I finally did it.

I started watching Yuri!!! On Ice and got caught up.  I am now a proud member of the trash pile that is the ice skating gaybies.  Good gosh I ship Viktor x Yuuri so hard, and Viktor is a cosplay that’s dEFINITELY HAPPENING AT SOME POINT.


Yuri on Ice Chapter 4? Hahahahaha 😂😂😂

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"Oi Allison!" A blonde haired called her sister as she tried to tie her extremely short hair. It was summer and she had nothing to do about her hair. She opened her phone as she heard a beep that was a text from Yuri. She sighed as she let go of her hair and grabbed her headphones. Apparently, her and her sister were going o a picnic with the yu4 and another person they wanted them to meet. She called her sister as she slid down the stair rails. (starter cause I am booored AKA other guy is Zarc)

“Oh…… hey Vera” she said in a bored and tired like tone. “I play to stay home today” she said too tired from school as she laid in her bed slowly closing her eyes

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Could you do a prompt where oikawa gets really worried and sad over one too many of iwaizumi's insults and he breaks down in the middle of practice and Iwaizumi takes him home and reassures him that Iwaizumi love him and that he's really sorry. Also I hope you're having a great day!


“Dumbass Oikawa, can’t you do anything right?” 

Hajime’s words have been playing in Tooru’s mind all week. 

“Hurry up, idiot, we’re going to be late because of you.” 

“You’re so troublesome.” 

Tooru can’t breathe. All he wants to do is scream. I know! I know, I know, I know! I–

“Oi, Tooru, are you–” 

“I know! Shut up!” 

Silence envelops the entirety of Seijoh as Tooru’s words echo through the gym. Coach is watching, ready to intervene, but Tooru doesn’t care. His chest heaves, his hands shake, he doesn’t care

“I know, Hajime! I– I’m useless! I’m just a waste of space! I– I– I know I’m a burden, so why do you point it out all the time?! Do you like putting me down?!” 


Tooru doesn’t listen to Hajime’s voice, because he’s too focused on his racing heartbeat. He can’t breathe. Why can’t he breathe? Everyone is staring at him. Shit. Why did he do that? He’s just inconvenienced everyone even more. Shit. 

He blinks, and when his eyes open once more, he’s in his room, a familiar pair of arms holding him. He can feel tears dripping onto his exposed collar bone. Whispers of “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” pushed out of Hajime’s lungs between sobs. “I shouldn’t have said all those things, why did I say all those things? I don’t think you’re useless. I don’t care if you’re troublesome. I like it! Love it, even! God, I love you. I’m so sorry. I think I was scared. But I’m even more scared of losing you. I’m sorry.” 

Tooru drifts off to sleep still in Hajime’s arms, a soft smile on his lips. 

Boquete no meu então noivo na sala dos meus pais

Oi Te Contos. Sou morena, 23 anos, 1,62 de altura, pernas torneadas, 103cm de bunda, cinturinha fina, pele branquinha, sou casada a dois anos, e enquanto estávamos noivos aprontamos diversas aventuras, meu marido é um negro alto, corpo bem trabalhado um pau de me levar a loucura. 

Mas vamos ao que interessa, uma dessas histórias aconteceu ainda na casa dos meus pais. 

Certo dia meus pais e meu irmão iam sair a noite, achei uma boa oportunidade de chamar meu noivo lá pra casa e passar a noite dando muito pra ele, então me preparei e aguardei a chegada dele.

Mas pra nossa surpresa meus pais e meu irmão não saíram de casa e foi como um banho de agua fria pra ele o que deixou ele um pouco chateado, pois esperava uma noite alucinante. 

Mas a noite não foi totalmente perdida, meus pais foram dormir cedo e meu irmão ficou entretido no computador, detalhe que o computador fica logo atrás do sofá onde estávamos e que qualquer movimento que ele fizesse poderia nos ver, como não queria perder uma noite de tesão, pensei em chupar ele ali mesmo, então comecei a alisar o pau dele sobre a bermuda, senti que ele já estava com o pau latejando por causa da adrenalina de ser pego a qualquer momento

Então tirei o pau dele e comecei a bater punheta bem gostosa, quando ele menos esperava eu abocanhei aquele pau gostoso e comecei a lambuzar ele todinho, engoli a rola dele inteirinha e olhe que é BEMM generosa, paguei um boquete bem gostoso e lambuzado pra ele, fazendo ele delirar de tesão e gozar na minha boca me deixando toda labuzada de porra. 

Limpei o que pude pra meu irmão não perceber e saí em direção ao banheiro passando pelo meu irmão, logo em seguida ele veio atrás pra se limpar. 

Não sei se foi só impressão mas até hoje tenho uma pequena dúvida se meu irmão pôde ver alguma coisa (risos).

