oiling and lotioning

ok this my list of hoe tips and life tips in general

- can’t get ur pussy smooth?? always prickly?? shave diagonally and horizontally instead of up and down, and always use a new blade

- can’t get ur pussy soft?? shave with hair conditioner and massage it in for like 30 seconds before. after u shave, massage with baby oil, and lotion after a shower

- EXFOLIATE. exfoliating is the key to life. mix used coffee grounds with a moisturizing oil (olive or coconut is best). rub that shit all over your legs before you shave until ur hands start to feel funny

- dry feet?? bih me too. rub a fuck ton of regular lotion (or foot cream if u fancy, even Vaseline works) all over your feet and put double socks (or fuzzy socks) on before bed. yass

- this one is the most basic but pls drink water. it’ll clear ur skin, flush out your kidneys to prevent bladder infections, and ur pussy gonna be wet asf

- salt, fat, caffeine, dairy, etc. r gonna make u taste all funky down there. fruits, veggies, and anything w high water content is gonna make u taste fresh/sweet

- smoking and drinking also gonna make u taste funky. and smoking is especially bad for u, so put out the cig babe

- using soap on ur pussy gonna fuck up ur pH bad. the vagina is a self cleaning device, and all u need is a really soft washcloth (or even a cotton shirt) and some water, let ur body do ur thing

- if ur used to wearing tampons and that’s what u find comfortable, use a menstrual cup! very sanitary and will save u a TON of money in the long run

- want a natural lip plumper?? mix a lil bit of cinnamon and honey, and gently rub it into your lips w a soft toothbrush n leave it on for a min. slather on some chapstick n ur plump n soft

- BUY A VIBRATOR. please do it. it will save ur fucking life

- cotton panties or no panties sis. ur kitty needs to breathe and cotton/no panties will prevent bacterial and fungal infection

- got hair on ur face? got rough skin? GURL SHAVE IT! wash your face as normal and pat dry, gently run a clean razor over any areas (cheeks, chin, neck). tone and moisturize like a motherfucker. smooth!

- pubic hair is healthy and good and keeps ur vag clean! don’t shave it unless YOU want to, don’t leave that decision up to ur nasty man

- allow urself junk in moderation. it’ll make making healthy choices easier if u allow urself a little treat every once in a while

- a simple equation for a good meal: vegetable + grain/carb, protein

- do ur fucking homework and do it on time

- rubbing a little bit of petroleum jelly on ur pressure points before spraying perfume will make it last longer

- hair holds onto scents v easily. wanna smell like a goddess????,,, spritz that hair

- kat von d everlasting liquid lipstick is blowjob proof. get messy n be on point!

- urban decay all nighter setting spray is gonna save ur life. it’ll keep ur shit in place when u getting dicked, if u cryin, chokin on dick, w/e u like to do

- if ur having trouble getting wet even after sufficient foreplay, a little bit of water based lube does WONDERS. also won’t deteriorate condoms (oil) or get gritty (silicone)

- need to stretch out ur shoes?? fill two ziploc bags with water and put them in ur shoes. put shoes in the freezer until water freezes solid, and dethaw with a hairdryer. especially effective on leather!

- having problems deepthroating? make sure ur throat is in line with ur mouth, if it’s not the dick won’t go down

- can’t deepthroat at all? cover ur teeth with ur top lip and press ur tongue to the roof of ur mouth while he thrusts. 10/10!

- communication w ur partner during sex will make it a trillion million times more satisfying

- frizzy hair? put conditioner on the tips of your hair (nape of the neck and down) and shampoo right on ur scalp. volumizes without frizzing!

- this one kinda weird but don’t hold ur pee unless u wanna mean bladder infection/UTI

- pee after u masturbate please. u never know what can shimmy up ur urethra, even when ur playin w the little man in the sailboat

- keep a pair of spare glasses with u for when ur contacts dry out. lifesaver

- always keep extra undies, an extra shirt, makeup remover, moisturizer, and comfy shoes in ur car/bag if u can fit all of it

- apply dry shampoo the night before ur gonna need it. it’ll soak up the oil before it sits on ur hair. reapply in the morning n style accordingly

- apple cider vinegar mixed with water works as a good toner if u ain’t got no moneyyyy

- castor oil on ur brows and lashes every night will make them thicker and longer. even just one day will help (bc they will be shiny and moisturized)

ill probs add onto this when i think of more!

beauty products people should stop sleeping on

shimmer body lotion- this deadass will make you feel so good about yourself. Turns you into an instant goddess.

Hydrogen peroxide- take advantage of its bleaching properties!! If you have hair that you want less visible but don’t want the upkeep of shaving (like arms, tum, upper lip, tush, etc.), use this to lighten the hair. Also can be used on blackheads (but be cautious not to bleach any hair near your face). If you do this, gently exfoliate the area first and then use a cotton pad to apply this. Rinse it off after 20 ish minutes. Mix with baking soda and brush it on your teeth to whitten them. this can be done pretty often but be gentle and have limits please. Also gets blood out of anything.

