Lovecraft talk: Aku, Ashi’s wraith form and the Beast in OTGW and why they look the same

A lot of y’all are comparing Ashi’s wraith form with the appearance of the Beast from Over the Garden Wall. I’m not an expert in Lovecraftian horror, and it actually won’t take a lot to explain why these designs look alike, but instead of going into painstaking detail about it in this post I’ll just provide some links below:

HERE is where I mentioned that Aku is a direct reference to the outer god Nyarlathotep. Some folks were kind enough to support that claim and I’m sure they and many others noticed it already far before I did.

HERE is where I mentioned the Beast from OTGW also as a direct reference to Nyarlathotep. It’s a long read but dig hard enough and you’ll find it there.

To add to this, here’s a picture of Nyarlathotep. Looks like Aku’s tower and shadowy tentacles, right? But there’s more to that.

Here’s a picture of it, closer, along with the real form of the Beast. Notice the faces on their bodies, and the fact that Nyarlathotep is sometimes referred to as the ‘faceless god’, and that he considered humans his toys. Because, man, think about it, of all places, why does Aku settle on Earth? And why hasn’t he destroyed us already? He destroys other world but not ours. That’s because we have too much value to him as playthings. I mean just consider the obvious fact that he’s fucked with Jack’s head enough times to disturb him for several lifetimes. This is what the Beast literally did to the Huntsman in OTGW. Aku has little to no actual interest in physically destroying Jack and the rest of humanity because without us he’s bored as shit. He’s even bored out of his fucking mind without his favorite toy to mess with, Jack.

Also notice this reoccurring theme of trees and birth and children. And I’ll only mention Ashi once. It’s not a mere coincidence that Aku or the Beast and even Nyarlathotep have the physical attributes of…how the Scotsman words it, a tree ogre. The Beast was a literal demon tree made out of the remains of children, and it was blatantly shown in the show how the children even transformed into eldritch abominations, the edelwood trees, before being consumed by the Beast. And they bled black blood which served as the oil for the lantern. Note it, BLACK. Jack was born when his father banished Aku and cursed him into the ground as a darkened wooden stump. Ashi was born out of the murky tar-like tree sap that came from Aku after her mother imbibed it into her system. So it’s no question Ashi’s wraith form or whatever you wanna call it would take the same physical attributes as her father. You can even say she’s a demi-god or a kin of the cosmos because of this. Even in the video game Bloodborne, the Moon Presence who inhabits the nightmare realm, makes its appearance near the nightmare image of the Great Tree in the city of Yharnam. And as if the ideas of cosmic horrors, trees, and birthing children in line with the existence of eldritch gods aren’t fucked up enough especially with how it all seems like a gross parallel to the idea of the Tree of Life in the Book of Genesis in the Bible, here’s a bunch of examples of the human placenta. GODDAMN it looks like a tree.

Lastly, and this is probably just me geeking out over and celebrating Samurai Jack, Bloodborne and H.P. Lovecraft altogether. Here’s a side-by-side picture of the lunar eclipse that freed Aku from his banishment and a picture of the Moon Presence in Bloodborne when it makes its appearance shortly after the blood moon surfaced. Fuckin A this is all some refined spooky shit and I love it. It’d be bullshit to call this a coincidence at this point.

That’s all. I hope you guys enjoyed reading.

So that's what you can do with them

So our party was a tinker-ish bard(me), a wizard(Wiz), a half-Orc barbarian (Bar), a rogue(Rog), and a cleric(Cle).

*starting out in town*

Me: hey the book says we can by some vials of oil while in town?

DM: yes

Cle: but we’ve got plenty of oil for the Lanterns, don’t waste your gold.

Me: okay, well im gonna get some caltrops then.

Bar: who the hell uses caltrops? They’re useless

Me: actually, I’m gonna get the oil too.

*i spend most of my gold on caltrops and oil, just to piss off my teammates for the most part, cause I joined late and they’d been using me as “the intern” for awhile. Later on we find the village of Lizard men we’d been looking for, and found the Leader, his healer/second-in-command. They’re in a crumbled old watch tower with one largish opening on one side*

Me: oh shit I’ve got an idea

Rest of the party:??????

Me: okay, so I quietly lay the caltrops in the opening of the tower *rolls successfully* and then use ventriloquism (or some sound creation spell-thing, I don’t remember exactly) to yell in the middle of the group to scare the shit out of them. (Rolls successfully)

Bar: oh wait, imma stand on the edge of the caltrops

Cle: me too

Rog: I ready my bow to pick off any that don’t hit a caltrop

Wiz: I’m with the rogue (he had a bow too, but did use a spell here and there)

DM: alright, this’ll be interesting

*we manage to take most of them in the caltrops, but the leader, his healer, and 2 or 3 lizard men made it out and ran for it*

Me: I’m gonna chase after the leader

Wiz: I’ll come with (by now [wiz] has only got a single flaming hands left)

Bar: alright, the rest of us will take these stragglers

DM: [me] and [wiz] catch up with the Leader and his group, the Leader is laying down while the healer try’s to keep him alive, the guards stand nearly unscathed from the previous fighting, they raise their weapons as you two approach (the rest of the groups still fighting by the caltrops)

Me: Oh shit oh shit oh shit, [wiz], do you have any flaming hands left?

