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If you wear make-up, if you don’t wear make up, You have to take care of your brows and lashes!! And mama her is gonna give you some advice.
• use coconut oil and apply with either a liner or a clean mascara brush. Aim for the roots!! That’s where they grow.
• vaseline helps protect your strands preventing them from falling off therefor giving you longer lashes, bonus tip: if you don’t feel like mascara or your eyebrows being a bitch just rub some vasaline!!! You won’t look greasy, more like shiny.
•Vitamin E!! Get those vitamin E pills and pop em or buy em at the store. You can’t go wrong. Apply them like you do mascara.
• okay so you’ve got length but you only got 4 strands. USE CASTOR OIL. It stimulates hair growth, obviously resulting in more hair. Do this in all the sparse parts on your eyebrows. Do it on your eyelashes. But careful not to get it in your eye, no bueno.

•Get some eyelash serums if you’ve got the money Drink your water, get your vitamins!!

• Stimulate your hair growth!! Every night use a clean mascara brush to stimulate the growth. It just gets the cells moving.
Just guess the measurements like me.
You’ll need:
Coconut oil
Vitamin E
Castor oil
Clean mascara tube with brush (opt)
Q tips (opt)
Just mix this shit all together and pour it into a mascara tube. At night (pref) put it on your lashes with the brush, add a couple layers avoid contact w/ eye. Put this on your brows and be amazed. If you don’t have a mascara tube a small container and q tips will do just fine.
Random tips:
1.Try not to wear mascara for a couple of days to let em breath.
2.Use coconut oil or vaseline to remove make up (try oils that won’t break you out)
3. Try soaking a cotton pad with make up remover/oil leave on eye for a little but to dissolve make up.

Long eyelashes and thick eyebrows are all I could ever hope for and I hope you achieve it because you are a holy godess

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Morning witchuals

Good for needing something everyday and mundane when you’re not feeling the most connection, or if you’re stuck in the (broom) closet! 🍂🔮🖤

  • Write a sigil on your toothbrush to give you an intoxicating smile.
  • Cinnamon in your coffee for spiritual connection and psychic protection.
  • A drop or two of diluted lavender oil in every new tube of mascara (mix it well with the mascara -ahem- wand) to brighten your eyes in the view of others and to help you see positively.
  • Stir your tea/coffee counterclockwise while thinking of a feeling or thing to banish.
  • A coin in each shoe for good luck.
  • Look for flowers everywhere you go.
  • Read your horoscope.
  • Stir coffee/tea clockwise while thinking on something good you want to manifest or increase.
  • Purple sparkles on your eyes bc duh ur a witch
  • A crystal in your pocket for good vibrations.

Enjoy 🖤🔮

idealized art school aesthetic: giving each other henna tattoos, sneaking into the music practice rooms after midnight to play piano even though you can only play chopsticks, objectively critiquing a massive charcoal drawing of boobs, all the magazines in the lobby have pages missing and cut from for collages, the whiteboard in the hallway is an ever changing mural, the faint sound of music from around the corner, every surface smudged/smeared/spattered/dusted with art supplies, someone is making tea in the ceramics studio, a nail being hammered into the wall to hang a newly finished painting, nearly empty tubes of oil paint, glass palettes nobody has ever bothered to clean, community smock with generations of ink and paint, those tiny centimeter long stubs of vine charcoal somehow in literally every room, masking tape on the floor, the feeling of realizing everyone here was that one kid that was super good in high school and now they’re just lost in a crowd, even below average, existential crisis, everyone understanding and being there to pick you up

Leather and Rose

So for the longest time I couldn’t think of an ending to this, and then something from @dragonchristianlady97‘s head canon list inspired me! 

So here’s some Saturday smut for everyone!

Sansa sighed and tilted her head back.  The water was blissfully warm after a long, cold day.  Her handmaiden Milly was humming a tune as she washed Sansa’s hair. The sensation of her strong hands in Sansa’s hair was incredibly relaxing. She was certain she could fall asleep like this.  She was disappointed when Milly finished and began to rinse Sansa’s hair with fresh water.  

Sansa was distracted by the sound of footsteps outside the door.  She heard Jon’s voice.

“Sansa?” he called as he entered their chamber.  He stopped dead in his tracks at the site of Sansa in the bath.  Blood rushed to his face and neck.

“Forgive me, my lady, I didn’t realize you were having your bath, I’ll come back later,” he stammered, as he turned for the door.

“No, Jon, don’t be silly, you can stay,” Sansa called after him.  Jon looked stunned.  He nodded. He awkwardly sat down on their bed.

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anonymous asked:

Have you ever painted with oil paints and if so, how do you find it is different to acrylic? I haven't used a lot of oil paint and I was wondering if the two are sort of interchangeable? Like they can work in similar ways? I love your work btw have a great day

I learned how to paint with oils and exclusively used the medium until discovering acrylic ink– which is very different from normal acrylic paint and behaves more like ink. I have very little experience with straight acrylic, but I know a bit about it. In short, oil paint and acrylic paint are very different and using them interchangeably in a single painting would prove difficult. 

