can when people upload alone at sea could they upload with CC/captioning options please?

I know it’s POSSIBLE - i’ve seen it done in the monster reunion leak so i know there’s a way - taken from the same video? but for some reason people aren’t doing it? 

so as a deaf person who wants to be more included and catch up in the excitement with others on this very big important day, please do this, it’d mean so much to me, other people of same handicap and people who arent native english-speakers

if one more person says that it’s good that steve didn’t touch bucky much in civil war because bucky has ptsd, i’m gonna scream. touch aversion can absolutely be a symptom of ptsd - i am a person with selective touch aversion because of my ptsd - but you can’t tell me that marvel’s homophobia doesn’t have something to do with the fact that steve and bucky didn’t hug at least once in a movie all about their reunion.

i am so fucking done with the “untouchable ptsd victim” story, and honestly, the way people are wording these posts makes it sound like people struggling with ptsd are either gross and tainted or so fragile that they’d break on contact. both these tropes are incredibly harmful for people like me, who turn to bucky barnes for comfort in coping with their own ptsd.

i understand wanting to find a reason for canon to make sense, to be satisfying, but don’t give canon’s homophobia a free pass, and especially don’t just exchange it for ableism. 


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