Wiz: yah?

Me: prep it. (To the DM) I open my vials of oil and throw them at the group of lizard men. *rolls a Nat 20*

DM: alright, uh, they’re all coated almost evenly, barely a drop hits the ground

Wiz: ooooooooh, I cast flaming hands on the leader. *rolls succesfully*

DM: *apparently rolled only 1’s or something for the lizard men* they all just kind of flail on the ground while being burnt to a crisp, despite the nearby creek. *at this point the DM’s just kinda flabbergasted*

Bar: well shit, so that’s what you can do with them

before he sells the beans to jack, he is born in a house that smells of ceder.

his name is Tiffany. a bold bright name. a stardust name. a girl name. but he is not a girl. he knows this, even if others don’t. his mother puts him in dresses, teaches him how to sew, chastises him when he lets his voice get low.

“my great-aunt’s friend’s sister,” says his mother, with her red lips tight, “once knew these girls that spoke and diamonds came out of their mouths. you know what happened to the nasty one? she got toads. that’s your future if you don’t figure out how to be a nice little girl.”

so he speaks gently. but the whole time he is wondering: who gave them the language of gems. who gave them the language that rolled out of them. it must be magic. and if there is magic, maybe there is hope for him.

he takes off in a dark night. a sad night. one where the fire was too low and he was sick of mirrors. he leaves his mother a note: gone to find where the gems grow. 

in the black woods, he cuts off his hair. wears his father’s clothes. feels, at last, whole. runs and runs and runs until his air comes out in a wheeze. walks for weeks and weeks.

he finds the old woman carrying water. she is ugly, her mouth all twisted angry. but she carries the water alone. 

the boy does not have much. but he has shoulders. a good back. hands that work. when he takes her burden, she says, “thank you, young man.” and he smiles at her, but doesn’t say anything.

her house is damp. she feeds him stew, apologizes. says she used to make lovely foods but the price of milk and eggs got far too high. she says: if you carry my water for five weeks, i will give you something special. and he agrees.

she talks for him. spends a lot of time telling him of people he never met. girls with lips blood red. girls with white fairy dresses. boys who fell in love with swans. 

the boy says little. just nods. sleeps on the floor of her empty barn. when she’s not looking, he darns her clothes for her, keeps the floors swept, fills the lanterns with oil, makes her a blanket for the coming winter. 

on the end of the fifth week, she gives him the beans. tells him that they have been passed down in her family, that this was her portion. she says that she is too old now for such adventures. that she hears the beans will bring treasure. fortune. all the things of greed. she says: i will give them to you, for what you have done to me.

in the morning, he takes off. he feels the weight of them in his pocket. he thinks of the old woman and the stories and the sight of her tired hands. he stands in the market for a long time, unspeaking, simply staring at the cobblestones beneath him.

jack’s voice is the last call in the evening. a beautiful cow, young and thick and healthy. 

the boy has no money. he bounces the magic bean in his pocket, and thinks of treasures. 

“wait,” he says. 

jack turns. 

transaction complete: one cow for a handful of magic beans. the boy walks the cow home to the old woman, gets there in the morning. they are both very tired. he falls asleep beside the beast in the hay. dreams of the foods the old woman can cook now that she can get milk.

when he wakes up, he is changed. it is as if he simply turned into who he was made to be. not a new body. familiar. the body he could always see.

the old woman stands at the door of his barn. she says, “good morning,” and then she says a new word. a word he’s never heard. a name. his name. a boy name. 

he repeats it. it is a jewel in his mouth, so he says it again. another diamond.

“time to fetch water,” she says, winking. the whole way, he whispers his name. it never quite tastes the same, always beautiful, always a fine thing, always his. the something special he was lacking.

in the back of his pocket, there is one last magic bean. he will fetch the water and plant it. and he will carry that old woman to the castles she has never seen.

The Bookshop That Has (Almost) Everything

fun fact this is loosely based on a real bookshop I once found somewhere in greenwich idk exactly where it is but if ever find urself around the area look out for it its v cute and v tiny

summary: Phil works at a bookshop. Dan buys a book one day, and, in a ploy to see Phil, keeps returning with more and more obscure requests so Phil has to spend more time searching. After Dan leaves with ‘cactus maintenance: a memoir’, Phil starts to suspect something’s up.

words: 7.3k


“Look,” Phil sighs when he catches sight of the book Dan’s clutching today. “I know there’s a very good chance you keep cacti and you just wanna maintain them and it’s probably wrong of me to assume otherwise, but-…can I ask you something?”