Honey- honey is literally a miracle product I love it so much. Has anti bacterial and antimicrobial properties bc of its low pH and it basically has no water in it. use it as a face mask as often as you want. Mix with things like turmeric for extra results but be careful bc turmeric in particular stains your skin yellow for some time. Use in or as a hair mask to soften hair and prevent hair loss. Use in your tea, oatmeal, smoothies for health benefits but be careful not to microwave it bc that kills all of the good stuff. Also honey is best when its raw and it will say that on the label.

Sunscreen- do I even need to say anything about this. Do your best to get a natural one that does not have retinal palmitate bc that actually is really bad for you when its exposed to sunlight??? Capitalism is amazing. No rules

Face peel- these will usually be fruit based and you only have to use them for less than 10 mins usually. More gentle and even than physical exfoliators. Makes your skin nice and soft but don’t over exfoliate by using another exfoliating product afterwards and avoid the sun for a little bit afterwards.

Cuticle oil and hand lotion- basically just treat your hands kindly. Wear sunscreen on the back of your hands. Give yourself a hand massage when you can. The hands are the windows to your soul and they age like raisins if youre not careful

Dry brush- !!! ill probably do another post about this but basically you get a natural brush and brush your skin before you shower or you use the brush and an oil of your choice after you shower. Brush towards the heart. This will improve the appearance of cellulite, improve your circulation, help the lymph nodes thus detoxifying you, less dead skin, better digestion, etc. doesn’t take very long either!!!

Fellas what is it that you love about black women? It could be anything from the way they walk, talk, dress, their confidence, swagger and demeanor, etc.

I love how strong willed and focused black women are w/ certain things, being able to do a multitude of things at once and getting them accomplished with no problems at all. In the midst of chaos and uncertainty around y'all, no matter what y'all remain calm, cool and unfazed by the madness going on around y'all and I love that about black women! I love a independent black woman as well, who doesn’t need shit because she has her own, like “nah nigga I’m good, I got my own thing going on.” 😏 I admire that about a black woman! I love how they can be both classy and aggressive when need be! Ain’t nothing like a black woman with a lil sass and feistyness in her! I like how black women smell when y'all get out of the shower using some freshly scented perfume, body oil or lotion on your mocha and chocolate skin with it glistening all over ya body looking like a black nubian goddess! I love a black woman’s attitude and demeanor whenever we’re feeling down, at our lowest they’ll rub our backs with comfort & encourage us like “come here baby, it’ll be okay, you can do this.” I love how supportive black women are through our ups & downs as men, when niggas are successful, they are there supporting & when we fuck up and do dumb shit, black women are still supportive & loyal to us even when we don’t deserve it and need a good kick in the ass at times. That’s love and I appreciate that from y'all! ❤😘. It’s imperative that we as black men stand by black women and support them as much as they stand by us, that’s not asking for too much! As much as they support us even with our bullshit, that’s the least we can do! Also, learn to appreciate them and adore them by telling them nice things without wanting or expecting something in return (sex). But back on topic, I love a woman who doesn’t need to get dolled up in order to look good. I like a sweatpants, hair tied, chillin with no make up on type of girl who’s not worried about shit! I know y'all like to look good and feel sexy, but you don’t necessarily need your nails or your hair done to feel good or look sexy. Whether you have long hair or you keep it short with a bob or fade, whether you have small titties, big titties, the biggest ass or no ass at all, if you’re confident and content w/ your looks then baby girl own that shit and do you! You gotta have confidence & swag, like you know you’re the shit regardless of how u look. That’s sexy to me, when a girl can own a room regardless of how she looks and feel like she’s the shit no matter who else is there! Ooooh yeah did a nigga mention personality yet? Man I love a black woman who can laugh and crack jokes at the slightest lil thing like when a nigga trips over his own feet. I love women who like to laugh and crack jokes on a nigga that wil have me busting a gut from laughing so hard at them! Nothing like a black woman who can make me laugh and smile a lot!😏 I love y'all overall excitement and joy in anything that interests you or that you find appealing. I also like how y'all get excited about something or think something is nice and y'all say “Awwwwww, baaaaaaaaby” or “oooohhhhh look Bae, look look” or when a favorite song comes on and y'all start vibing to it singing, dancing and snapping your fingers. Y'all are so damn cute when y'all light up with excitement like that!😏 Nobody else will hold black men down like a black woman, y'all are the only ones who see beyond our struggle, our pain, our tragedies and see us for who we really are and uplift us from those things just by providing love and support to us. Y'all will have our backs when nobody else will, and treat us like kings with love and respect with arms open wide when everybody else has pushed us aside! Being raised by a single, strong willed black mother, it’s imperative that I find Everlasting love with my black queen and treat her like one so that we may have beautiful black daughters and raise them up to be treated as queens by us and their future husbands. Nobody have our backs like y'all black queens and I’m appreciative and thankful for all the black women not only in my life, but in the lives of all black men if I can speak for the rest my brothas. We appreciate & love y'all. 😘✊🏾

Illyrian Sunbathing

So in ACOWAR we got a few lovely scenes about Illyrian wings, but imagine:

Cassian is outside stretching his wings and since they need to be well taken care of he applies oils or lotions on them to keep them from getting burned to a crisp in the sunlight.

