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OIympics 2014 AU prompt: Oliver Queen is the captain of Canada's Hockey team, the reigning gold medalists and Felicity is Team Canada's reigning bronze medalist in figure skating. They never got along so why is Oliver Queen showing up to her skating events, why is Felicity Smoak coming to the hockey games and most importantly why is Oliver kissing her in front of the world(much to her surprise) after winning gold in the hockey finals? As usual only Dig and Roy(his teamates) know what's going on.

Note: I’m from the LA area. And while it did get quite cold where I grew up, I know exactly zilch about ice skating and related activities. Basically everything I know I’ve learned from watching The Mighty Ducks trilogy.


Felicity Smoak glided onto the ice, eager to get a feel of the rink. The figure skater had arrived in Sochi yesterday with the rest of the Canadian team and had been anxious to get back to her practice routine.

Despite the twenty plus hours on the plane, the multiple stops, and the fiasco that was their hotel accommodations, Felicity felt loose and limber and ready for her events.

She had just finished her warm up and was beginning to practice portions of her routine when a banging of the door and a commotion caught her attention. Felicity paused, annoyed, skidding to a stop to stare at three burly men coming down the steps toward the edge of the rink. Their red and white jackets with a hockey player silhouetted on the maple leaf indicated their interest in the ice, but hockey players had their own arena. Why were they bothering her?

The trio drew closer, allowing her to identify the man in the lead. “Ugh, Queen,” she thought, rolling her eyes. That made the other two Roy and John, the one they called Digg. It also meant she wanted absolutely nothing to do with them. Shaking her head, Felicity continued her routine, skating toward the opposite end of the rink.

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