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You can never completely understand her. Even though I grew up around her, like a son, I still feel afraid of her for no reason. [Guangxu]

Yuko Tanaka as Empress Dowager Cixi || The Pleiades

Oklahoma Urban LegendI

Oklahoma City, OK, USA: We have a neighborhood in one of the nicer parts of town named Carey Place. In that neighborhood, there’s a house called “The Hatchet House,” called so for the hatchets on its window shutters and the legend surrounding it.

Legend goes that years ago, a young girl named Carey was kidnapped from her school and killed with a hatchet. Most incarnations of the story say that her body was left on the porch of the Hatchet House, which is now painted red due to the fact they couldn’t clean the blood off the pavement (I have always heard the body was on the driveway but her head was left in a windowsill flowerbox, but I can’t seem to find many other people who’ve heard that version.) 

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The residents of the neighborhood say they haven’t seen ghosts, but sometimes hear “weird noises.” A lot of college/high school students visit the neighborhood and try to spark paranormal happenings (especially around Halloween.) My mom used to tell me that, back in the 1970s, she and her brother parked outside the house late at night and saw the ghost of a little girl in one of the windows, until the homeowner walked by, causing it to disapparate.