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I think my biggest hope for bellarke (and maybe just S4 in general) is that they freaking LEAVE POLIS AND ARKADIA BEHIND PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS GREEN. I feel like that’s ALL the scenery we saw last season aside from a brief jaunt to Luna’s oil rig.

I want to see this awesome world the writers have built up. Show me the ice nation territory (but please, please, PLEASE keep the politics to a minimum, it sooo not what I’m here for).

Show me deteriorating, over-grown nuclear reactors crumbling into the ground.

Show me lush, glowing forests with crazy mutant creatures (I think we’ll be seeing this?? !!! Hopefully it’s as awesome as it sounds!)

Have Bellarke go on a crazy Indiana Jones-esque adventure with the rest of the group??

Just stop making all the big stuff take place in one of two locations… season 1 it was the ark or the dropship. Season 2 it was the mountain or camp jaha. Season 3 it was polis and arkadia.

I want the delinquents (and therefore US) to explore!


‘HIGH WATER’ by Ross Murray.

This is the title story from the comics anthology ‘High Water’ presented by Faction Comics. It’s a collection of thoughts and stories about climate change by eleven New Zealand comic artists including Dylan Horrocks, Katie O’Neill and Toby Morris. Order here: http://factioncomics.co.nz

Change is coming!


Noah Oasis - Vertical habitats from disused oil rigs

Oil rigs can be ugly things, and as they rust and decay they only become a worse blight on the ocean landscape. In an effort to change this, a group of Chinese designers - Ma Yidong, Zhu Zhonghui, Qin Zhengyu & Jiang Zhe - have produced a concept they call Noah Oasis; a vertical garden habitat that transforms rigs into something amazing. 

While the habitats would be shelters from the devastating effects of oil spills and other blights, they would also function as centres for research. At the top of the tower there would be large scale structures to allow for forest growth and places for birds to nest, with residential spaces and research wings in the middle sections, while beneath the water line large absorption lines (for drawing in spilt oil) would allow for the formation of reefs. 

They see their habitat functioning in three stages: 

“1. Short term strategy: absorption of spilled oil
when an oil spill incident happens, the floaters at the end of each pipe will immediately absorb the spilled oil covering the surface of the sea as an instant response.
2. Medium term strategy: habitat for marine life and migrating birds
the collected oil will be transported through the root-like pipes underwater to the central processor attached to the original rig, where the crude oil will be converted into catalyst for coral reef and produce plastic as building material. The catalyst will be transported back to the pipe to booster the growth of coral reef on its surface and the plastic will become the building material of the plastic-twig structure with the help of 3D printing and the injector. In this way, the project will become a habitat for vertical bio-habitat and help revive the biodiversity.
3. Long term strategy: shelter from future disasters
ultimately, when the sea level rises to a disastrous degree, the twig like structure would continue to remain above the sea level. Then the oil rig will become the noah oasis”

Whether the project is able to get off the ground or not remains to be seen, but this would certainly be a fantastic use of an otherwise decaying chunk of human waste. Can’t wait to see how it develops!

See more at: designboom

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