THIS. southern region oireachtas 2013.


May my legs be strong and ankles not be wibbly wobbly (unless they need to be,idk). May my wig stay attached and my bedazzled dress shine with the whitehot intensity of a thousand suns. May I proudly stand upon the podium reveling in the tears of the fellow competitors I have slaughtered. Amen.

—  Mary (who is not an irish dancer but her blog is wonderful if you like superheros and cute things go follow her)

What I want my Oireachtas dancers to know in the build up to the big day:

If you want it bad enough, you will get there. And you will learn so much about yourself along the way. It will happen in God’s good time.

Oireachtas is a one competition among many; you have to bring your best every time you enter the studio, bring everything you have each time you step onstage. Do that enough, and you WILL get there. You can’t help but get there.

Approach your dance with discipline and focus. Listen carefully to your teachers, take what they say and use it to develop and mature a style that is precise, beautiful, and uniquely yours.

Whatever happens, make a vow to yourself. Don’t give up. Keep climbing. The summit is in view.

And, finally, you are dancing the best you ever have in your life, with more understanding and passion and drive than ever before. All the ingredients are there. You just have to believe it.



She posted this on Facebook and I almost teared up. I thought everyone could hear this as Oireachtas closes in.