And so he offhandedly makes a remark about not being able to reach part of his wings in the back so Nesta steps forward (not realizing just how sensitive wings are to touch) and just rubs in the oils for Cassian.

This leaves Cassian completely stunned to feel her warm hands massaging his wings and cauldron boil him, but it makes him so hot and bothered to the point even his face is flushed by the time she is done.


April 16th, 2015

Okay, I have been using this product for about a month now and I must say it is the BEST moisturizer for oily skin! I have used other mattening moisturizers in the past that have not worked, but this keeps my face matte for a good six hours straight.

I just apply it under my makeup, but one thing I do have to say is that this product is SO mattening, makeup doesn’t spread well over it. I have to apply a primer or my Baby Lips Pore Eraser over top just to lube it up a little ahah.

It’s the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion from The Body Shop. I bought the 50ML squeeze tube for $10 plus tax, and it just smells amazing. Like a very strong, natural, tree bark or pine leaves.


I’ve decided to do a large series of herbal histories and medicinal/magical uses! Checkout my Tarragon and Basil posts as well and stay tuned! “Chamomile” comes from Greek meaning “ground apple” because of its fragrance. The Romans used it as incense, and the ancient Egyptians used it for cooling fevers; they dedicated it to the sun god, Ra. To the Anglo Saxons, it was one of the nine sacred herbs.

Chamomile prefers sandy, slightly acidic soil as well as direct sunlight, but if it gets too hot too often, it prefers shade. To harvest, cut the flower heads as they form and hang or leave on cloth to dry. In tea, dry chamomile goes a longer way than fresh chamomile.

MEDICINAL:  *Chamomile may cause allergic reactions in those allergic to ragweed. Do not use if you are on blood thinners, as some constituents may have an anticoagulant action*

Chamomile tea:

2 tsp Chamomile flowers in one mug of boiling water. Cover and steep five minutes. It tastes bitter, so honey, sugar, and milk can be added to improve taste.

Chamomile tea soothes the mind and body to prepare for sleep. It is safe for use with children and helps with teething stress and colic; to soothe a fretful baby, place them in a warm bath/infusion of chamomile (caution: babies are very sensitive to skin irritation, so make sure that the child isn’t allergic beforehand). For anxiety, insomnia, and nervousness, drink before bedtime (can be mixed with milk and honey). Infuse chamomile flowers in warm milk for a skin cleanser that fights acne and moisturizes. Use once a week, and within a week of making.

Chamomile is an antispasmodic and a muscle relaxer; it is good for reducing inflammation and muscle spasms. It is especially useful with menstrual cramps (drink two to three cups daily). When used topically, it can speed the healing of cuts, scrapes, blisters, and burns; it is also helpful with rashes, eczema, and inflammation of the skin. To treat, add it to a salve, rinse the affected area with tea, or add a few drops of essential oil to bath water. FOR BURNS: Do not use ointment/essential oil. Use a light lotion or gentle compress; oils hold in body heat and don’t let the burns heal, and the strength of the essential oil may irritate the burn. Eye inflammations can be soothed with a cool compress or a soaked chamomile tea bag.

It aids in digestion, soothes the bowels, aids with morning sickness, and relieves restlessness associated with pregnancy. To help with any of the above, drink a cup of tea on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, hot or cold.

If another plant of any kind is weak or ailing, place a chamomile plant near it to help it thrive; it can also be watered with an infusion of chamomile.


Chamomile is used in spells of money, peace, love, tranquility, and purification. It is a good protection herb; to keep unwanted entities or energies from passing through, use an infusion to wash thresholds (doors and windows). Sprinkle the powdered flowers around you or your home to remove spells cast against you and prevent fires/lightning. Use it in a ritual bath before performing protective spells. A bath can also increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex, or be used to release grief, pain, anger, or loss. Washing hands with chamomile water before betting/gambling will improve luck. Add in sachets for luck and money or tuck some into a wallet to increase cash flow. Place chamomile flowers near a weak or sick person to ease the sickness. Use in meditation incense. In a banishing ritual, sprinkle an infusion of chamomile around you and wash up with the cold tea to keep negativity away from you. In candle magic: anoint a green candle with the tea or oil for good luck and money, and anoint a black candle for banishment or exorcism.

Other names: Ground apple, Whig plant, Maythen

Gender: Masculine

Element: Water

Deities: Cernunnos, Ra, Helios, Jupiter, Lugh

Zodiac: Leo

Helps to cleanse and invigorate the throat chakra (5th).

Chamaemilum mobile

Roman chamomile, perennial, about 4 to 12 inches tall, daisy-like flowers with turned down petals, has an apple-like fragrance. Usually used in Britain/UK.

Matricaria recutita

German chamomile, annual, up to 20 inches tall, daisy-like flowers. Usually used in the USA.

Both can be used the same and both work well.

anonymous asked:

hi! you know a lot about sex, and also writing. there's a fanfic trope that i have questions about two men realize their love, make out, want sex. but alas--no lube. never fear, one character grabs whatever is nearby for lube. i've seen lotion (as a person w/ a vagina this makes me terrified of irritation, but okay), vaseline, cooking oil? toothpaste?? whipped cream??? is it safe to put such things in one's butt? would that even be effective as lube? thank you.

