ok 3 10 for me

“aw, darlin’, i guess you’re gettin’ pretty attached to me! …..your cat is too.” (wink wink nudge nudge obvious flirt)

“….shut up. you probably….bathed in cat nip or something. morpheus usually has better taste than this.”
(first attempt at dr. dalias and akmazian from the eos_10 podcast - my personal HCs for them. akmazian either has a partly cybernetic arm or that’s just like…armor idk I LIKE ROBOT ARMS OK)

(also, listen to eos_10, it’s a DELIGHT. it’s been on hiatus for a long time, but the first two seasons are just really wonderful ok and i love it)


oh boy these sure are outfits (skin names in captions + outfits under cut)

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the kids being lazy asses at cape garner lake ~ their old hangout spot filled with stupid and wonderful memories (dumb parties, camping, forgetting the rest of the world exists)


Props to the RWBY team for darkening Blake’s skin. It’s slight enough that it’s not like “Whoa! Sudden race change!” But it’s nice, considering how many fans headcanon her with darker skin.

As the show continues, it’s nice to see more skin variation all throughout, since, y’know, not everyone is the same exact shade of #ffeee0.

Especially with Blake being one of the four main girls. I don’t think many series would make that decision, and I’m proud of the crwby.

dstarscurse  asked:

Hello :3 Once you get this SHARE 6 facts about yourself and send it to your 10 favorite blogs ✿♥‿♥✿

Aww, Thanks!!! <3

OK 6 things about me hmm. Well, you might already know some of these….

1. I’m super into card making… I have a whole separate blog and youtube channel about it it’s linked in the more by me page on my blog.

2. Disney World is my favorite place in the world. I was soo soo close to going to Disney World this April…. My cousin is getting married in NOLA this April I was going to fly to WDW after her wedding…. I’m pretty sure I’m not going anymore and I’m a little sad about it.

3. Here’s a weird little sims related fact. When I first played Sims 1 when I was about 9. I would play with the sound off because I was terrified of the burglar noise and the missing work noise… I don’t think I started playing with sound again till Sims 3 came out when I was in High School….

4. My favorite Super Hero is The Flash. If I could have super powers I think Flash powers would be what I want. I feel like it’s basically having sims speed control in real life. I mean time wouldn’t move faster but imagine how much more you could get done in a day. Of course, I tend to bite off more then I can chew.

5. My Dog is named for a group of Newsies from the Movie/Musical. Her Name is Brooklynn she’s a terrier and has tons of attitude thus making her name perfect for her.

6. I’m secretly a big Shakespeare nerd. I have been since I was 12… My favorite play is Midsummer Nights Dream.