Re-purposing an old Dietz lantern. I got this Dietz Little Wizard lantern a few years ago. The red globe means that it was probably used as a warning light for construction or road works. But a red globe is not very useful for anything else so I ordered a new clear globe to make it useable for camping. 

Replacing globes is pretty easy, one just has to pull up on the chimney then tilt the globe over and it will pretty much fall out on its own. Then I cleaned out the dead bugs and petrified schmoo with a brass brush before putting the new clear globe in.

The Dietz company history is an interesting story about globalization. The reason that new parts are still available for these old lanterns is this: Dietz was the largest manufacturer of lanterns in the U.S. but after WWII the completion of rural electrification meant their home market was shrinking rapidly. So they packed up their old assembly lines and sent them to Hong Kong where they would supply developing Asian countries. Fast forward a couple decades and the U.S. factory closed leaving only the Hong Kong branch. Relatively recently (in lantern history terms) the Hong Kong factory was moved to mainland China and production continues there today. You can still get replacement parts for 1920s American Dietz lanterns from Chinese Dietz.


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