oil rips

My lunch: couscous salad (just throw some couscous into a salad you like and you’re done, mine consists of lettuce and rocket from the balcony, chives, semi sun dried tomato preserved in oil and rip-off feta cheese).

I would have liked to add mint, but the plant isn’t really growing yet so i figured i’d better wait.

Also it looked way better in real life than on the photo.


An Aesthetic: EmButt + Assmell “grinding” “it” “out” in matching workout gear😩

So I think @darthp1agus tagged me to take a hit on like…..Saturday????? Lol sorry I suck and took forever! This is just me getting baked and listening to Sublime, enjoy :)

I’m gonna tag some mutuals that i haven’t tagged before, or at least I dont think I have!  @happy-cacti @thankyoufortrippingwithme @ladydabigale @thebitchinwonderland @fairyganjmother @denvercaphilldabber @kawaiidabber @bongtokingprincess @kingoftheugly