Acrylic paint is pigment suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion. It’s water-soluble when wet but dries incredibly fast. 

Oil paint is pigment suspended in slow-drying linseed oil. Oil paint is not water-soluble, but can be diluted and lengthened with linseed oil, walnut oil, etc. 

Preparation: Acrylic paint can be painted on any surface without causing damage, so preparation is quick and easy. Oil paint, on the other hand, seeps into surfaces, eventually rotting wood and fiber. When preparing a surface for oil paint, you have to prime with a layer of gesso to protect the integrity of your materials. 

Permanence: Acrylic paint is seemingly indestructible. It won’t crack, fade, or rot surfaces. Oil paint has great color retention, but if you dilute the paint with extra linseed or walnut oil, you have to layer carefully to ensure your painting won’t crack. If oily colors are used early on, they may shift as they dry, cracking layers that have already solidified above them. 

Drying time: Applied acrylic paint dries quickly, so you can paint over dry layers with ease to cover mistakes with crisp, clean edges. You can paint over dry oils as well, but it takes longer as the medium stays wet for days, making it the preferred medium for wet-into-wet techniques. Some painters will put their paintings in the freezer to keep the paint wet, or bake paintings in the oven to speed the drying process.

Color quality: Oil paint is packed with more pigment, so the colors are more vibrant and pure. 

Texture: To me, acrylic paint feels like melted plastic. Oil paint is made from natural materials, so it has a soft, supple texture. Comparing acrylic to oil is like comparing polyester to cotton.

Cost: There’s no comparison here: acrylic paint is exceedingly more affordable, which is why it’s commonly found in elementary art classes. 

The price of oil paint varies between colors and companies. Color names are not just poetic descriptions– they also tell you what was ground up to make the paint. A tube of sienna is less expensive because it’s made from cheap iron oxide which is more easily mined than precious cobalt, ultramarine, or ochre. To save on cost, you can buy hues (example: viridian vs. viridian hue), which are either synthetic versions or true oil paint cut with a lengthener. You can also opt for “student” lines like Winsor & Newton’s Winton Oil Colors rather than pricey artisanal companies like Williamsburg, who hand-craft exquisite colors in small batches.

My preference: There is some snobbery and elitism surrounding oil paint, which I’ll admit I buy into. But it’s not without reason. Oil paint allows wet-into-wet painting and (with patience) can be layered when dry. The texture and color quality surpasses acrylics hands down. It also requires a bit more skill and care in preparation and application, which is a badge of honor for some. Finally, oil paint comes from a longer history than acrylics. Acrylic paint was first developed in the 1940s and was made commercially available by Golden in 1950. Oil paint has been used since the 12th century. The invention of the paint tube took oil painters outside their studios, ushering in the Impressionist art movement. I love being a part of this history, continuing the tradition, and knowing I’m using the same medium as so many of my heroes. 

A still life from 2008 rendered in oil paint

The East Indies would never be the veritable well of oil that Japan had hoped it would. There was never enough oil to meet Japan’s needs, and the tankers that transported that oil back to Japan were constantly attacked by US submarines. The vaunted Tarakan crude oil that was so light and sweet that it could be sprayed directly into a ship’s furnaces would cause at least three Japanese ships –all aircraft carriers –to explode from the volatile fumes that the unrefined crude oil emitted.

Rising Sun, Falling Skies, by Jeffrey R. Cox 

Just before the Battle of the Philippine Sea, the aircraft carriers Taiho, Shokaku, and Hiyo refueled using unrefined Tarakan crude oil. This undesalted oil damaged boiler tubes, and the unremoved naphtha fraction volatilized to form explosive atmospheres - contributing to the loss of the aforementioned carriers. 

The most notable loss was the armored carrier Taiho. USS Albacore (SS-218) struck her with a torpedo, fracturing her aviation fuel tanks and jamming her forward elevator. Eventually, that fuel started vaporizing, soon permeating her upper and lower hangar decks. Nobody thought to cover the lethal mixture with foam from the fire suppression system. Terrible damage control continued without success, as the chief damage control officer ordered the ship’s ventilation capacity to full to get rid of the fumes.

 Unfortunately for Taiho, that act brought fumes to places previously unexposed, and six and a half hours after taking a single torpedo, Taiho suffered a massive explosion; causing the flight deck to heave up and the sides of the ship to blow out. After Admiral Ozawa left, she suffered a second tremendous explosion, sinking with 1,650 of her 2,150 man complement still aboard.

