ojitos borrosos

Ojitos Borrosos by Inés Estrada

Fucking Christ, I love Tumblr.  I love Tumblr more than Twitter.  I love Tumblr more than Facebook.  I even love Tumblr more than LinkedIn.  I love Tumblr.  I’ve been using Tumblr since I was 18 years old, and had we had babies without ceasing from that moment until now, me and Tumblr would have had six babies by now, with a seventh on the way.  Beautiful internet/human babies, full of code and apps and guts and eyeballs and social networking resources and hair and teeth and stuff.  I love Tumblr so much that minutes ago I was reading a book from 1936 in which the author refers to a “tumbler of wine” and my immediate reaction was, “he spelled it wrong.”  I fucking need Tumblr.

I follow three categories of Tumblr: about half of the Tumblrs I follow are “IRL” friends.  Another half are the Tumblrs of booksellers/book publishers/cute baby animals/ironic television parodies/blogs referent to my hometown of Baltimore.  The final half are the Tumblrs of artists and people who draw comics and cartoons (which I consider to be comics that you read really, really quickly), most of whose work I discovered purely through the fully immersive, visceral, eXistenZ-ian medium of Tumblr.  Inechi.tumblr.com is among that third half.  Her comics and drawings are really great.  Check it out right now!  Okay, now come back here and finish reading this paragraph!  Ojitos Borrosos is an anthology of Estrada’s weirdo beautifully rendered vignettes, which range in content from Aimee Bender-whimsical to oops-I-clicked-on-the-wrong-porn sleazy.  And they’re all really cool!  And they’re all in two languages!  Just like Tumblr!