Piper to die in Season 5?

So I’m browsing the internet looking to see if there’s any updated info about the upcoming season of OITNB. And low and behold Piper’s in trouble again (what else is new). There’s great speculation going around that Piper is either going to die or suffer from a near death experience. Hell, theres talk that Alex will be the one to kill her and if she won’t the kangaroo from season 3 will. Let me just say I don’t see Piper dying or Alex killing her for one so ya’ll can shut the hell up about that right now. And I think it would be VERY stupid of the writers to do that. I do however see her suffering from a near death experience.

With that being said if this IS true then I can only imagine two possible scenarios where this could happen.

Scenario 1: Kubra Comes Back

Piper’s near death experience will be the result of her doing something completely brave, selfless, and stupid and it will ultimately be to Alex’s benefit but it will also come at a heavy cost to herself. I can honestly see this happening especially considering where Alex and Piper are now in their relationship (being there for each other and Piper being more reliable, listening, and more comforting for Alex and trying to keep her from doing something crazy i.e: leaving notes around the prison with the name of the guy who tried to kill you. Its possible we’re not done with Kubra yet. Those notes Alex has been leaving around Litchfield are going to come back to haunt her in some way because I’m pretty sure they missed one.  And Kubra’s gotta be wondering: “Where the hell is Aydin?” “Why haven’t I heard from him?”and also”What happened to the cell phone?” and Kubra could just as easily send in another one of his guys to see if Alex truly is dead.

Scenario 2: Piper Get’s Released

Everyone at Litchfield hates Piper and she has definitely made enemies. So if she’s getting out than I can see the news of it spreading around Litchfield and Piper getting beaten up a couple of days before her release.

Still got a long way to go before season 5 and we don’t have any teasers, BTS photos, or stills or promos yet. So everything is still in the air. Season 5 I think is going to be darker than season 4. No idea whats going to happen. They’re killing fan favorites now. But so help me if they kill off Piper (and Im not saying this because she’s one of my faves) that would just  be stupid and there will be war. It will be Clexa all over again. I’m warning you writers: Don’t do it. SERIOUSLY… HOE DON’T DO IT


I want you all to know its 2am and this had me cackling like a goddamn fool.

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