ojima naoya

RH plus

This series follows the daily lives of 4 vampires that live together in a European-style building: Kiyoi is the eldest who takes care of the others, Masakazu is a college student who gets information on criminal activities, and Ageha and Makoto both go to high-school (and tend to end up helping Masakazu whether they really want to or not). They fight against crime when the cops are unwilling or unable to do so. The series is based off of a shounen-ai manga published in B’s Log. Whether you like shounen-ai or not, it hasn’t been very obvious in this series and it may not be… the jury’s still out on that. CAST: Miura Yuu, Tochihara Rakuto, Ojima Naoya, Takano Hassei, Tomatsu Haruka, Fujita Rei, Miyagi Kentaro, Murakami Kohei, Miyashita Maika, Abe Erena

Something I realized watching Gokusen the Movie again...

So as we all know by now that a lot if not all of school type dramas have these big ensembles for the students, Hana Kimi, Gokusen, Misaki Number 1, GTO just to name a few. The core/main students normally tend to have a bit more experience while the rest would probably be newbies to the gig. Now in some cases a couple go on to costar/star in other dramas, movies, stage plays, or Toku. Mizushima Hiro, Matsuyama Kenichi, Nakamura Yuichi just to name a few.

So when today I was watching one of my favorite portions of the Gokusen movie which started from when third generation 3-D class came in to save Yankumi until the end. In the movie we got the entire season 3 class and the 4th generation class.  We also get the return of 8/10 of the main students from seasons 1 and 2, missing MatsuJun and Akanishi Jin.

On top of that though we also have appearances of about 19 alumni who are shown watching the broadcast and seeing their precious Yankumi with a gun aimed at her. Now I want to think that this is a small mixture of season 1 and 2 but not sure. And we didn’t get Mizushima Hiro or Matsuyama Kenichi appearing, but I did recognize a few of them from other projects.

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