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Justin Trudeau approved the Kinder Morgan pipeline which will run from Canadian oil sands to the Pacific Ocean. The pipeline, which will put Tsleil Waututh First Nations tribal land at risk of oil spills and contamination, undermines every false promise made by Justin Trudeau to put the environment and the safety of FN people first. Trudeau is literally just a liar who has done nothing but break his most important promises to Canadians and further marginalize already marginalized people

Treat your family like shit? Enjoy losing everything you care about!

Okay, so this particular revenge plot was enacted on my sister. She’s a huge spoilt brat, extremely selfish, but she’s also extremely vain. Now this comes after she’s done some pretty asshole type things, including waking me up in the middle of the night when I was sick to give her clothes (which she stole off my body), stealing my personal items, and all around being a major douche. But I don’t get mad. I get even. So I’ve slowly been adding Nair to this fifty dollar a bottle shampoo she has us buy, slowly been ripping the seams of her pants with a seam ripper, and watering down her liquid makeup. Oh, and I emptied out one of her highlighters and replaced it with glitter, sand, coconut oil (makes her break out), and chapstick. She tries to make my broke ass pay for her vanity? Uh, I think not!

Moral of the story: treat your family like crap? Enjoy going bald, losing all of your clothes, and greasy ass skin! Also, since you’re too lazy to get a job, have fun stealing from the rest of your family to pay for things that you want (asswipe)

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Orange Candle Job Spell

  1. Write a description of your dream job and/or your employment expectations on the back of a copy of your CV/resumé.
  2. Brush the CV with honey and sprinkle it with magnetic sand.
  3. Fold the CV nine times.
  4. Anoint an orange candle with Van Van Oil while you visualize your employment dreams come true.
  5. Roll the candle in gold sparkles.
  6. Place it atop the folded CV and burn, coinciding with the New Moon.

(from The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells by Judika Illes)

I took all your dirt and hobos and put them in a pile!

Eostre (Avariel druid), after using a dust devil spell to put out an oil-based fire with sand

She then erected her own stone monument, naming the cleaned-up street “Dirty Angel Road,” with a plaque that said “Hobo free since…” and put the date.

It’s Getting Hot in Here: Mother Nature Lays the Climate Cards on the Table

Another brilliant climate-themed cartoon from The Los Angeles Times’ David Horsey. Check out more of his work here.

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Alex roughly eating louis that I'm all I'm sayin . Just a thought . I dunno . I haven't seen Dunkirk yet I'm gonna of spoilers

@celebratinglouis u send me the nastiest shit but also thank u. 

this is just…it’s porn. it’s angst and porn and feminization kink and poor coping mechanisms. also it’s written in like three different tenses. listen, I’m sorry. I hope you like it anyways, bc this is a concept I could write…more of. Also a few Dunkirk spoilers! 


The train spewed steam, hot and compressed, behind him, and Alex still found the ability to push forward.

He hurt, and he couldn’t even identify where. His ears were ringing, and he’s only now noticing it. He thought his neck and his head might hurt, but then again, his wrist and his ankle might, too. It’s just everywhere. His eyes stung even though he was just asleep, his mouth tasted like warm beer and warmer water.

He blinked, and brought his hand up to his eyes, his other hand tightening on the strap of his pack. There’s no sunlight in the station, but he still feels like he should lift his hand, get a better view.

He’s standing there on the platform, three dimensions, full color. He’s wearing nearly the exact same thing he wore to the station the first time, the grey trousers and the brown braces and the big, open pale blue jumper that’s gotten paler, bordering on grey.

He’s the most beautiful thing Alex has ever seen. He’s the only beautiful thing he’s seen in a while.

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Stop swooning over Justin Trudeau. The man is a disaster for the planet | Bill McKibben
Donald Trump is a creep and unpleasant to look at, but at least he’s not a stunning hypocrite when it comes to climate change
By Bill McKibben

Donald Trump is so spectacularly horrible that it’s hard to look away – especially now that he’s discovered bombs. But precisely because everyone’s staring gape-mouthed in his direction, other world leaders are able to get away with almost anything. Don’t believe me? Look one country north, at Justin Trudeau.

Look all you want, in fact – he sure is cute, the planet’s only sovereign leader who appears to have recently quit a boy band. And he’s mastered so beautifully the politics of inclusion: compassionate to immigrants, insistent on including women at every level of government. Give him great credit where it’s deserved: in lots of ways he’s the anti-Trump, and it’s no wonder Canadians swooned when he took over.

But when it comes to the defining issue of our day, climate change, he’s a brother to the old orange guy in Washington. 

Not rhetorically: Trudeau says all the right things, over and over. He’s got no Scott Pruitts in his cabinet: everyone who works for him says the right things. Indeed, they specialize in getting others to say them too – it was Canadian diplomats, and the country’s environment minister, Catherine McKenna, who pushed at the Paris climate talks for a tougher-than-expected goal: holding the planet’s rise in temperature to 1.5C (2.7F).

But those words are meaningless if you keep digging up more carbon and selling it to people to burn, and that’s exactly what Trudeau is doing. He’s hard at work pushing for new pipelines through Canada and the US to carry yet more oil out of Alberta’s tar sands, which is one of the greatest climate disasters on the planet.

Last month, speaking at a Houston petroleum industry gathering, he got a standing ovation from the oilmen for saying: “No country would find 173bn barrels of oil in the ground and just leave them there.”

Yes, 173bn barrels is indeed the estimate for recoverable oil in the tar sands. So let’s do some math. If Canada digs up that oil and sells it to people to burn, it will produce, according to the math whizzes at Oil Change International, 30% of the carbon necessary to take us past the 1.5C target that Canada helped set in Paris.

That is to say, Canada, which represents one half of 1% of the planet’s population, is claiming the right to sell the oil that will use up a third of the earth’s remaining carbon budget. Trump is a creep and a danger and unpleasant to look at, but at least he’s not a stunning hypocrite.

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Employment Conjure Bag (2)

  1. Fill a charm bag with the following botanical materials:
    • Five finger grass (cinquefoil): to inspire kindness and generosity from others
    • Deer’s tongue: to provide you with eloquence
    • Gravel root: to weed out false opportunities
  1. Add a lodestone to draw good fortune towards you.
  2. If the bag is carried by a man, include a High John the Conqueror root; add an angelica root for a woman.
  3. Sprinkle with magnetic sand and Crown of Success Oil.

(from The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells by Judika Illes)


Over the past four years, the Unist'ot'en clan of the Wet’suwet’en nation have literally built a strategy to keep three proposed oil and gas pipelines from crossing their land. Concerned about the environmental damage a leak could cause on land they’ve never given up, they’ve constructed a protection camp to block pipeline companies. As opposition to the development of Alberta’s tar sands and to fracking projects grows across Canada, with First Nations communities on the front lines, the Unist'ot'en camp is an example of resistance that everyone is watching.