Good question! There are many lubricating agents that reduce friction. MOST OF THESE AGENTS DO NOT BELONG IN THE BODY.

Fanfiction requires the reader to suspend disbelief, but there are moments when you simply can’t. Lube, like love confessions and mindblowingly good sex every single time it’s had, is the sort of thing that writers tend to hand wave, although some of the stuff used in fiction as lubricant boggles my fucking mind. Here is a list of acceptable and non-acceptable lubricants for fictional and RL sexy times.

Types of Personal Lubricant:

- Water-based: This is the best overall lubricant to use, as it does not interfere with latex condoms or silicone toys, is absorbed into the body without any issue, and doesn’t irritate the skin. The only drawbacks are that it can be absorbed by the body too quickly, being water-based and all, and it isn’t the best when it comes to anal sex (more on that in a moment). When using water-based lube, one may need to reapply a few times and steer clear of having sex in pools or the bath (as water-based lube will dissolve in water). 

- Silicone: Slipperier, thicker, and longer lasting than water-based lubricant, which makes it a favorite when it comes to anal sex. The thickness of silicone helps cut way down on friction (as the anal cavity does not provide its own lubricant the way the vagina does). However, silicone lube has its drawbacks as well. It’s been reported that some people’s skin reacts to using it. Also, it shouldn’t be used with silicone or jelly-based toys, as silicone molecules don’t react well with other silicone products, and this reaction can lead to the breakdown of the toy. Silicone lube is okay for harder materials, like glass, metal, and hard plastic. 

- Oil-based: While it has the benefit of lacking chemical additives, oil-based lube has a nasty tendency to break down latex condoms. I repeat: do not use oil-based lube with latex. 

Acceptable Lube found in fiction:

- The types of lube listed above (Astroglide, KY, etc.)
- Olive oil: Fine if condoms aren’t being used. 
- Saliva: Wouldn’t recommend using this for penetration; saliva dries quickly and is not enough to cut down on the friction of vaginal or anal sex. Hand jobs are fine, but characters will have to keep licking their hand to maintain optimal wetness.
- Vaseline: Fine if condoms aren’t being used (and if you don’t mind it sticking around for a while. Vaseline is notoriously hard to wash away.). 

Unacceptable Lube found in fiction:

- Butter: If the threat of bacterial infection isn’t enough to put you off, remember that butter is a milk-based product and will spoil. I’ve seen this used in fiction before and I always make the same, horrified face. If your characters are getting it on in the kitchen, have one of them reach for the olive oil instead.
- Hand lotion: Lotion is not for internal use, particularly not for vulvas, vaginas, or anal cavities. If your character is using this to jerk themselves or another penis-owner off, fine. But that’s it.
- Toothpaste: What? Is this a thing? Oh my god, DO NOT USE THIS AS LUBRICANT FULL-STOP JFC
- Whipped cream: See: butter. Also, gross?
- Blood: If you use this as lubricant, I will crawl out of your screen like the girl from The Ring and throttle you.

Bath Time (MarkXReader)

Pairing: MarkXReader

Request: Yes

“Fluffy Mark smut where you’ve been dating for a few years and it’s almost your anniversary and Mark has been planning something special and you start thinking he’s not being faithful so you call him out on the anniversary but then you guys make up? Just a fluffy smut please?! Thank yooouuuuu!!! -Anon”

WC: 1,640

POV: 1st person

Rating: M (Smut and Fluff)

Contains: Fluff, Slight aftercare, bathtub sex, nothing bad its supposed to be a lovey dovey smut, shy-ish mark, and very soft hair pulling. 

Originally posted by nochuie

Mark and I had been dating since he was 20, and we moved in together at 22. We’ve always been close, never kept secrets, we took care of each other. We also are usually inseparable. Every time we weren’t together we’d be texting or sending cute picture back and forth so we knew what the other was doing at the least. Recently he had almost completely shut me out. 

“I’m going to work.” He’d leave and not text me once, come home and then tell me he ate dinner with the boys and then he’d take a shower and go to bed. 

“I have practice today and I want to get a head start.” He would say and leave but not take his normal path. Now trust me, I’d never think Mark would ever, ever, ever cheat on me. But recently he gave me doubts, not that he was cheating, but that he was just keeping secrets. 

It was now our three year anniversary, I had the table set up nicely, a nice dinner from the place we went on our first date on the table and his gift next to his plate, a new watch I heard him say he wanted.

He had left early that morning for work and said he’d be back around 5 so we could have dinner around then. I smiled as I sat down at my seat at the table and waited for him to come home. It was almost 6. I’ll just wait a bit longer. 

Around 7 I woke up to a small bang from upstairs and I quickly stood up and saw Mark coming down.

“Oh, baby I’m sorry I didn’t wake you. I went upstairs to change and set down some stuff before I woke you…” He said nervously. I nodded and we sat down to eat. He smiled as we made each other’s plates and he started eating.

