oj simpson court

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@truecrimehothouse @congenitaldisease @bundyspooks You gotta watch this.

It has Anna Nicole Smith, CHARLES MANSON, OJ Simpson, AND MORE!!!! Gotta watch it. So worth it. (for those interested, Charles Manson is toward the first half of the video, and Anna and OJ are toward the end.)

someone: you okay?

me, internally: okay what frustrates me the most about oj is. is ok. he wasn’t framed bc they wouldn’t have known he had no alibi lmao. like he had no alibi whatsoever. the cops would’ve had to have been monitoring his house. day and night. known he had a flight to chicago. all that shit. also he had family members living there? like would they not have heard a break in? would they not have caught those cops and been like tf are you guys doing with our dads socks? and also how was it “planted” when police did not have simpsons blood? like and the other thing is. oj is so god damn stupid. he could’ve set it up perfectly. he could’ve been like oh yeah i donated blood about a week ago. then people would’ve been like oh fuck those cops could’ve somehow found that out and framed his ass? WHERE DID HIS BLOOD COME FROM. HOW DID THEY GET THAT MUCH BLOOD??? OH SHIT. but no. that’s oj’s blood. and the fact that it was never addressed by the defense and the fact that oj never had an explanation or even said a god damn thing about it pisses me off.

me: i’m fine