Dan gulps, putting the book titled “Cactus Maintenance: A Memoir” down on the counter.

“Do you actually need half of the books you come in here for?” he asks softly. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, there’s a good chance you might actually ride motorcycles, study bricklaying, want to know more about frogspawn or- you know, wanna look after your cacti, but…” he shrugs. “I don’t know. It’s just- um, you’re the first person I’ve met that, you know, buys one book every single day. When do you get time to read them all?”



Graveland’s Books is the kind of place you’d only come across if you were either very bored, very desperate, or very lost.

It hides on the tail end of an alleyway just behind the village market, and the gnarled wooden beams, the glass oil lanterns lining either side of the aged brickwork and the rusty bronze bell hanging above the door would fool anyone into thinking they’d just stepped out of 2016 and into the 18th century. If it wasn’t for the mobile phone shop sitting directly opposite, of course.

It’s not big in size, with a staff room and an office the size of a postage stamp upstairs and just about enough room to fit two free standing bookshelves in the middle of the shop, but books spill into every single crack. Stacks and stacks of fiction and history and travel and biographies narrow the aisles between the shelves, and it’s all too easy to trip over a random pile of books in the middle of the floor when you’re not concentrating properly.

But, for a job running along the sidelines of university, Phil enjoys it. He’d certainly rather spend his time flicking through a story about a cursed mushroom than stack supermarket shelves and deal with obnoxious co-workers, anyway.

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Imagine you're a powerful Emperor Pt. 2