I was trying to talk to him about everything the last few years and just about my day. He would just say “yeah”, “mm”, “i know right”, “babe that is amazing.”, etc. and every few minutes glance at his phone. I couldn’t handle it anymore. 

“Are you cheating on me?” I asked softly and he started coughing, almost choking on his food. “What?” He said with a mouthful as he grabbed his drink and finished coughing. 

“It’s just…” I sighed “You’ve been so distant lately and I don’t like it… You don’t text me when you’re at work, come home for dinner anymore, or tell me when you’re gonna be late.” I looked down more. “I just feel like there is someone else.” I said as I slowly set down my fork and I put my hands in my lap, looking down more. 

He started laughing slightly and I looked at him with sad eyes. “Lovely… I would never. You know how hard it is to keep secrets from you.”  He said and he moved to me and slowly sat down and pulled me into his lap and he cupped my cheek and made me look at him. 

“I’m so sorry princess, Ii was keeping a secret, but trust me it wasn’t that type of secret.” He stood up and grabbed my hand, leading me upstairs. “I was meeting up with your friends every few days and we’d all go around the shops and they were helping me come up with ideas of how to celebrate our anniversary and gifts for you…” He said and he opened the door and there were three big bags from three different stores sitting on the ground near the end of the bed.

“They said since it’s our three year to get you three things. Clothes, shoes, and accessories for when I take you to our real dinner” He pointed to a very big bag and then set it by the closet. “A bunch of movies and gift cards for the pizza, Chinese, and all the other restaurants we eat at for our movie nights. Oh! and a new blanket.” He set another one away and picked up the last one. 

“And one of them said you were a bit stressed and I know you like taking bubble baths when you’re stressed… a bunch of candles, bubbles, bath bombs, some skin care, lotions, oils, an oil burner… I didn’t know what all you didn’t already have so I just got you what I thought you might want more of.” He said shyly and rubbed the back of his neck shyly before slowly looking down and then back at me. 

“You can pick one right now… obviously not the clothes one because the dinner isn’t for another week.. but the movies and the bath and stuff is up for grabs right now, i took off if you wanna stay up late.” He said getting more shy and quiet as he was rambling a bit.

“We should take a bath.” I smiled as I grabbed the stuff I wanted from the bag, bubbles, candles, and dissoluble rose petals? why not. I smiled as he followed me, grabbing clothes from the dresser as he followed me. He grabbed the two fluffiest towels and set them on the counter before setting up the candles and lighting them as I started the bath. 

I slowly added the bubbles and we both stripped and he sunk into the water, slowly hissing at the head and making me wait for it to cool down a bit before slipping in and leaning my back against his chest. I smiled wide as I leaned back more and I looked up at him.

“‘I’m sorry Ii accused you of cheating. I’m not used to you keeping stuff from me and being so distant ya know…” I said softly and he nodded quickly and placed soft kisses on my shoulder. 

“I know baby girl. But trust me… I’m not going anywhere not even if you want me to.” He said and smiled wide, causing me to laugh slightly and nuzzle even closer. He started kissing up my neck as his thumbs started rubbing soft circles on my thighs softly, I whined softly in response and backed against him slightly.

“Do you want to? You know I like making sure just in case…” He said softly and shyly and all I could do was nod. He turned me to straddle him and he kissed up my shoulder, my collarbone, to my jaw and finally he kissed me. The kiss wasn’t very soft yet it was still gentle, loving and passionate as he put his hand on the back of my neck and pulled me closer to him. He slowly slipped his tongue into my mouth, making me moan softly as I moved my hips against his. 

He whimpered softly before kissing my neck and slowly nipping at a spot right below my ear. 

“I love you.” He whispered softly and as he pumped him self a few times before sliding in. He sat there for a second, still, kissing my neck and just rubbing circles on my hips to make sure I was okay. I cupped both of his cheeks and I kissed him rather hard as I started moving against him.

I moved my hips in circles, moved them in 8′s, and so on so forth. The thing I enjoyed most was how nice he looked, sounded, and felt. 

His head was leaned forward against my shoulder as he kissed the base of my neck, sweat started to make a thin layer on our bodies and his hair was starting to stick to his forehead a bit.

He sounded like something from my dreams, his moans so soft and his voice some how raspy yet sweet. Whispering things he loves and wants to do in the future although inaudible just because he wants to say them to me.

His touch felt like fire. His hands every few minutes stopping from rubbing circles on my hips and waist and squeezing every time something felt really good. His kisses were open mouthed and a bit sloppy but still small and lasting. His thrusts were just slight but still as powerful as any could be, still sending my body to its reaching point  as I felt my release nearing.

He moved hair from my shoulder gently as he started to thrust up more and move me around to kiss my shoulder. I moaned loudly as I slowly tangled my fingers in his hair as he was still kissing from my neck to my lips every few kisses. 

I pulled him back a bit and I kissed him as I released, moaning against his mouth and he released quickly after, moaning against the skin of my neck. 

After a few minutes of panting and whispered ‘I love you’s’ I pulled away and sat down. He slowly got out, lifting me and setting me down on a towel before drying off every inch of me, kissing spots where he had just dried and the final two kisses being on my forehead and then my lips. 

