Yo-you know?” Shocked you stumble back.
“Of course, I fucking do.”
That’s the last words before he leaves the apartment.

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87 + A

Staubrey - ‘Christmas’

Senior Aubrey Posen stared at the long mirror in the bedroom of the large sorority house she shared with her best friend and co-captain Chloe Beale, and let out a heavy disappointed sigh. She hated herself. Every little scrap about her. Her looks. Her attitude. Her failure to succeed. Everything.

Her final year at Barden University was not turning out as well as she’d hoped. In September when she’d begun the great task of finding a bunch of amazing singers with bikini-ready bodies to replace the senior Bellas that had all graduated over the summer, she had been filled with hope and above all things, determination.

Chloe had been her rock throughout college so far. The two who had immediately bonded because they were the only two new Bellas in their freshman year to survive the strict ‘No sexual relations with a Treble Maker’ rule the morning after their first ‘hood night party’. A rule that Aubrey had stoically stuck by over each year, despite her secret affection for one of the Trebles. Because above all things her loyalty to The Bellas was paramount. Without them she would be nothing.

Chloe had also stuck fast to the rule, but it hadn’t stopped her leading them on, breaking their hearts in the final moments. Something she had always seemed to find quite amusing. This year however, their final year at Barden, Aubrey had been handed the reins of The Barden Bellas, with Chloe offering to be her co-captain as support. And while Chloe still remained to be her best friend, and come up with many many ideas on how to get to the finals of the ICCA’s again (to finish what they started last year), all of her ideas had revolved around Beca.

Beca Mitchell. That shit-stain. That girl who was going to ruin The Bellas name if Aubrey loosened the reins and allowed Chloe to make some suggestions. Because at the end of the day Aubrey saw it. Hell, she had a feeling that all of The Bellas saw it except that moody alt girl, Mitchell.

Chloe had a MASSIVE toner for Beca. There was no other explanation for why her bright, bubbly, positive best friend could possibly suggest Beca - the grumpy, stubborn, indie girl - as a way in which to make them better. Chloe had fallen hard. And as such, she had skipped out of the house two hours ago, after double checking with Aubrey if she was sure she didn’t want to come along. Because tonight was The Annual Acapella Christmas Get Together. Where all the acapella groups gathered for a lot of booze and a lot of dancing and above all things, a lot of singing.

Aubrey had been assuring Chloe for weeks that she would be going. But as the end of today’s rehearsal arrived, and Aubrey had yet another blow up with The Bellas about how Beca COULDN’T be in charge of the set list for their upcoming competition. So she’d decided she couldn’t stand to see the grumpy alt-girl again today. She needed to wallow.

And wallow she had, the empty wine bottle evidence of that. And she was halfway through her second.

Aubrey let a tear roll down her face. She was allowed to cry sometimes. Her father always said crying was a sign of weakness. But right now Aubrey felt weak.

She pulled at the hem of her favourite blouse. The light blue one. The one that ‘plunged’. The one she rarely wore because she didn’t want to get a reputation within The Bellas. She needed to maintain her authority, and that was by not flaunting her physical assets. She left that to the more promiscuous member of her acapella group, Stacie Conrad.

Stacie who, Aubrey secretly admitted in her drunken state, was actually really hot. The young brunette had super long legs that rivalled Aubrey’s. Was so bendy thanks to her years of ballet training as a child. Had gorgeous long brown hair that looked amazing regardless of what state it was in. And the brightest hazel/green eyes Aubrey had ever seen. Not that she looked into them much. But when she did…

“Ugh!” Aubrey groaned as she threw her face into her hands. What was she doing? She was actually crushing on one of The Bellas. One of HER Bellas. God she must be desperate. She must be REALLY desperate. How long had it been since she’d been kissed? Not since…freshman year? Or…Sophomore year maybe?

Aubrey jumped as she heard a heavy knocking on her closed bedroom door. Her heart raced. The knock had been unfamiliar, and there was only one person it could logically be, and her best friend didn’t knock on her door like that. Actually, Chloe didn’t knock at all, such was the closeness of their friendship. So Aubrey turned to look over her shoulder with a furrowed brow, holding her breath.

“Aubrey it’s me.” She recognised that voice. “Stacie.” Oh God. Had she heard her? Read her mind or something? “I know you’re in there so open up.” And the heavy knocking sounded again, so persistent it was that Aubrey strode over to her bedroom door and pulled it open. There, stood with a sloppy grin on her face that was only there after she’d done several shots, was Stacie Conrad.

“Stacie? Wha-what are you doing here? HOW did you get in here?” Aubrey stuttered in shock, but Stacie didn’t respond and instead stepped into her bedroom, hopping up onto the Captain’s pristine desk. ‘Make yourself at home’ Aubrey thought to herself sarcastically, but the things stopping her from saying it out loud were the two long legs that Stacie swung, and the tops of her breasts that hung in the revealing top that left no opportunity for anyone’s imagination.

Aubrey swallowed loudly, waiting for Stacie’s answer, and the young brunette delivered quickly, “You weren’t at the party, so I came to get you.” Stacie held her hand up and dangling from the keyring around her index finger were a set of keys. Chloe’s keys. “Chloe gave me her house keys so I could let myself in.”

The room fell silent as Aubrey tried to entice some sober thoughts and words to the forefront of her mind. But her body was sort of feeling numb from the wine she’d already consumed this evening at her little exclusive pity party. And Stacie, despite having only known Aubrey a few months, knew the signs to look for in someone who had consumed alcohol, no matter how drunk she was herself.