Part 1

You lay on the bed, groaning, struggling, and gritting your teeth, “Come on. Come on, please!” Your body tenses and your back arches, and finally you collapse out of breath then exhale in frustration, “Just zip already you damn pants!” You sit up, still able to see over your swollen belly to your legs hanging off the edge of the bed. Your pants sit on your hips, button undone, your fly having slid back down to the bottom, and your belt waiting in the loops for your attempt to fasten it. Your shirt, no longer fit perfectly, instead it now pulls tight across your pregnant middle. Flutters rise in your belly as you glared, “Oh you think that’s funny, forcing your father out of his clothes already?” You knew your clothes would eventually betray you, but your were not expecting it to happen literally over night. “Dear,” your wife speaks up having watched your failed attempt with mild amusement, “Why not just put on the new clothes the tailor made. He promised they would last the full nine months.” “The emperor never surrenders!” You declare trying to sound triumphant, “My belt! The buckle is large enough. If I can get it closed I can surely hide-” You strain again unable to thread the end tip through into the buckle, “Et tu belt!” You growl and continue to try and force your belt to thread together. In vain you try to suck in your stomach but it went no where. Your child was perfectly content within your womb and refused to be squeezed. Again your breath runs out and you let go of your belt. Defeated, you lean back on your hands looking down at your front with a frown. More flutters came causing you to smirk and gently rub your belly, “Alright, you win this round.” Your empress suddenly perks up, “Are they moving?” Without waiting for an answer, her hand was placed against your swell, “I… don’t feel anything,” she notes disappointed. “Still to small yet,” You remark placing one hand over your wife’s, “Only four months along. I can barely feel our child at times.” In breathe deeply in defeat once more and lean your head back, “Where did the tailor put those clothes?” The new set of clothes fit comfortably, and were a little loose for the time being. Both pants and shirts had panels along the sides hidden by your cloak that would stretch with your swelling womb. The accompanying belt appeared much to long at first but it too fit several notches above the tightest setting. You grimace as your investigate the new clothes wondering just how big your were going to get. Word had gotten around that your empire would have a new prince or princess soon. Of course, along with it came the argument of who was carrying the heir, the emperor or the empress. Many of your subjects assumed the latter. Regardless, it was information you would rather not expose until it could no longer be hidden. Anymore growth spurts like that one and the truth would have to come out sooner than later. Some nobles were already growing suspicious that it was you who was pregnant due to a sudden shift in your behavior. Once you were more than willing to leave the safety of the capital and observe the far reaches of your empire. However, now carrying a heir in your belly was made you much more cautious, more protective of yourself, as well as more selective of how far you wondered from the safety of the palace. Your middle becoming round from your heir only added more fuel to the fire. “Well which is it, sire?” a nobleman asks. “Which is what?” you inquire with confused look. A noblewomen gives an airy laugh from behind her fan, “My good emperor! Have you not heard? You are the topic of the rumor mill as of late!” The empress coughs slightly into her tea shooting a glance towards you then back to her drink, “A-a rumor? Of our good emperor? Wh-who would make up such tales?” she asks nervously. A second nobleman answers politely “It was a visual observation which started it, my emperor. Come now, sire. I hate the be that person but, erm, have you been enjoying the fruits of your rule a tad too much lately?” “I beg your pardon?” You ask in a flash of anger, “What exactly are you implying?” “Oh now, now, my emperor,” the noblewomen answers, “We do not mean any rudeness. There is no reason to get defensive over picking up some fat with age.” You stutter a moment at such a vile accusation, “Fat? Fat! That is the rumor the mill has spat? It is a lie. I’m not fat.” “My love-” your wife attempts to interject but your hormones were most certainty in control now. “I’m pregnant!” you shout not hearing your wife nor catching what you spoke until you speak it. Your eyes go wide and a look of horror overtakes your face as you clasp both hands over your mouth, desperate to will away what you just proclaimed. The room full of gossiping aristocrats became silent enough one could hear a pin drop as all eyes were suddenly glued to you. Several shock expressions, along with the exchange of winning bets filled the room Your wife muffles a groan as she buries her face into her hands. This was certainty not how both of you had planned to reveal it as such. In a panic, your eyes dart around the room, you suddenly feel queasy, “I-I have to go.” You speak quickly then dash from the room. Your panic fueled run takes you to a quiet corner of the palace gardens where you finally slow down to catch your breath and hold your head in anger and frustration, “That was dumb. Heaven and Hell that was dumb. How did I lose control like that so easily? They’ve undoubtedly ran off to confirm and spread that bit of news.” You lean against a wall, running one hand through your hair and idly resting the other against your swollen middle, “Cat’s out of the bag now little heir. It was going to happen sooner or later. Guess we’ll be staying under close watch from now on. Your mother is probably mad at me for doing that.” You grin and gently rub your stomach, “Granted, I don’t think you care one way or another, so long as I keep a supply of grapes coming.” You feel a light flutter and assume it was a yes. With the rumor that you were carrying the heir confirmed, travel within the capital city was proving to be more bothersome by the day. Over the next several months your child grew bigger and stronger, even wrapping your cloak around your frame failed to fully hide your swollen middle now. Being pregnant seemed to make everyone forget about your personal boundary and you being their emperor! And you despised every second of it. You became overly protective of your heir, shooting a glare at anyone who tried to get too close without permission and along with a toss from your guards if needed. Almost constantly when you were in public, even within the palace you would swivel your eyes and held one hand to your taught middle. You even accidentally growled at your empress a number of times when she caught you off guard, although you were quick to apologize for it each time and she just as easily forgave you. Too make matters worse an assassination target had been placed on your back. A group known only as the Carii had made you their prime target. The first attack came within a week of you carrying the heir becoming public knowledge. Your would be assassin blended seamlessly with the crowd and once close enough made a lunge for your back only to be stopped by one of your loyal guards. You drew your sword to the assassins throat demanding answers, but the only words he spoke were ‘The Carii shall end your blood line’ before biting into a cyanide capsule and collapsing. You were offering a handsome reward for any usable information leading to the capture of the Carii leader. Several mercenary groups had gone on the hunt, but the leader remained out of sight. Any members who were captured gave the same declaration before eating the cyanide capsule. The royal guard put their top resources on trying to determine where the Carii could be hiding out as well as keeping you safe. Understandably, you felt safe hidden away in the palace, away from the public and deep behind the guard’s defenses. It was becoming harder for you too move quickly the heavier your child grew and you felt short of breath after a short period of time of running. Even with this madness, you still had an empire to rule. You had the trust and respect of your subjects to maintain even with the Carii threat breathing down your neck. It was just before sundown when you were finally able to escape your royal duties and relax in your private quarters with your loving empress. A antique chaise lounge chair with a nest of pillows had become your favorite place to relax and allowed you to still gaze out a pair of heavily locked glass doors leading to a oil lantern lit balcony. “At last…,” you moan as you sink into the chair, feeling your back pain being near instantly relieved. Your hands quickly wonder down to your waist and undo your belt, button and zipper allowing your swollen belly more room in your lap, “There. Is that better little heir?” you ask rubbing the tight round mass making up your middle. You smile warmly as a kick meets your hand and you lean back. The empress takes a moment to sit between your legs gently places both hands on your belly, “You’re almost ready little heir, only a little longer now.” she speaks with a smile as she lovingly traces the child’s movements within you. “Little doesn’t describe our heir anymore,” you note, “We make big strong ones if these kicks and punches are any indication.” The empress giggles and hugs your round middle with beaming smile, “Strong and handsome sons. Fierce and beautiful daughters.” She carefully slides your shirt up then plants a kiss just above your navel forcing you to stifle a moan, “Oh?” She question looking at you, “What was that sound you just made, my emperor?” You answer with a knowing grin placing both hands atop your middle, “Nothing.” “You shouldn’t lie to your mistress, my little emperor,” she replies as she gently rubs the sides of your tight belly and kisses your navel, “You agree with me, don’t you little heir?” She asks moving on hand to trace your child’s movements as your belly distorts, “Papa shouldn’t lie to me now should he.” You clench your jaw as she strokes your middle, your skin had gotten incredibly sensitive over the last several months. Mix that with her honey like voice and surging hormones, it became hard to control yourself at times. Never did you think being pregnant would be such a turn on for you, “Kiss a bit lower and maybe I’ll tell you want that sound was.” Your wife grins, “Oh, playing this game are we?” “Maybe,” you answer with your own grin, “What can I say. I got a beautiful woman that I love tending to me. Can you really bl-” You suddenly turn and cough several times, “What was that for!” You sneer at your belly lightly rubbing the top, “Kicking my lungs like that, we both need them you know.” Your wife erupts into laughter and you feel your heir stretch within the confines of your womb, distorting its round shape briefly before settling again. “Alright, little heir,” your wife speaks gently rubbing the length of your stomach and planting one final kiss before pulling your shirt back over your stomach, “We’ll let you get some rest. It’s been a long day for you as well.” You huff and and rest your head against the pillows again, “If anyone needs rest its me from carrying you around. I don’t know if I can get much bigger.” “You can make it, my love.” She notes with a loving smile and a kiss, “You’re doing better then what my body could do.” “My sweet empress, I love you to death,” you reply, looking at her, “How many times have I reassured you already? We need to use my womb so we will. Now if I can get rid of the damn Carii I’ll being doing much better.” You let out a soft grunt and gently rub your swollen middle again, “Shh, don’t you worry in there. We will never let them get anywhere close to you.” You then turn your head towards the balcony, focusing on the heavy lock guarding the door and let out a forlorn sigh, “It’s a shame, such a beautiful night tonight. I rather be out there enjoying the breeze and fresh air. We need to get rid of that Carii.” You look back to your swollen belly again, “So that you can breathe the fresh air as well without worry.” “Don’t do anything rash honey,” your empress speaks sitting back upright on the lounge chair with a worried look, “I can’t bare the thought of losing both of you.” “I’m sure as hell in no condition to hunt them myself,” you point out, “And I would much rather not have our child born with a target on their back.” You breathe deeply in thought, “We’re running out of time though. I’ll have the guard up their efforts, and reconsider upping the reward.” Your wife smiles, “In that case, I’ll up my weapon training some more. It’s my job now, to keep our family safe.” You return the smile then look back at the stars, idling rubbing your belly as you wish and pray all would turn out for the better and soon.

