World Champions 2008-2016 by School

Behold: a list of all schools from 2008-2016 that have won a solo world title. I’m assuming this hasn’t been done before? How it works is each champion will be counted once, regardless of how many times they have been champion. If any schools have merged together, their champions will be counted together regardless of if the title was won before the merge. If any schools have changed names, it will be under the most recent/current name. Please message me with any corrections (I’m sure there will be quite a few), and I’d be happy to send anyone the full list with names and all, if you want it. Enjoy!!!

Richens-Timms, Morgan, McLaughlin, Kiely-Walsh, Mulvenna, Aaron Crosbie, Curley, Scoil Rince Ui She, Comerford, Fegan, Inishfree, Turley-Duggan, Scoil Rince McDonagh-Timoney-Fahy, Lynn-O’Grady-Quinlan-Connick, Fiona-Gaye Moore, Anthony Costello, Rince na Tiarna, Croghan-Greene, Scoil Ui Nuallain, Flynn O’Kane, Scoil Rince Ui Bhriain, Teelin, Dennehy, Lambe, McGahan-Lees, Sheila Hayes, Smith-Houlihan, Broesler, Simpson, Ni Chearra-O’Baolain, Lavin-Cassidy, Kelly Hendry, Conway-Lally, Armstrong, McCutcheon, Coleman, McNelis Cunningham Boyle, Carol Leavy, Doherty, Caroline Greene, O’Connor, McTeggart, Higgins, Anthony Savage

McGing, Ceim Oir, Sylvan Kelly, Mullane Healy Godley, Scoil Ui Ruairc, Harney, Mona Ni Rodaigh, Scanlon, Kenny, O’Shea-Chaplin

Trinity, Carey, The Academy, Glendarragh, Murchu Duiginn, Rinceoiri Na Riochta

Butler-Fearon-O’Connor, Carson-Kennedy


Scoil Rince McConomy Bradley


Things I love about awards photos:

You see a beautiful dancer, in a beautiful costume, all put together, with their award. The final product. The accomplishment.

Things I don’t like about awards photos:

You don’t see the time and sacrifice put into dancing to get the award. The pain, blood, sweat, and tears. The parties missed, the time spent practicing when you should be doing homework. The teasing we get at school and the misunderstanding of our beloved sport. The money spent on travel and lessons and dresses. Getting up ridiculously early on dance day, the 15 hours in a wig, dancing and awards late at night, the emotional and physical exhaustion of competition, and dance in general.

And then you show someone outside the dance world a picture of a world champion, and all they see is the dancer in the pretty costume holding a trophy, and they dare compare it to pageants, or tell us it isn’t a sport. But they have no idea what it took to get there, or how much it means to us.

so, the coolest story ever. this is my auntie’s gold medal that she won with her ceili team when she was a teenager (she’s like 45 now so long time ago). she danced at the same dance school as Aaron Crosbie and was super close with him. THEN SHE SENT ME HER GOLD MEDAL. LIKE IN THE MAIL. FROM DUBLIN IRELAND TO CALGARY CANADA. I just love it. I want to put it on a chain. anyways. yeah. I want my own worlds medal this year so hopefully I will have another. montreal :)