oirase keiryu

Oirase Keiryū Stream, Aomori prefecture

Oirase Keiryu Stream

Ohayoo gozaimasu!
Today’s photo is Oirase Keiryū (奥入瀬渓流), Aomori prefecture.

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Oirase keiryuu

Oirase Keiryū Stream is a 14-km stream in the area of Lake Towada. The gap between the highest and lowest points in the stream is about 200 m and is dotted with picturesque spots. You can enjoy delightful scenery here, especially the view of fresh, green spring leaves and the colorful leaves of autumn. The…

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Japan Rail Pass Trip 2015,
Day 6 (8 Days Left). 6/20 7:50.
Bus Trip to Oirase River Trail and Towadako from Aomori Station.

Aomori Station 7:50-10:00 Oirase Keiryu Ishigado.
青森駅 7:50-10:00 奥入瀬渓流 石ヶ戸。

The bus between aomori station to towada lake is free by Japan rail pass. It cost 6000 yen for round trip. Strongly recommend for people who has JR pass. You need to get round tickets from bus ticket center which is in front of Aomori station and you need to show the pass to the driver when you get off the bus. My plan was getting on the first bus to Towada lake from Aomori station at 7:50. I arrived at Ishigado at 10:00. Walking through Oirase River trail to Towada Lake for 3 hours. The Ferry through Towada lake leave at 13:30 to Yasumiba, and next ferry’s schedule at 15:00. The last bus leave from Yasumiba to Aomori at 16:00.  I wanted to visit for Towada Shrine and Statue of Girls (Otome no zou), so I needed to get on the Ferry which leave at 13:30.  青森駅⇆十和田湖のバスはJRバス。つまりJR パスが使えます。バスチケット売り場で予約購入、出るときにパスを見せる必要がある十和田湖行きバス片道3090円が無料は大きい。7:50青森駅前発。石ヶ戸に10時着。そこから十和田湖まで歩き(約3時間前後)、13:30のフェリーに乗り十和田湖を渡り、休場から青森駅行きの最終バスが16:00-19:00。これにはなんとしても間に合わせないといけない。フェリーは13:30の次が15:00。これでも帰りのバスに間に合うのだけれど、その前に十和田神社、乙女の像を見たいので、15:00では間に合わない。アイフォーンの充電コードが3つとも移動中に破損。ローソンで買う。今でも愛用中。