“so, what are we?”

your eyes change from chocolate to caramel
as your heart flits between tugging emotions
they look confused at something so new
so let me make this easier for you

i’m not too good with sprouting words when
you’re in the same space as me and thus
i’m carving a poem on the lining of my lips
with the sustained ease of a romanticist

so the next time you close the gap between us
and my heart beat loses all semblance of sanity
let these words guide you like a flame
to rediscover the path from where we came

your cloaked voice transcended time and
found me in the unrelenting hours of the night
it whispered promises into my midnight ear
suffused the air like a record player

your hands were like dormant volcanoes
first fragile, recoiling, retreating; afraid
but as sands fall, so do your walls
and a fire erupted, your touch smouldered all

your mouth made mountains move
it blew me off my nimble feet and
flung me into the blustery, twinkling air
weakening my resolve with an uncanny flair

my intended words have flown from my mind
i believe i was attempting to define us
but i lack the penchant to semantacise this
and shall, instead, bathe in its simple blissfulness

let me try to put this prosaically
you make me positively giddy
i think i stumbled into a rhyme mistakenly
but what can i do when you, my dear, are poetry

i quite enjoy our blurred lines and
smiles seeping into spontaneous kisses
so let’s forget labels, implications and linguistics
hand-in-hand is we’ll take the risk to jump off this cliff

because we are oil-lit lanterns exuding incandescence
we are crisp white sheets with pancakes and cream
we are the feeling you get when your stomach flips
we are head on shoulder and lips on lips

words are sticky ropes tightening on our fingers
but to answer the question pervading your lungs
and i hope this sets your pulsating chest free
we are anything you want us to be.

—  so, uh, what are we?

anonymous asked:

Hello! I read all your writings and it's p e r f e c t. If you don't mind and requests are open, i have one for a headcanon: Ravus got a lot of professional paintings with note "from your secret admirer". And later he finds this poor person sketching something or someone, perhaps him.

Aww, thank you for your kind words, Anon! You make a girl blush.