*Enviado ao Te Contos

Falling Slowly: Ch 10 mini-fic

For @ms-babs-gordon:

“Oi, they’re at it again,” Starkey muttered under his breath.

“What’s that?” Smee asked.

Starkey sighed and very subtly jerked his head in the direction of the helm. He’d had years of experience sailing under both Joneses and had perfected the art of this gesture, done in such a way that the captain wouldn’t notice.

Not that the captain would notice anything at the moment.

Clearly Smee had seen what Starkey had meant him to see. “At this rate, we’re going to hit a bar.”

Starkey resisted the urge to snicker; that might not have gone unnoticed. The captain’s eyes might be focused elsewhere, but his ears might pick up something that didn’t register as murmured conversation between crew members.

It was a little ironic, perhaps, if that was the right word, given that the captain clearly hadn’t considered that he wasn’t the only one on this ship with ears. Because if he thought that he and the mysterious Lady Ruth were being subtle as they made eyes at each other and blushed constantly and found excuses to touch each other, he clearly didn’t realize that just about everyone had heard the sounds coming from the captain’s cabin the previous night. Poor Edmund, just old enough to be developing a sailor’s appetite for women, but young enough to find the whole idea embarrassing, had wrapped his pillow around his head in an effort to block out what were very clearly a woman’s moans of ecstasy.

Starkey wasn’t naive and knew that men weren’t the only ones who satisfied their urges on their own, and he wouldn’t have judged the lady for indulging herself. But it was no secret that she and the captain had retired for the evening in the same cabin. (Nor was it a secret that, though his days as a womanizer ended with Milah’s death, Captain Jones was a great lover of women, in more than one sense of the expression.)

At first, Starkey had found the situation amusing, and perhaps almost sweet. The fearsome Killian Jones, former pirate, who’d lived hundreds of years pursuing vengeance, was entirely smitten with their latest passenger. They rarely had ever been hired by single women, or had single women aboard as part of a charter, but even then, the captain had not behaved like a lovesick boy in their presence. That the Lady Ruth (as the captain had taken to addressing her in her absence) reciprocated was quite romantic, and given all that Captain Jones had experienced in his long and difficult life, it was quite nice to see the two of them together.

But any hope of the captain settling down and finding stability was offset by the irritation of having the two of them try to act as though the rest of the crew were made entirely of idiots. If they could just admit that they were trying to engage in a relationship, and act accordingly, then Starkey would happily tell the both of them to go below deck and enjoy themselves while he made sure they continued to make their way to port. He was First Mate for a reason after all. And maybe then, they’d be too worn out in the evening to keep the rest of the crew up with their other activities.

“Master Starkey?” the captain called out from the helm. He sighed; up close, their attraction was even more obvious, and therefore even more irksome. The day the two of them stopped pretending couldn’t come soon enough.

(Especially since, if it happened before they reached port, his bet would be the winning one.)


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1. How old are you?

that’s a secret, if you want to know, send me a message^^

2. Current job?

3. Dream job?
fashion designer or political scientist.. :D

4. What are you talented at?

oi, idk I base my self esteem on being intelligent, being good at art and at being funny

5. What is a big goal you are working towards / have already achieved?
geeez idk man

6. What’s your aesthetic?
pastel shit, beautiful flowers, grey sky…idk man i just love vintage x flowers x bright colors

7. Do you collect anything?

8. What is a topic you always bring up in conversation

racism, lgbtq, feminism…etc

9. What’s a pet peeve of your’s?

people who are mean, MESS AND DIRT

10. Good advice to give?

be kind and accepting, be polite and considerate, and if you fuck up its ok, apologize and make it better next time

11. Recommend three songs!

Daughter - Still

21 pilots - Heathens

Tim Bendzko - Keine Maschine

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The only way I’ll accept the hydracap story line to play out is:

  • Steve’s busy being a nazi when Bucky goes to check on him and bucky’s like “wtf the fuck”
  • So he’s like “steve no” and steve’s like “steve yes” and Bucky’s like “that’s only funny when you’re a good guy doing reckless things and not a NAZI doing NAZI THINGS” and steve’s like “(ง'̀-‘́)ง” because he’s a dick now
  • but Bucky can win this
  • because Bucky’s got a secret weapon
  • an assassin you know and love who’s unafraid to step in
  • he’s constantly confusing, confounding the marvel henchmen
  • Deadpool
  • so he goes to deadpool like “you know that thing you do where you break the fourth wall or w/e” and deadpool’s like “yeah?”
  • “can i use it for a bit?”
  • so they go off and fight the marvel writers (with swords) and then destroy the new issues (with fire) and then they go to see steve and steve hugs them all and he’s crying and thanking them for saving his characterisation
  • and then they go out for ice cream or something