He stood me up, now humming a tune as he dressed me and I smiled wide as when he was done getting dressed he hugged me. 

“I love you cutie.” He smiled wide as he kissed my head softly. 

“I love you too.” I said and I leaned up and kissed him before he lead me to our bed and we laid down, tangling our legs with each other and our forehead touching as he grabbed my hand and rubbed circles on the back of it and kissed it before slowly falling asleep.

This was the man I loved with all of my heart. 

Mystic Messenger Poolside

I lied I enjoy these because they are short. I dunno just the RFA at the pool . I’m making this up as i go along. I am desperate for warmer weather and long pool days where you can just relax, read a book, and try not to get eaten by bugs. Maybe I will do more of these this was relatively painless to write and these are cute little scenarios. I can see the appeal now.


  • he is the typical college male
  • a normal body, not well toned but not chubby either guy is probably self-conscious
  • he has to take out his bobby pins to go into the pool
  • has goofy patterned swim trunks with animals on them, or LOLOL themed
  • immediately jumps into the pool with no hesitation trying to make the biggest splash possible
  • if MC is laying out he splashes her for laughs
  • MC pulls him around in the water as he floats
  • MC and Yoosung attempt to climb into the same raft ending in someone being thrown off the side into the deep end
  • probably hold competitions on who can hold their breath the longest
  • hes not bad at diving off the diving board but he still manages to splash everywhere


  • the pool god himself
  • the best part is watching him peel off his shirt and reveal those chiseled abs and perfect body, and he loves knowing that probably everyone is watching him
  • he could pull off the Speedo if he really wanted to, however that for private time only, he sticks to board shorts like every other guy at the pool
  • if you ask nicely for him to be your pool boy he will gladly put on the Speedo if you wanted
  • probably uses the oil “lotion” by the pool because his body glistens in the sun
  • when you both are in the water he enjoys poking your sides and letting you float in his arms
  • but if Jumin challenges him to a duel via chicken fight you best bet you are getting on his shoulders and are going to win. there is no way he would ever forgive himself if he lost to Jumin
  • as beautiful and talented as this man is, he is a horrible diver off the diving board. He is a fumbling flopping figure dropping into the water. 
  • he enjoys a few pool beers in a raft
  • will casually swim laps as part of his workout routine when it is warmer out
  • always reassures you that you are beautiful even when you feel self-conscious. 
  • its also easier for him to just pull the string to your bikini bottoms to have you completely naked.


  • the one piece bikini, or tank-ini wearer 
  • MC would have to steal all her one pieces to get her to wear a two piece 
  • probably wears a huge hat by the pool
  • would rather read a book in a float than actually swim
  • will probably lose her mind if someone tried to flip her
  • hugs MC from behind in the water
  • always gets out every 2 hours to apply SPF 60 and makes sure that MC uses it to
  • MC helps Jaehee apply those hard to reach places and she returns the favor
  • the most competent and graceful diver into the pool
  • when she is alone she likes to put on her swim cap and swim a few laps when she has time


  • the one who has to put on a crap ton of sunscreen just to sit outside because redheads burn easily in the sun
  • similar to Yoosung will immediately throw himself into the water
  • his goal is to get MC wet 
  • if MC is in a float you can bet she is 100% going to get flipped
  • tries to perfect his cannon ball and measures its effectiveness by MC screaming at him for getting her wet
  • will drag MC into the pool even if she is holding onto the gate for dear life will throw her over his shoulder and drag her into the pool
  • just don’t expect to stay dry
  • when you try to get back at him by holding hands and jumping into the pool you both count to three and neither of you jump. You both laugh and attempt it again counting to three. Neither of you jump. the third time you tell yourself you are going to just push him in. You both count to three holding each others hands, and neither of you jump. You immediately charger after him and he doges your moves and your momentum takes you straight into the pool. 
  • he fell laughing so hard at MC
  • will play little games with MC in the pool
  • MC carries him around the pool when he is more calm


  • hes perfect too
  • SPF 60 does not want to burn in the sun and he brings out a hat to protect his face
  • helps MC apply her sunscreen and allows MC to run her hands up and down his chest and back. Not that MC is complaining
  • he spends a decent amount of time in and out of the pool and under the umbrella
  • MC catches him staring at her a lot while she is sitting on the edge of the pool
  • has a waterproof watch on that he wears around water
  • has a tumbler for wine on the go 
  • buys the best outdoor furniture, rafts, and luxuries for the pool
  • loves to hold MC in his arms and run his hands over her body
  • buys her nice bikinis he thinks will flatter her
  • she rarely wears the scantly clad ones around others but saves those for when her and Jumin are in one of those days where they cant keep their hands off of each other


  • hesitant to get into the water because his vision is failing him
  • it was too hot outside for him to stay indoors waiting around until his surgery date came around
  • MC held his hand as they walked into the pool from the steps
  • both let out a sigh in relief from the hot summer sun
  • MC let V feel his way around the pool and teasing him slightly by splashing him with water
  • hot dad #2 
  • this man was perfect 
  • when V was nodding off in a pool float MC grabbed his camera and snapped a few shots of him in the pool and his blue hair
  • V sound asleep started rolling off of the raft and woke himself up abruptly with cold water
  • V likes to pull MC close to his chest kissing the top of her head as his fingers trail up her back
  • V may or may not have purposely pulled her bikini top strings
  • he was lucky that he was partially blind he couldn’t see