Poor little Ravus, I just want to give him a big warm hug. I hope I got your request right, here goes…

✓ On his birthday, which Ravus never makes a fuss about, he receives an unexpected parcel from an anonymous sender.
✓ Inside the parcel is a small painting of the Tenebraean sylleblossom plains, with a small, handwritten note wishing him a happy birthday, “from your admirer.”
✓ Ravus is not used to attention, and he tries to ask Luna to help him figure out who the painting is from. She insists he must work it out himself.
✓ A month later, another parcel appears, with a bigger painting. This begins a slew of paintings arriving, approximately once a month, for the next year or so. The subjects are always related to places or objects in and around the palace.
✓ He asks around to figure out who the paintings are from. Every time a new one arrives, his heart warms - it’s one of the few gestures of affection he has received for many years since his childhood.
✓ One evening, looking at the paintings all laid out against the side of his bedroom wall, he realizes that if he puts them in a certain order, and connects the locations, they create a route through the palace.
✓ Getting up instantly, he draws a little map on a piece of paper, then hurries out, following the directions, checking to see the subject of each painting as he walks along.
✓ Finally he arrives at the servants’ quarters, where most of the palace attendants reside. He runs through the corridors, as the map ends there, unsure where to turn to next.
✓ Frustrated, he walks out into the courtyard, but it’s there that he sees a figure sat under oil lanterns, with pages, paints and canvas laid out around them. Approaching them quietly from behind, he sees sketches on the floor that look a little bit like himself.
✓ He lays his hand on the artist’s shoulder, very softly, but the artist startles and turns around to see him smiling gently. “It was you,” he utters tenderly, as the artist realizes they’ve been discovered.
✓ “You always seemed so sad, sir,” the artist responds, unsure of how Ravus feels about the situation. 
✓ “Not anymore,” Ravus responds smiling, kneeling down next to the artist, taking their hand. “Not anymore.”

I have to make a sad exclaimer:
Despite me LOVING yokai, as a select few of you have noticed, I cant stand “Yokai watch”.
I cant stand yokai watch cause all they do with the original material is…. nothing.
Let me explain.
This is abura sumashi:

Originally a monk, who stole lantern oil and was thus punished to roam the cold mountains forever, his face stuck in this form. Commonly described as wearing a strawcoat.
This is abura sumashi in yokai watch:

But wait: there is more!

Gashadokuro “said to be created from the amassed bones of people who died of starvation“, depicted in many traditional drawings.
So what did Yokai watch do?

“ Gutsy Bones” (seriously thats what you call it?) “is huge, powerful, and sadistic. He enjoys watching people get frustrated that they are unable to get what they want out of the capsule machines he lords over. “


Okay. sorry. I lost track a little.
Do I hate people for liking Yokai Watch? No.
But I wont stop being endlessly dissapointed with what this series does to japanese cultural treasures.

trcelyne  asked:

I totally agree with your statement about TP!Link. But my question is: since Link and Ganondorf have beast forms, why has Zelda kept her human form while being in the Twilight? (Or maybe she has a beast form, but like you, I haven't played the game in a long while)

This is the post that brought about this ask

This is a very good question and one that has no canon answer, at least as far as I know. However, after thinking about it I was able to form one possibility within my mind. First of all, we have to keep in mind that Ganondorf having a beast form is nothing new, regardless of whether he’s in the Twilight or not. Ganon has been around since the very first loz game and he can symbolize pure power. What is new, is that Link has a beast form (or at least it was new back when TP first came out). Not counting the amiibo function of wolf Link joining you on your journey in BotW (which I’m going to mention again later), we have yet to see any type of beast form for Link return. However, even though he lacks a beast form in his own game, we see OoT!Link as the Hero’s Shade take on the shape of a golden wolf, and as I mentioned before he has nothing to do with the Twilight as far as we know.

As a result, this makes it a little difficult to understand exactly why Link got a beast form in the first place. However, (and bear in mind I’m definitely not the best person to ask when it comes to this, but here we go~), in Japanese mythology and whatnot, unlike a lot of western ones, I believe wolves are seen as being creatures worthy of worship since they were often depended on to protect crops from other wild animals. There were also charms and talismans with wolf symbols on them because it was believed to offer protection in various situations. Considering Zelda games are made in Japan, it’s not unlikely that they had thoughts like this in mind when deciding what to make Link transform into in the first place. This goes back to Wolf Link being an optional companion in BotW. He helps you hunt and fight, similar to the roles wolves had in Japanese mythology. Of course, there are many different views on wolves depending on the cultures you look at. For example, in many, wolves are often symbols for warriors and causing destruction. There’s also the whole “lone wolf” mindset and how the life of a hero can be very lonely. There’s a lot that can be possible, and as I said, I’m not an expert (or even an amateur) on it.

