So that's what you can do with them

So our party was a tinker-ish bard(me), a wizard(Wiz), a half-Orc barbarian (Bar), a rogue(Rog), and a cleric(Cle).

*starting out in town*

Me: hey the book says we can by some vials of oil while in town?

DM: yes

Cle: but we’ve got plenty of oil for the Lanterns, don’t waste your gold.

Me: okay, well im gonna get some caltrops then.

Bar: who the hell uses caltrops? They’re useless

Me: actually, I’m gonna get the oil too.

*i spend most of my gold on caltrops and oil, just to piss off my teammates for the most part, cause I joined late and they’d been using me as “the intern” for awhile. Later on we find the village of Lizard men we’d been looking for, and found the Leader, his healer/second-in-command. They’re in a crumbled old watch tower with one largish opening on one side*

Me: oh shit I’ve got an idea

Rest of the party:??????

Me: okay, so I quietly lay the caltrops in the opening of the tower *rolls successfully* and then use ventriloquism (or some sound creation spell-thing, I don’t remember exactly) to yell in the middle of the group to scare the shit out of them. (Rolls successfully)

Bar: oh wait, imma stand on the edge of the caltrops

Cle: me too

Rog: I ready my bow to pick off any that don’t hit a caltrop

Wiz: I’m with the rogue (he had a bow too, but did use a spell here and there)

DM: alright, this’ll be interesting

*we manage to take most of them in the caltrops, but the leader, his healer, and 2 or 3 lizard men made it out and ran for it*

Me: I’m gonna chase after the leader

Wiz: I’ll come with (by now [wiz] has only got a single flaming hands left)

Bar: alright, the rest of us will take these stragglers

DM: [me] and [wiz] catch up with the Leader and his group, the Leader is laying down while the healer try’s to keep him alive, the guards stand nearly unscathed from the previous fighting, they raise their weapons as you two approach (the rest of the groups still fighting by the caltrops)

Me: Oh shit oh shit oh shit, [wiz], do you have any flaming hands left?

Wiz: yah?

Me: prep it. (To the DM) I open my vials of oil and throw them at the group of lizard men. *rolls a Nat 20*

DM: alright, uh, they’re all coated almost evenly, barely a drop hits the ground

Wiz: ooooooooh, I cast flaming hands on the leader. *rolls succesfully*

DM: *apparently rolled only 1’s or something for the lizard men* they all just kind of flail on the ground while being burnt to a crisp, despite the nearby creek. *at this point the DM’s just kinda flabbergasted*

Bar: well shit, so that’s what you can do with them

Lost Girl: Part Three

OUAT Peter Pan, Tom Holland, Harrison Osterfield and Reader

Summary: Reader heads down to spend time with the mermaids unaware that someone has followed her.

Song- My jolly sailor bold from Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides

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Tom couldn’t sleep that night, the cot was comfortable enough actually more comfortable than he thought it would be when he first looked at it. The tent itself was roomy and large he could stand to his full height easily enough, with a chest of drawers on the opposite side with an oil lantern. 

Lying on his back staring at the beige canvas ceiling of the tent he listens to the forest sounds, the night creatures coming out to play. But there was another sound the sound of footsteps, quiet but prominent as whoever it is tip-toes past the tent. Curiosity getting the better of him and knowing that he’s definitely not going to get any sleep now, Tom sits up not bothering to put his shirt back on. Puts his shoes on slipping out of his tent quietly following the figure through the dense forest, the full moon the only source of light.


Your walk to the mermaid lagoon was a peaceful, however you did have this strange feeling that you were been followed but brushed it off as paranoia. You reach the sandy cove letting your bare feet sink into the soft white sand, a content smile gracing your rose petal lips. You see three mermaids in the water some combing their long silky hair others watching the bright stars.

“Y/N.’’ You hear your name called by a mermaid with grass green hair and bright hazel eyes,

“Ari, how are you?” you reply walking towards a large rock, seating yourself on it, still warm from the sun,

“I’m good, it’s always lovely to see you.’’ Ari replies leaning on the rock so her tail dangling in the water.

“I heard you got some new boys.’’ Another mermaid says with pastel purple hair a shell comb in her delicate hand,

“Yeah. Two of them.’’ You reply playing with the hem of your dress.

“What are they like?” Ari asks curious if they were like the rest of the lost boys,

“They’re different from the boys that usually come here.’’ You answer honestly.

The conversation goes like for about twenty minutes, before Ari sits behind you combing out the array of knots in your beautiful h/c tendrils. You always felt safe with the mermaids as strange as that sounds, it’s true they are your family more so than the Lost boys ever could be. You can be yourself and not be judged as been weak, or girly as the boys put it when you first arrived on the island. 

‘Upon one summer’s morning, I carefully did stray,

‘Down by the Walls of Wapping, where I met a sailor gay,

‘Conversing with a young lass, who seemed to be in pain,

‘Saying William when you go I fear you’ll never return again

‘My heart is pierced by cupid I disdain all glittering gold,

‘There is nothing can console me, than my Jolly sailor bold’

Your voice is soft and fleeting but as the same time meaningful and full of sorrow, as if you lived through this very lament yourself. Ari joins in the next verse of the song her much more experienced voice causes goosebumps on your naked arms.

