oireachtas season

When we were young, we dreamed of high kicks, but never imagined the pain.

When we were young, we dreamed of perfect rhythms, but never imagined the late night drills.

When we were young, we dreamed of straight backs, but never imagined sweaty pre-dawn sit ups.

When we were young, we dreamed of flying, but never imagined the price of landing.

When we were young, we dreamed of smiling atop a podium, but never imagined the tears that led the way.

We still dream of being champions, but can’t imagine, don’t realise, that we already are.

—  I sat on the train and made myself tear up writing this. It’s not oireachtas season for me, but this one goes out to all of you. X
Lessons I've learned this Oireachtas season...

- Don’t break in new shoes while learning 3 brand new rounds, you will feel terrible about your dancing (and look like an awkward baby llama walking on ice)
- it gets better. And then worse. And then better again. But it always gets better.
- 30 days is not a lot of time on the calendar, but in reality it can make a world of difference
- Your dance family will always be there for you. Always.
- Just because you didn’t get blisters that one time doesn’t mean your shoes are broken it. Bandaid up or prepare to bleed.
- Sprint intervals are your best friend (and worst nightmare)
- In the end, it doesn’t matter if you miss a tip, or fall off pointe or anything. What matters is you’re pouring everything you have into your passion. And trust me your life is better for it all around.

I’m sitting on the floor of my room, stretching as I go on Tumblr and listen to the Oireachtas pump-up playlist and seriously thinking about finally getting back into the dance studio and seeing everyone again tomorrow.


Oireachtas season has begun.

Anna Grace Bergeron of the Drake School. 13th place in the U16 competition at the Southern Region Oireachtas. Out of all the dresses I saw this Oireachtas season, this is one of my absolute favorites! There aren’t many dresses with this color pallet and the fabric on the sleeves is so unique. 

Photo by Shannon Cohoon