Anyway, because of this, it could be the goddesses wanted Link to take on a shape worthy of a hero. A shape seen as reliable and even ferocious when need be. A wolf. Of course, there are issues with this if we just look at the worshiping nature of it as most NPCs make it no secret they’re terrified of Link in his wolf form, but it could be argued that, like real life, regardless of mythology most people probably wouldn’t want a wolf in the wild coming anywhere near them. So, it could be possible ancient views of wolves in TP!Hyrule mirror those of real life. Or even that no one in Hyrule is used to seeing wolves as I’m pretty sure that guy who sells you lantern oil (not that anyone actually buys it) comments on wolves being rare in the area. Possibly a stretch, but I thought it was an interesting idea. Anyway, here’s a pic of something Midna will say if you talk to her at some point during the Dark Beast Ganon fight.

“Sacred” because he’s Link and obvious connection to the gods because he’s the chosen hero and all that good stuff, but also “sacred” being put next to “beast” is just kind of interesting to me because, again, of a lot of different mythology involving views on wolves (though I’m probably definitely reading too much into it XD Just thought I’d share this pic anyway though ^.^ since I took the time to take it >_>)

Also, there’s the whole Twilight Prophecy which, no doubt, has something to do with it. The problem is, that’s all we get out of that: is that it’s a prophecy. There’s nothing else about it as far as the Twilight is concerned (at least as far as I can remember).

Now for Zelda herself and the question you actually asked XD Why doesn’t she have any beast form in TP and doesn’t turn into a spirit? Well, let me start with the fact that in our first meeting with her she tells us, “without light, the people became as spirits” when explaining how the Twilight shifts the forms of most anyone and anything within it.

As we see later in our second meeting with her, she has the Triforce of Wisdom already. Not only considering the fact that Zelda is Hylia reincarnated over and over again, as we learn in SS, but we’ve also seen numerous times throughout the series how the powers Zelda tends to have as a result of the Triforce of Wisdom (or just the fact of being a goddess lol) are very light filled. So, it stands to reason that she still has “light” aka the Triforce of Wisdom/Hylia, thus having protection from being turned into a spirit. But, one could also argue that Link should receive similar protection from the Triforce of Courage, allowing him to remain in his human form. However, remember everything I said about the gods wanting to shape him into a form they see fit for such an adventure. Link’s the chosen hero and they make sure to tell you that quite often throughout the events of TP XD When it comes right down to it, I guess what I’m trying to say is: maybe the goddesses just saw no reason to give her an alternate form? But she and Link are both able to keep a physical form, whether beast or not, due to being chosen by the gods.

Sorry if I didn’t give a satisfactory answer, and there’s of course a chance that this is not the reason at all. But there is a chance that it could be ;D Anyway, if anyone else has any theories as to why Zelda doesn’t have any beast form like Link and Ganondorf in Twilight Princess, give it a shot ^-^

For What Ails You - A Bam Brown One-Shot

Rating: PG-13/T

Word Count: 1304

Warnings: Mention of blood, injury

Description: Nina is learning to live in the wild bush with Bam, which sometimes can turn a simple task into an interesting afternoon. Request Fulfillment for @ninas-fine-imagination. Enjoy!

Nina fussed with the lantern. The oil was topped off, the wick was good, but everytime she tried to light it, it would just go out. She huffed in frustration, the light outside was dwindling fast as it often does the latter half of the year in Alaska. It was not yet winter, but it was close by knocking on the door.

 “Girl, let me show you.” Bam’s deep voice was almost playful, smirking as he watched her.

 “Bam, if I don’t learn to do it on my own I’m always going to be helpless!” She argued, but it was almost a whine. Bam concealed a wider smirk behind his hand as he pretending to stroke his beard.

 She tried once more, the wick lit, but as she tried to replace the glass over it, the flame slowly died; smaller and smaller it became before it smoldered the singed edges and extinguished itself, the only trace of the burn left was a wisp of smoke.

 She haphazardly replaced the glass globe; out of frustration she was being a little careless. Bam’s brows shot up as he watched her. His hands tried to intercept, but the globe cracked and in a split second a giant shard was left exposed just as the palm of her hand came down on it.

 Bam grabbed her wrist yanking it back, but it was too late. Nina shrieked at the suddenness of the pain and her eyes widened at the sight of the dark red that oozed from it. She whimpered at the sight, but let Bam hold her wrist still, his own eyes studying the cut, his forehead creased with worry.

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Bed Light

Lantern’s wick
soaks up oil
for it’s flame.

Burn brighter
bedside star
guide true
to a deep slumber.

Slow burn
steady flicker
silent snicker
before suffocation.

Quiet smoke
wisps dance
willing dreams

Secrets of the Pyramid (EXO Pick Your Path)

I am so happy that you all liked the BTS Pick Your Own Path- Garden of Evil (X). So I decided to write an EXO Version. It was a little harder because there is nothing that really comes in 9s, like the deadly sins, so I chose to go with Egyptian Gods (something I am very interested in). It is not as… sexy as the BTS one, but I hope you all like it nonetheless. Please let me know what you think<3

-Admin Kat

The sun was beating down your back as you walked towards the pyramid. You were excited to finally be taking apart in your first archaeology experience. This was your first time traveling to another country, and seeing as how it was Egypt, you could barely contain your excitement. You walked up to the pyramid, looking at the campsite before it. “Ah, you must be the last student, (Y/N). I hope you managed to find the site easily.” Your travel guide said as he greeted you. You happily shook his hand, staring around you at the gigantic pyramids. The sun glistened on the several pyramids that surrounded you. You had never thought that you would actually see one in person; let alone explore one.