‘His hair it hangs in ringlets, his eyes as black as coal,

‘My happiness attend him, wherever he may go,

‘From Tower Hill to Blackwell, I’ll wander, weep and moan,

‘All for my Jolly sailor until he sails home’

‘My heart is pierced by cupid I disdain all glittering gold,

‘There is nothing can console me than my Jolly sailor bold,

You stand now projecting your voice out to the sparkling water seeing mermaids who have heard the singing.

‘My father is a merchant, a truth I now will tell,

‘And in great London city, in opulence doth dwell,

‘His fortune doth exceed, 300,000 gold,

‘And he frowns upon his daughter, who loves a sailor bold,

‘A fig for his riches his merchandise, and gold,

‘True love has grafted my heart, give me my sailor bold,

‘My heart is pierced by cupid, I disdain all glittering gold,

There is nothing can console me, than my Jolly sailor bold,

‘Should he return in poverty, from over the ocean far,

‘To my tender bosom, I’ll press my jolly tar,

‘My sailor is a smiling, as the pleasant  month of May,

‘And often we have wandered through Ratcliffe Highway,

‘Mary a pretty blooming young girl, we did behold,

‘Reclining on the bosom, of her Jolly sailor bold,

‘My heart is pierced by cupid I disdain all glittering gold,

‘There is nothing can console me, than my Jolly sailor bold,

‘My name it is Maria, a merchant’s daughter fair,

‘And I have left my parents and 3,000 pounds a year,

‘Come all you pretty fair maids, whoever you may be,

‘Who loves a jolly sailor, who plows a raging sea,

‘While up aloft a storm, from me his absence mourn,

‘And firmly pray arrive the day he’s never more to roam,

‘My heart is pierced be cupid my I disdain all glittering gold, there is nothing can console me than my Jolly sailor bold’

‘My heart is pierced by cupid I disdain all glittering gold,

There is nothing can console me, than my Jolly sailor bold’


Tom remains hidden as you walk towards the shore greeting the mermaids, watching your beautiful white handkerchief hem dress flow in the light breeze. Honestly he didn’t know it was you until you emerged from the forest and into the bright light of the moon, you were so beautiful looking so different from how you were earlier that day. Right now you were a picture of innocence as you spoke to the mermaids that Pan had told him and Harrison to stay away that they were nothing but murderous monsters. But here you were greeting them, trusting them and they trusting you in return, like you were a sister to them Tome found it quite endearing to be quite honest. But why were you visiting them? this question and more run through Tom’s mind, you were a mystery to him.

The moment you begun to sing Tom had to force himself to stay in his hiding place, your voice was so beautiful and so sad at the same time. Watching you with the mermaids he felt like he was in a dream, a mermaid joined your song her voice much different than yours she had lived through more and that translated in her lyrics.

He stayed hidden until you started making your way back to the camp, your bare feet dodging the roots and small shrubs, Tom tries to stay quiet but trips over a root falling with a groan causing you to turn around.

Beast: Woodsman, I knew you would come. I have something for you.

Oh, shiiiiiiiit. It’s the Edelwood. It claimed Pothead, which I guess means he couldn’t wait it out in the cold. The beast wants the woodsman to use this a more oil for his lantern. The woodsman has fought against using the children this whole time, but he seems particularly desperate now. He might just do it.

“Slow Dance” - Digital Oil Painting

I had a request to paint something from The Idiot’s Lantern and I loved the BTS shot of David and Billie cuddling, presumably to keep warm. Here, for the Doctor and Rose, it’s a sweet slow dance, and those heels of hers bring Rose up to just the right height for a kiss!

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

Our Foxen(Ventus) has just become the Goblin King, and our Water Golem(Visick) is obsessed with getting a navy, even though the goblins live underground. They both have a strong dislike towards the half-rabbit people called Bunters. Visick pulls one of the goblins aside.

Visick: Ey… Can you got some Kobolds or something and dig me a giant hole?

DM: Why do you want a giant hole?

Visick(OOC): To build boats in. Duh.

Ventus: Whatever you do, do NOT dig him a hole.

Visick: Alright… what about a crater?

Ventus: No.

Visick: You don’t even know what I want to do with it!

Ventus: What do you want to do with it?

Visick: I want to capture a whole bunch of Bunters and then put them in the pit and cover them in lantern oil and light them on fire. We’ll call it Ventus’ Birthday Bunter Barbecue.

Ventus: … Dig the pit.


… in the Dream there is a sanctuary. It typically appears along rivers as you follow the stream towards the moon. As it sets full, the reflection will fade and a bridge will appear. A path will lead you up toward the pagoda. 

At the peak of the stair, you will find an avatar that will teach you how to read and write within the realm of dreams.

.“You see, as we pass through the Bardo, ” he tends to say, “we lose our thoughts having tied them to an abstract, material language. Instead, it is best to learn how to align them with the patterns of the universe. Reflection, Symmetry and Chaos.

Artist: Keith Prossick

Prints on sale now!

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