oil transfer drawing

In 1899 Gauguin devised a technique he called “oil transfer drawing."  The process, which was a hybrid of drawing and printmaking, involved creating a two-sided work with a pencil drawing on one side and the transfer drawing on the back.

These works are showcased in the exhibition Gauguin: Metamorphoses at MoMA. "This exhibition focuses on Paul Gauguin’s rare and extraordinary prints and transfer drawings, and their relationship to his better-known paintings and his sculptures in wood and ceramic.”

Check out MoMA’s exhibition website HERE and their special page on the technique of oil transfer drawing HERE.

Gauguin: Metamorphoses is on view through June 8, 2014.

Image: Paul Gauguin. Tahitian Woman with Evil Spirit. c. 1900. Oil transfer drawing, sheet: 22 1/16 x 17 13/16" (56.1 x 45.3 cm). Private collection