  • What people think Jack’s aesthetic would be: Clean paintbrushes in a dirty jar,a dropcloth tacked to the wall with matching color spatters,foggy sunrises, the lights of the city at night, dusty but otherwise clean wood floors, fluffy hat hair, hands with a few streaks of blue and red paint on them, soft blue skys with a few gray clouds, a shiny guitar in the corner, a sketchbook with neat pencil sketches and cute colored pencil drawings, oil paints in tubes with the ends all rolled up stored in a small box in rainbow order, soft smiles in softer light.
  • What Jack Kelly’s true aesthetic is: three clean brushes in a jar that has so many layers of paint it looks malformed with about sixteen paint crusted brushes mixed in, half finished painting hanging on the wall almost forgotten, a clean dropcloth folded in the corner with paint all over the walls and floors, clothes in a head next to an easel, hair that’s so paint streaked it’s almost always hidden under an equally stained beanie, a scuffed guitar with the ends of the strings still curly and long at the head, nineteen not-quite-full sketchbooks with loose papers hanging out, oil paint tubes scattered across the desk with half missing their caps and most almost empty, being awake at four AM to watch the stars fade, conflicting colors of paint streaks everywhere, Florida thunderstorms at midnight, cans of turpentine in the shower next to lotion.
Visual Interest

A little bit of Dex/Lardo that I wrote for DexRarepairWeek but never posted. Enjoy!


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“There’s no way you need that color.”

Dex looks pointedly at the olive-green oil paint Lardo is currently squeezing onto her palette, standing out among the white, orange, and brown she’s been using so far.

“Excuse me?” Lardo caps off the tube of green and makes eye contact with him, raising one perfectly formed eyebrow. “When did you become an artist?”

“I don’t need to be an artist to know that I don’t have any green on my body right now,” Dex says, gesturing from the top of his head to his waist. “Black shirt, red hair, pale skin… Non-green eyes.”

“They’re amber, if you need a word,” Lardo says, dipping her paintbrush into a cup of water. “I’m using the green for shadows. I have an aesthetic for this series I have to keep up.”

Dex opens his mouth to argue but stops short when he sees Lardo scrutinizing his face. “What?”

“You moved, Dex,” she says, standing up and stretching her arms. “Turn to where you were looking before.”

He does so as she gently steps around the supplies scattered about, settling his eyes on the poster by the hallway door. It’s an O’Keeffe painting, he remembers Lardo telling him.

“Your freckles are gonna be hell.” She grips Dex’s chin with a small, firm hand and brings her nose inches from his cheek, exhaling gently. “I might actually need some black. They’re darker than I thought.”

Dex feels his cheeks warm as Lardo circles around to the opposite side of his face, staying just as close as before as she moves. “Yeah, I’ll need black.”

She finally steps back and Dex wills his skin to cool down before she notices how red his cheeks and ears are. He doesn’t take his eyes from the poster.

“I’ll need some pink too if you don’t calm down, Dex,” Lardo says, settling back into the hole she carved for herself among tubes of oil paint and a small canvas propped against a couple of empty wine bottles.

Dex spares a glance to see her smirk at him, picking up her paintbrush once more. She looks back up at him and her smile gets wider. Dex’s lips curl upwards and his cheeks heat up even more.

“Then again,” she muses, mixing some of the olive-green paint into the orange. “A blush is always good for visual interest.”

She winks and Dex looks back at the poster, cheeks burning.

Read it on AO3! 

Comparing T: first impressions

As of today I started my 5th type of testosterone and I know a lot of people have questions about what its like being on different kinds of testosterone. So, I decided I’m going to compare my experinces. This particular post is first impressions and mainly just has to do with the pleasantness of the product. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. 

Andriol(pill): Good sized orange pills, smelt like an arm pit, tastes like ball sack, horrible burps. Why would I expect testosterone to not taste like a ball sack? I don’t know. These pills were great don’t get me wrong but not when they get stuck halfway down and you have to lay with the pain for a few hours while people are screaming at you for taking pills that could potentially damage your very carefully monitored liver you just kinda don’t want to do it anymore.

Depo testosterone(IM 1ml): Holy shit needle in my muscle. Very oil. So much oil. I woke up the next day drenched in oil. Slight itch at my injection site. Pain when I took a step wrong or put and pressure on it.

Delatestryl (IM .5ml): Still not a huge fan of needles but there is less to inject so there is less pain and less oil. 

Testim(gel): After about 20 minutes I started asking myself why it still felt like it hadn’t rubbed all the way in. Its testosterone but they tried to make it smell nice so it smells like taint and flowers. Wtf is this tube? No seriously how the fuck do you get all of the T out of the tube? Less oil but more slime-like/sticky feeling at application site. DO NOT USE IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE/HAVE ALLERGIC REACTIONS TO SCENT.

AndroGel(gel(feels redundant yet consistent)): More liquidy, absorbes faster. Feels not slimey or sticky. Doesn’t smell like flowers or ballsack, it smells like nothing. Its easier to get my T out of the packets it is not easier however to open the packets normally I would use my teeth but that strikes me as a bad idea.