Bracciale handmade con ciondoli in argento tibetano - acciaio inox - mini perle
✖ Dal 7 Dicembre 2017 al 13 Gennaio 2018 questi oggetti saranno spediti dalla Germania, quindi leggete bene LE CONDIZIONI DI VENDITA ✖ ● Questo bracciale handmade è ispirato alla serie televisiva Orange is the new black ● ✔ Siete pregati di notare che questo bracciale non è un

I absolutely despise the idea that just because something is “gay” or contains traces of lgbt representation in it, however small it is, makes something automatically amazing and I need to spend my money on it. I hate the mindset that declares “there are lgbt people in it, so you should love it!!!”

(Besides, let’s be honest, when it comes to representation in different forms of media, it’s typically only gay men and MAYBE lesbians that get representation….. And sometimes it’s LESS THAN stellar….)

I don’t want to be pandered to and expected to enjoy something because it does the bare minimum in lgbt representation; I want a good story in which people like me are included, and not just as jokes or gags or numbers for a tragic kill count. I will not make a feast out of table scraps, because I expect better.


losing her was blue like I’d never known 
missing her was dark grey all alone