Suomitumblr horoskooppeina
  • Kauris: Reissumiehen ja sen juustotontut kauan kadoksissa ollut lapsi
  • Vesimies: Päivi Räsänen
  • Kalat: Se kylähullu joka huutelee "Torilla tavataan" ympäri kyliä
  • Oinas: ES jonne
  • Härkä: Vittusaatanan ruumiillistuma
  • Kaksonen: Alexander Stubbin hampaat
  • Rapu: Käänteiskentauri
  • Leijona: Vittutägin yksinvaltias
  • Neitsyt: Se tyyppi jota jonnet ei muista
  • Vaaka: Piisamirotta
  • Skorpioni: Peto joka on varmaan kaheksatta kuukautta irti
  • Jousimies: Vittusaatanan ruumiillistuma
Signs as kings/queens
  • Aries: Would probably make a law, that said something like you'd have to buy them burgers
  • Taurus: Uses their power mainly for stuff like cutting in line, but bigger
  • Gemini: Would use death penalties
  • Cancer: Wouldn't deal with anybody disagreeing with them
  • Leo: A lot of tournaments and alcohol. Probably 99% of tournaments would end badly
  • Virgo: Would radically change 70% of the laws
  • Libra: Would have a huge castle, that they'd want to decorate themselves and be mad when they wouldn't have the time
  • Scorpio: 2537 balls a year
  • Sagittarius: Would just generally make the kingdom healthy
  • Capricorn: Would not be happy as the ruler of the kingdom. Probably fakes their death
  • Aquarius: The ruler that everybody loves and there would be stories that people told to their children about the amazing ruler
  • Pisces: Everybody would want to be their queen/king even for a day