  • Hates the pool
  • will sit under an umbrella with his headphones in listening to his music or reading something
  • when MC comes out in her bikini hes more willing to get into the water if shes going in
  • she makes sure he keeps applying sunscreen so he doesn’t burn to a crisp
  • if his brother visits at the pool they more than likely will get into a wrestling match trying to throw one another into the pool and eventually they both will fall in.
  • probably splash each other to the death
  • he enjoys eating his ice cream and watching MC float around in the pool
  • when he does decide to get in he likes to give MC a ride on his back carrying her around the pool area 
Sensory Kits (Part 1)

This is the first post in a multi-post series about sensory kits. I figured a lot of you probably know about these already, but this might have ideas you hadn’t previously thought of? Idk. 

What are they?

As you may know/figure out due to the self-explanatory title, a sensory kit is a group of items that help mitigate sensory overload and its related issues. It can include comfort items, communication aids, and fidget/stim toys, to name a few. 

How do I make one?

This part is highly subjective and individual! It depends on how big you would like your kit to be and what occasion you will be using it for. 


For a small sensory kit, use a pencil case with a cool texture or pleasing design. It can be placed in a small bag if needed or carried by itself. These are good to leave by the door to grab quickly in case you’ve forgotten sensory items that might be helpful at your destination or during your trip there. You can also keep them in a car, locker, desk, or any random place.  

A medium sensory kit will have as many items as the small one, only with larger items such as a water bottle, medium-large sized stuffed animals, book/art supplies, or technology (such as a handheld game console or tablet computer). This kit can be kept in a drawstring backpack or small cross-body bag. Like a small sensory kit, it can also be placed in a larger bag.  

A large sensory kit will be kept in your living space. This one is not kept in a container and can include large/difficult to transport items such as a weighted blanket, balance board, spinny chair, or exercise ball. 

Items to include- 

When thinking of items to put in your sensory kit, consider all of the senses. For our purposes, let’s pick seven: (potential items to include for that sense are in parentheticals)

Visual- sight. (glitter ball, glitter wand, cellophane bubble stick, stim toys in pretty/soothing colors, mirror, colored flashlight, bubbles, sunglasses)

Auditory- noise. (noise reducing earmuffs, earplugs, acoustic filters, headphones (noise cancelling or other), noise-isolating earbuds, music player, tiny music box that requires you to turn the handle)

Tactile- touch. (virtually every stim toy- tangles, twiddle, stress ball, etc., soft fabric/ribbon, stuffed animal, soft art/makeup brush)

Olfactory- smell. (essential oils, scented lotions, coffee beans, tea bags, face masks, gum, mints)

Gustatory- taste. (food, chew toy, mints, gum, water bottle with iced tea/drink that tastes good)

Proprioceptive- sense of where your body is in space. (weighted/pressure vest, lap pad, putty, chew toy, exercise band)

Vestibular- movement. (This can be hard to fit in a little kit.) (movement suggestion cards- rocking, jumping up and down, skipping, running, flapping your hands/arms. Make a deck out of index cards/half index cards, shuffle, pick a card, and do the thing on it!) 

Other helpful items to include could be: Communication device or notepad and pencil, hand sanitizer, tissues, coloring book/art supplies, book/magazine, cell phone/computer, handheld gaming system, other comfort or distracting items, especially when the kit will be used in a stressful environment.

Hope this helps, and if you have any other suggestions for items please let me know! If you want to share your sensory kit you can submit a post through the main, I will be putting some of mine up soon. 

Sammi’s Space’s Guide to MTF Shaving

Hello lovelies! In an attempt to be a bit more active I decided to come up with a short little guide for everyone. This is one of my biggest struggles both with dysphoria and with maintaining how I look. Body and facial hair differs in how it fades for HRT recipients, and it’s often removed by laser hair removal, but clearly most people can’t afford that.

So! Here are a few rules.

1.) Always shave with a clean razor, and some sort of cream.

Never use a rusty razor or do it without some sort of cream or soap. That is how you increase the risk of cutting yourself, snagging the skin, or in general giving yourself awful razor bumps.

2.) Always shave with the grain.

Well. Not really. It is alright to shave against the grain in non-fatty areas, however as a rule you should always -finish- shaving by going with the grain. You want to shave fatty areas as follows: Once with the grain, once against it, once with it. This should help prevent ingrown hairs.

3.) Gently scrub your skin in small circles between shaves.

Ingrown hairs are nasty, and as are razor bumps. Using a body wash scrub or a facial scrub will help to prevent your ingrown hairs and will, in general, help prevent them from forming and will also improve the overall health of your skin. This should be done anyways, but it’s especially important here.

4.) Be careful when using creams like Nair.

Nair drastically increases the sensitivity of your skin when its used. If you do use Nair, be sure to follow the instructions to maintain proper care for your skin, else it can lead to uncomfortable and unsightly rashes.

