I’m Alexandra Rathmann… (I normally don’t share that online but you’ll need my last name to use the link.) As some of you know, I’ve been granted a contract to march with Jersey Surf Drum and Bugle Corps for the second summer in a row. I have wanted to be in Drum Corps International ever since my sophomore year of high school when I first heard of it and I had so much fun last summer when I did it!!! Being part of this corps would be a huge deal to me because I’ve made many life-long friends through it and overall it has increased my motivation and confidence. By being on tour, I get to see different parts of the country that I otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity. It is such a unique experience that not many other activities provide. However, being in a world class drum corps is very very expensive and I need several different ways to come up with the money for it in time. If anybody would be willing to make a donation of any size to me through this link, I would be forever grateful!! And even if all you can do is share it so word gets spread about this, I would feel equally thankful!!!! Consequently, you may get to see me inLucas Oil Stadium this coming August… :) #surfsup #drumcorpsinternational #eastcoastbeastcoast

Legit food for Transformers:

  • Beryllium baloney
  • Cesium salami
  • Chase chips
  • Chocolate covered oil drums (Galvatron has a weakness for these)
  • Chocolate covered wheel drums
  • Chrome-alloy Cake
  • Chrome-alloy Pie
  • Chromia’s Pizza
  • Cyber-grapefruit
  • Cyber-tomatoes
  • Energon chankonabe (stew)
  • Energon goodies
  • Eneron goodie cake
  • Garbage O’s (Wreck-Gar brand cereal)
  • Lead sulphite crystals
  • Mendu (soup)
  • Oil cake
  • Plutonium pepperoni
  • Servo Salad (Warning: made from real servos. Blitzwing has his with iron filings)
  • Space Carrots
  • Zygotic fermented slime slurpee 


  • Grated Gears
  • Iron filings
  • mercury sauce

Zambia’s National Academy of Science, Space Research, and Philosophy didn’t have little niceties like “financial backing” or “minimal safety conditions.” But they did have Edward Nkoloso. Nkoloso was a schoolteacher who saw the space race and thought, “Looks like fun.” So, practically on a lark, he grabbed a bunch of bored soldiers, a woman (dubbed “Spacegirl,” no less), and two of the most ambitious felines he could find and began to train them with the best facilities their meager U.N. financial support could afford. Which, considering the U.N. never agreed to fund them, wasn’t much.

For weightlessness training, they went into the “anti-gravity simulator,” aka the aspiring astronauts stuffed themselves into an oil drum and rolled down a hill. And when that was out of commission, just cutting the ropes on the swing set right as they hit their apex would work, too. They relentlessly drilled handstands, because, possibly due to a translation error, Nkoloso thought that was the only way they could walk around up there. However, Nkoloso did manage to put together preliminary rocket designs that actually didn’t look half bad. And “not half bad” is more than good enough to venture a risky space launch, apparently, so the agency planned one for Independence Day 1964.

So who forgot to tell you about the poor African country that established the first colony on Mars? Nobody: The academy occupied a strange limbo between serious ambition and wacky cult. Most sensible Zambians thought they were nutjobs, with only a select few influential government employees ever lending them much credence.

6 Insane Schemes Attempted at the Dawn of Space Travel

hold the harmony (breathe)

hold the harmony (breathe)

Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Anakin/Padme/Obi-Wan (ObiAniDala)
Warnings: None
Summary: Of course their ship crashed. Of course there’s a blizzard, with no hope for immediate help. But they’ve got blankets, food, and well, each other. (In which Anakin and Padme invite Obi-Wan into their bed blanket fort.)

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Padme, resourceful as ever, had managed to find a portable heater in one of the freighter’s holds, and procured every foil blanket and scrap of cloth she could find in the ship. While Obi-Wan coded and sent off a scrambled emergency message that would hopefully remain undetected by the Separatists for the next couple of days, Anakin cobbled together a spare heat lamp with the contents of an ancient oil can, the rusted drum of a spare thermal exhaust and whatever odds and end he’d managed to scour from the Hawkbat’s incredibly battered toolkit.

“Let’s hope that doesn’t blow up,” Obi-Wan remarked as he walked into the common room and saw Anakin attempt to light it.

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Bum Feelings (a poem)

Bum Feelings

I didn’t give in
to bitterness
I drank it down
the whole bottle
and enjoyed
how its warmth
bloomed in my belly
and yes it did in fact
keep me warm inside
all winter long
like an oil drum fire
kept alive
with old rags
and dirty newspapers
and all of my
bum feelings were invited
to gather round
and warm their hands
and drink down
some more.

088-DRUMBOIL [Drum-Oil]
-The Waste pokemon
-Ability: Toxic Zone* - Heavy Metal(HA)
-Dex: “This Pokemon came to life from a pool of toxic waste that was not propely dispossed. Since its body is too soft to mantain a proper form, it shelters itself in a metal drum that becomes part of its own body.”
    -Acid Spray
    -Iron Defense
    -Acid Armor

–>Evolves at lv. 38<–

089-POLUSTRIAL [Pollution-Industrial]
-The Toxic Pokemon
-Ability:  Toxic Zone - Heavy Metal(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemons corrosive body is able to eat trough almost any organic matter, and even some metals. Using pipes and industrial junk, this pokemon is able to construct a shell strong enough to hold its highly acidic body.  ”
    -Gunk Shot
    -Heavy Slam
    -Sludge Wave

*Toxic Zone “As long as this pokemon is out on battle, any pokemon entering will get poisoned, if an already poisoned pokemon enters battle, it will get badly poisoned. Doesnt affect poison or steel type pokemon”

Listen up, you ARE good enough. For all-state, for solos, for drum corps, for indoor, for guard, for whatever it is, you completely,100% are good enough. The only thing that is stopping you from getting where you want to be, is yourself. If you truly want something, you will make it happen. Alright? Never look down on yourself. (inside and outside of music)

  • Me, in the year 2040, clad in lead-lined platemail made out of oil drums, flipping down my welding mask as I prepare to battle the swarms of feral raccoons for control of my family's dumpster-hovel: "What did you learn in school today?"
  • My child, also clad in rags and armor, sharpening a broom handle into a spear and hardening it with a grill lighter: "We learned about the election of 2016."
  • Me: *Drops my burning-gasoline-covered halberd*