“Are…are you drunk?!” The brunette said with a wicked grin, and Aubrey felt herself blushing. She stood up straight, cleared her throat and let out an unconfident “No!” trying not to feel too nervous under Stacie’s strong gaze, “Are you??” she counteracted but Stacie merely giggled out a “Yep!”

So Aubrey cleared her throat again, and put her hands on her hips.

“Look I’m not going to that party so…if that’s all you’re here for then you might as well leave.” Aubrey said stubbornly, her eyebrows raised to show that she meant it. But…she didn’t really mean it. In fact, if there was any chance that Stacie would maybe spend the next hour or so with her, you know, as FRIENDS, then Aubrey wouldn’t complain. And if something more happened then..well..yeah, Aubrey really wouldn’t complain. And the blonde found herself staring down at Stacie’s lips as they parted into a flirtatious smile.

The brunette slid off the table and slowly began walking over to her Captain, who was stood frozen to the spot, a shocked expression on her face as Stacie stopped inches from her body. Nose-to-nose. The perfect height for one another. Aubrey noticed Stacie look down at her lips then back up to her eyes, her smile having not dropped once.

“I could be persuaded to do something else,” Stacie said in a low, husky voice, “if you wanted?”

Aubrey couldn’t breathe. Her heart was racing but…nope, no breathing was happening. She looked down at Stacie’s mouth as the young woman bit her bottom lip enticingly. The blonde had no idea when their faces had slowly got closer, but they were getting closer, and closer, until suddenly Aubrey felt Stacie’s warm mouth on hers. Her lips felt soft and tender as they kissed. Long and slow. Delicately.

Aubrey couldn’t believe what she’d been missing over the past few months. Why hadn’t she thought about doing this before? Because kissing Stacie seemed like the most natural thing in the world! At least, that’s what drunk Aubrey believed.

As the minutes wore on both women were feeling bolder, holding each other tight, fingers entwined in locks of hair, hands gripping at clothes, and butts, and hips, and boobs. They took it in turns to kiss and nibble at one another’s necks. Whenever their mouths met, their tongues rolled around each other’s.

Suddenly Stacie froze and Aubrey furrowed her brow, opening her eyes and pulling her face from her friend’s. Stacie was…BLUSHING while she looked over Aubrey’s shoulder.

When Aubrey followed her gaze her stomach dropped. There, stood in the doorway, were Chloe, Beca, and Fat Amy. Chloe had her mouth open wide in bemused horror; Beca was grinning, seeing this as the perfect opportunity to tease her Captain forever; and Fat Amy grinned and simply gave them two thumbs up.

“Uh so…Stacie left the front door open.” Beca began.

“We were worried about you!” Chloe added.

“Clearly we had no reason to be. Stacie’s sorting you out a treat…” Fat Amy said unhelpfully.

Aubrey cleared her throat. If she wasn’t drunk she’d be mortified. She hadn’t noticed she still clung to Stacie’s body. Stacie simply shrugged, waving at them to leave.

“Yeah well if you don’t mind, we’d like some privacy?” She said with a firm but jolly tone, and the three Bellas that had been stood in the doorway slowly walked out of the room.

Aubrey let out a giggle as Stacie beamed at her and she thought she heard Chloe sneak back to the room whispering something about closing the bedroom door for them. But the two women took no notice, instead resuming their make-out session.

And over the course of the next few hours Stacie constantly told her and reminded her how beautiful and wonderful she was. And over the course of the next few hours Aubrey finally felt like she was.

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Hey! 8 and 256 for Raph, and if it's OK to be greedy 87 and 131 for Leo with the request post. Thank yoooouu! 😊😊


8.) You’re running away?

256.) Don’t run away from me.

You had been a Purple Dragon most of your life. You had never really had a family, and no one would ever adopt you. So you made a life of crime, deciding that if no one wanted you, you would give them a reason to really not want you. 

You had met Raph a long time ago, back in your early days of crime, and you had become friends despite him despising your crime life. Now, he was done with you being a crime master. 

He held onto your wrist as you tried walking away from him. “Don’t run away from me!” He yelled at you. 

Tears filled your eyes as you looked back at him. “What am I supposed to do, Raph! I’m a criminal! You’re supposed to be my friend!” 

“I am your friend! I’m trying to keep you safe! You deserve so much more than this!” He yelled, keeping you in place. 

You finally turned and looked at him, as realization struck you. You nodded your head. 

You’re running away?” 

You shook your head. He nodded. “Good.” 

Then he pulled you into a hug. 


87.) Of course, it hurts. 

131.) Do you ever think about what we did?

You and Leo had dated for two years, before he had broken up with you because he wanted to keep you safe. You were heart broken for about two weeks, before you decided to move on. 

You stayed friends, hanging out a lot to numb the pain in both of your hearts. 

You two sat on the TCRI building, your hearts aching but nothing to ever fix them. 

Do you ever think about we did?” Leo asks, not meeting your eyes. 

Of course, it hurts.” You stated truthfully, leaning your head on his shoulder as you sighed softly. He nodded and leaned his head against yours. 

“I know.” 

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Are you in need for better security? If so I think I will be your best choice.. *Whispers 'I really need a job'*

Ok, payment starts at $87 an hour 9-7 Sunday Monday off with holidays off except for Arbor Day….. Also you have to be good at playing Mario Kart