DIY Oil Candle Lamp Tutorial and Printables from Garden Matter.

Make a scented DIY Oil Candle Lamp using pretty botanicals and light olive oil. For gift giving the floating wick is placed on the lid until use. This is another “Magic Oil Lamp” because you just add more oil after using.

I also posted this DIY Magic Oil Lamp Tutorial from A Piece of Rainbow here.

“Slow Dance” - Digital Oil Painting

I had a request to paint something from The Idiot’s Lantern and I loved the BTS shot of David and Billie cuddling, presumably to keep warm. Here, for the Doctor and Rose, it’s a sweet slow dance, and those heels of hers bring Rose up to just the right height for a kiss!

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.


… in the Dream there is a sanctuary. It typically appears along rivers as you follow the stream towards the moon. As it sets full, the reflection will fade and a bridge will appear. A path will lead you up toward the pagoda. 

At the peak of the stair, you will find an avatar that will teach you how to read and write within the realm of dreams.

.“You see, as we pass through the Bardo, ” he tends to say, “we lose our thoughts having tied them to an abstract, material language. Instead, it is best to learn how to align them with the patterns of the universe. Reflection, Symmetry and Chaos.

Artist: Keith Prossick

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“Going My Way, Doll?” - Digital Oil Painting

The fabulousness that is Rose and the Doctor in “The Idiot’s Lantern.” Love the hair, the outfits, everything!

My digital paintings are available on Society6 as art prints. ^_^

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

Our Foxen(Ventus) has just become the Goblin King, and our Water Golem(Visick) is obsessed with getting a navy, even though the goblins live underground. They both have a strong dislike towards the half-rabbit people called Bunters. Visick pulls one of the goblins aside.

Visick: Ey… Can you got some Kobolds or something and dig me a giant hole?

DM: Why do you want a giant hole?

Visick(OOC): To build boats in. Duh.

Ventus: Whatever you do, do NOT dig him a hole.

Visick: Alright… what about a crater?

Ventus: No.

Visick: You don’t even know what I want to do with it!

Ventus: What do you want to do with it?

Visick: I want to capture a whole bunch of Bunters and then put them in the pit and cover them in lantern oil and light them on fire. We’ll call it Ventus’ Birthday Bunter Barbecue.

Ventus: … Dig the pit.


Re-purposing an old Dietz lantern. I got this Dietz Little Wizard lantern a few years ago. The red globe means that it was probably used as a warning light for construction or road works. But a red globe is not very useful for anything else so I ordered a new clear globe to make it useable for camping. 

Replacing globes is pretty easy, one just has to pull up on the chimney then tilt the globe over and it will pretty much fall out on its own. Then I cleaned out the dead bugs and petrified schmoo with a brass brush before putting the new clear globe in.

The Dietz company history is an interesting story about globalization. The reason that new parts are still available for these old lanterns is this: Dietz was the largest manufacturer of lanterns in the U.S. but after WWII the completion of rural electrification meant their home market was shrinking rapidly. So they packed up their old assembly lines and sent them to Hong Kong where they would supply developing Asian countries. Fast forward a couple decades and the U.S. factory closed leaving only the Hong Kong branch. Relatively recently (in lantern history terms) the Hong Kong factory was moved to mainland China and production continues there today. You can still get replacement parts for 1920s American Dietz lanterns from Chinese Dietz.