5.) Use baby oil or baby lotion frequently.

This stuff is a godsend. It makes your skin smooth and soft and can be, and I’ve found it really helps to deal with pesky razor bumps or dry skin.

6.) Be safe, and be reasonable!

You don’t have to shave every day. You don’t have to shave anything you don’t want to or don’t feel safe shaving. Just remember that body hair doesn’t define you or how beautiful you are. -You- define that. <3 

How to let go of study stress; 8 ways

I am in my final year of law school and always very busy. When my exams come up, studying 9-13 hours a day for a few weeks is normal routine for me. This is how I stay as relaxed as possible. My tips for you:

1. Take a long warm shower or bath. Not just your normal routine but let the warmth of the water heat you and all your muscles up. Scrub yourself clean with your favorite products. After your clean and dry again, do a full beauty routine; body oils or lotions, eye/face cream etc. Taking time to take care of your body is important for your mind as well since you can focus on that for a bit and relax.

2. If you feel like you are constantly tired every day and just feel like you have a huge lack of sleep and energy; just SLEEP. Take a day of from everything and sleep as much as possible. Try to spend the whole day in your bed and take naps between reading relaxing books/watching Netflix. This may seem like you are wasting but if you really need sleep, this will help you feel so much better for days afterwards! You will be more energized and will make up for that ‘lost’ time very quickly and you’ll feel much better as well.

3. If you are really close to some deadlines and really have no time to take time off from your duties than try to multitask relaxing things. Don’t eat while working, but watch a nice television show or some YouTube videos while you eat. Like this you still did some fun things and took your mind of your work a bit. You have to eat anyway and it won’t cost you to much time when you only spend those moments away from your studies.

4. Take a power nap when you feel very stressed. Even if you think you are not particularly tired, just try to sleep for about 20 minutes and you will shut out that stress again. If you can’t sleep; meditate or listen to some relaxing songs while laying down and doing nothing at all.

5. Call a family member or a friend, just to talk. This doesn’t have to be about your studies. Just chill a bit and talk about everything you like. Complain a bit, hear their complains and know you are not alone with your stress. :) This will take your mind of things and can get you in a better mood.

6. Make your study spot as comfortable as possible. Make sure everything is quite tidy and there is no rubbish or trash lying around. A clean space is truly a clean mind. Of course you may need a lot of notes/books/stuff but sort them into piles and have a ‘structure’ on your desk. Light a few candles, wear comfortable clothes and put a pillow in your back. Have some nice tea or coffee and a few healthy snacks like fruit and nuts. Make it as comfortable as possible and you’ll feel way more chill.

7. Go work at a coffee shop and treat yourself with a nice latte.

8. Go study at your university library and go with flow of all the other motivated students. When you surround yourself with other people studying you will become more motivated and get more work done. Also, when you see that everyone is busy, you feel a bit better. It’s not just you, it’s hard for everyone.

I made a super simple multi-purpose balm last night, and I think everyone could definitely find a use for this! It’s perfect for beginner witches and even for the intermediate witches for some quick, portable, on-the-fly witchcraft! It’s only two ingredients;

- coconut oil

- lavender essential oil

But obviously you can add anything your heart desires, depending on your skills, resources and intent!
What makes it so wonderful is that it can be used in so many different ways.

Coconut oil in skin care & beauty

- cheekbone highlighter
- shaving lotion
- eye makeup remover (be careful!)
- lip balm
- good for rashes!
- some people even swear by it as lube! (although you should be aware that oil based lubricant will dissolve latex condoms!)
- prevents stretch marks
- moisturizer
- fade age spots
- soothe sunburns
- mix into bath (melt ¼ cup, add to bath & soak)
- relieves dry skin

Hair care

- overnight conditioner (rub small amount into hair, mostly the ends, comb through, put into cute little bun for sleepy time and wash out in the morning!)
- tames flyaways
- reduces static
- de-frizzes split ends

As for the lavender essential oil, it’s known for its restorative and calming properties, and is associated with;

- happiness
- love
- peace
- protection
- purification

Which means there are so many possibilities with this simple combination! Need an extra boost in the morning? Feeling depressed? Want to sleep safe and soundly? Use it as lotion to help find your motivation. Craving more self esteem? Use it for shaving, removing makeup, styling hair and as a part of your makeup routine in glamour spells or everyday routine to add some extra confidence. It could also be used for preparing before a ritual/conducting magick, promoting safe astral travel, discreet or budgeted craft, and as a shield or ward. I’m sure there are many, many more applications that I just can’t think of right now but I’ll leave you all with this and hope this can benefit someone!

It’s only three steps:
- melt coconut oil (I used virgin coconut oil, I didn’t measure it out but this jar was probably around a full cup)
- add two or three drops of lavender essential oil (the oil on its own is known to irritate skin, we just want it in there for its properties and pretty smell)
- pour into glass jar and place in fridge to solidify (the glass part is very important - it’s common sense but I made the mistake of using plastic for hot water, and never again… it was cheap Dollarama plastic but you know).

And that’s it! Please feel free to add onto this with any other uses and/or ingredients you can think of to help out your fellow witches!
Happiness to you and yours xx