Me on a date
  • Me:so what do you think about [Character]/[Character]
  • Date:I don't ship it i'm more into [Character]/[Other character]
  • Me, taking another breadstick:That's fine, as a decent person and fellow fan I respect your opinion instead of starting a ship war or an argument. Enjoy your meal! :)
fool for you.

Pairing: Hollstein
Rating: Explicit
Chapter: 3/4
Word Count: 4.6k
Summary:  Carmilla, recently estranged from her family, moves to the small American midwestern town of Silas. Where she eventually meets Laura Hollis, who spends her nights bartending at the The Lustig. Laura and Carmilla aren’t a love at first sight story. But when you’re drawn to someone, in the end there’s nothing you can do but fall.

for @elise-baumn. thank you to @franticscrawls as always for beta-ing for me i appreciate you so much. and also to both riss & @smollaura for being lovely, lovely cheerreaders. <333

ao3 link

oh yeah before i forget mabo e-mailed me!!

several points of importance:
> autumn is his favourite season
> autumn makes him want to eat a lot so hes becoming slightly weight conscious
> he cannot take selfies without being embarrassed
> his dogs are lazy and can’t do tricks cos he doesn’t care
> tomo has been forcing him to try new salads but tomo’s taste is so weird mabo hates it

also he calls me ランス (lance) which kills me cos taichi calls me ランスくん (lancekun) and damn it mabo

Considering how there isn’t an english version of Aspros’s gaiden avaliable apparenlty,  I have decided a few months ago that I’d start working on an english translation for it! And here it is! I’ll be uploading the chapters to the same folder that will be given bellow and I’ll reblog this post whenever the next chapter is done and uploaded. The chapters were translated by me and revised by Ale.

                                              [Aspros Gaiden]