You watched as the other students made their way from their drop off points. Because of the delicate instruments you would be using, it was important that the sand does not disturb them. Luckily, it was a fairly windless day, so the only thing that needed to be kept in account were the large jeeps that the students would be arriving in. That was the reason the drop off point had been moved a few miles away; not wanting to cause any more trouble than needed.

“Welcome to the Pyramids of Abu Sir. Today, we will be traveling into the largest of the fourteen pyramids. Be sure to stay close to each other. These pyramids are known for their several booby traps, dead ends, and especially their trap doors. It would be easy for an inexperienced traveler to find themselves lost within the twists and turns of these ancient mazes.” Your professor instructed the group. He began handing out the flashlights and other tools that you would be using to excavate the tombs without causing any real damage.

The group of thirteen followed the guide into the main temple; taking the steps in long strides. You could feel your stomach churning with both excitement and nervousness. This would be the beginning of what could possibly be your job for the rest of your life. You needed this to go perfectly. The smell of the tomb his you like a cement wall. Musk, dust, sand, and lantern oil filled your nostrils. The pale brownish-yellow walls were lined with both torches and oil lanterns that hung, secured by hooks. You looked at the walls. Even at the entrance, they were already pained with several hieroglyphics. You trailed your hand over the figures, trying to think back to your classes in order to decipher the messages.

“These pyramids were created during the fifth dynasty. Although there are fourteen, they are made with the least amount of precision. It is unknown if it is due to the declining royalty or…” You silently listened as your instructor droned on about the construction of the pyramids. Instead, you continued to walk down the winding hallways, keeping your hand close to the wall, and reading the intricate characters. You took a turn, listening as your professor’s voice grew further and further. It was not until you could no longer hear him that you looked up from the wall and stared around you. You were standing in a pitch black hallway; the lanterns and torches having not been placed in this hall.

You moved your flashlight away from the markings it had been fixated on and looked around. You looked behind you and found that you could no longer see the light of the lanterns. You looked ahead of yourself and found nine large paintings before you. You instantly recognized them as the Gods and Goddesses of Egypt.

You took a small step closer to them. The sudden urge to touch them overwhelmed you. Your feet numbly carried you closer to one in particular. The image of…










Mirror of Erised

A Miraculous Ladybug Hogwarts AU!  

Summary: Adrien couldn’t sleep, so he decided to take a midnight stroll around the castle. Only to run from being caught and find a mirror which shows him someone he hadn’t seen for a long time. The next day, he brought his friends along to show it to them. What did they see? 

A/N: I shamelessly took some lines from Harry Potter and the Sorceress Stone.

The school looked so much different at night. Much more darker,  spookier and mysterious and thrilling compared to his previous school. The hallways were lit up with only torchers that glowed the yellow flame.   All the people in the paintings had changed into their night clothes and nightcaps, and were snoring. The smiling statues in the day are now fierce scary beasts , baring their teeth and fangs.  


A boy’s voice broke through the eerie silence in the castle followed by the pattering of his footsteps. A black animal ran down the hallway followed by a blonde boy in a black dressing robe and black and white pyjamas, huffing and panting. Adrien Agreste regrets bringing his cat along his secret adventure.
It was only meant to be a quiet stroll around his new school, but his cat insisted to be let out, probably wanting to be fed. Plagg was always obedient after a full stomach and would always stick by his side. He had been a good cat throughout the whole walk until he suddenly decided to bolt away from his owner.

He wasn’t usually like this unless he sees  danger, a rodent or smells cheese.
The night is silent and there hasn’t been an attack for the past few days. There wasn’t any small four legged creature moving, so Adrien guessed it had to be cheese.

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41 with ryan please!

Name: Haunted House

Pairing: Ghost!Ryan Haywood x Reader

Summary: You always wanted the haunted house on Haywood Hill, and now it’s yours, along with everything inside of it.

Rating: T

Notes: This was kind of weird to write. I’m sorry if it’s shitty. 

You reach into your pocket and wrap your fingers around the heavy iron key to remind yourself that it’s there, you own it. The house on Haywood Hill is the best part of the sleepy little town you grew up in, and now it belongs to you. 

The steps groan as you walk up to the front door. It's old and wooden and everything you’ve ever dreamed of. You place a hand on it reverently and close your eyes as you pull the key out of the pocket. The key slides into the lock easily and the door unlocks with a heavy thunk

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