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~*~Bath Time!~*~

Here is my list of tips and tricks for of bathy goodness. This is just what I like to do and have done in the past. Keep in mind it can all be taken with a grain of salt [literally!!]

Preparing the Bath

🛀🏻 HOT water. I find it super cleansing and sweating is really good for you. I like to sit in the bath and my face sweats and im like YEAH lets cleanse this bod inside and out. pls dont burn yourself though peeps.

🛀🏼 Oils! My go-tos are lavender + coconut oil. I do 7-10 drops of lavender and one or two spoonfuls of coconut oil. Lavender for smell and relaxation and heavenly goodness, coconut for super smoothness of skin. If you are going to use other essential oils please do your research and make sure they are skin-safe! I also generally tie up my hair to keep it out of the oiliness.

🛀🏽 Epsom salts if you got em!

🛀🏾 Candles + crystals can line the tub as desired. I usually have all the bathroom lights out + 4 candles going at the foot of the tub. dont light your towel on fire.

🛀🏿 Cup of tea on the side! I like this for the added internal + external cleanse of the bath. Hot + nourishing on the outisde and hot + nourishing on the inside.

This is what I do and think about in the bath!

💧 oh my gosh water how healing you are, how cleansing, how warming.

💧 the water and oils im sitting in are literally soaking into my skin right now. the essence of this tub is entering my body

💧 touch your body. you’re naked right? perfect. time for some self body love. tell yourself you love your legs, while touching them. “i love my little toes.” “look at how nice my hands are.” “i love my pretty/handsome face.” “my brain is so smart and quick and calm.” “i love every little hair on my body.” “i have the coolest belly button” tell yourself things that you dont instinctually believe. go after the parts that you’re self conscious about “i love my tummy” “my bum is amazing” “my arms are the perfect size” “this is my favourite flabby bit” etc.

💧 drinking the tea if you have it- the heat and intent of that tea is permeating through all your internal organs. feel the heat through your mouth, esophagus, stomach, feel it blend in with the heat from the water entering your skin. full body heaty hot heatness

💧 the other day when i was in the bath i put my forehead/third eye on the faucet and pictured the vast network of pipes around the city supplying water to everyone. I thanked the water source and sent my energy throughout the pipes to hope that everyone was using it for good and healing and nourishing ways

💧 deep deep breathing. this is cool if your chest is below the water because when you exhale it sinks down and when you inhale it rises up. you can sync this motion with a prayer, mantra, chant, intention, whatever you wish!

💧 meditation. feel the heat, listen to your heartbeat, imagine all the little water molecules full of heat energy, vibrating, sending you their little blobs of heat energy into your skin, fueling your own little internal fire

💧 my FAVOURITE thing is the end of the bath. I sit in it, sometimes cross legged or curled up in a ball with my head on my knees and unplug the drain and stay like that while the whole tub drains. I picture the water whisking away all the negative in me and draining away. It’s like a re-birth! you can slowly feel your body get heavier and heavier as the water gets lower. Keep picturing the water taking away the bad and keep thanking it for cleaning you and nourishing you and healing you. seriously, how generous of the water to not only GIVE YOU it’s nutrients and warmth and thirst quenchy goodness, but to also take away all your badness, all your negativity, all your dirt and grime and leave you revitalized. water is so selfless. water is the best. thank you water.

💧 now that you are reborn as a new human (or otherwise) you can breathe and feel the differences in your body and just marvel in the smoothness of your skin and warmth of your body and heavenly bathy feelings that just soaked into you.

💧 another thing that might be cool is to weigh yourself before and after the bath. Your weight will go up like 2 or 3 pounds after you get out of the bath, which i find super cool. PROOF that the water is literally entering your body through your skin and staying there to heal you up real nice.

The most important thing IMO:

Do what comes to you naturally. all of this stuff just came into my head at different points in bath time and felt right for me to do. meditation might help you connect with that intuitive part of you that tells you what you need. if you get an urge, follow it. if your brain/body/soul tells you to stand up and sit down a bunch of times, or to dunk your head in or to blow bubbles or to splash with your feet, DO IT! just be safe and don’t hurt yourself or light anything on fire.

🐳The End🐳

OK sorry this post got out of hand but as you can tell i really like baths and water and bath meditation. This is something i’ve been doing for a while and it all came to me kind of naturally so forgive me if it is not specifically inclined toward a perspectives or approaches that you normally adhere to. I’m open to questions n things <3


Holy shit I finally got my MDPV I’ve been looking for some of this shit since it was banned end suddenly I meet a guy how first hits me up with 200mg for free and we have only met twice next thing he tells me and connects me to where it’s from unbelievable. I got five gramms but gave 4 to my brother because we made a deal that he will only give 1g every 14 days otherwise it will end up bad again . I’m so fucking obsessed with this stuff so now 10mg line in mothers bathroom then back home tinfoil out and Baaaaam if off for the next 4 days maybe I’ll update some off the madness that’s going to come

Witch tip:

Michaels. Go to Michael’s. They have so many things, from wax and candles to even essential oils for extremely cheap, and the oils are perfectly safe as long as you’re not consuming them (they’re meant for candle-making) or putting particularly strong ones on your skin. they also have lovely bottles, jars, clay, twine, and a bunch of other good things you can use for witchcraft or a quick spell! be sure to research any oils or products you buy before using them internally or on your skin.

here's the oil cleansing method for anyone who's interested
  • you can use it even if you have oily skin. it actually prevents your face from producing too much oil and it feels supple and moisturized. 
  • use a soft towel because you’ll be rubbing your face with it 
  • castor oil is essential because it cleans out pores and makeup. dont use too much if you have dry skin tho 
  • coconut oil may clog pores 
  • research essential oils before using them because some shouldnt be used alone or directly on the skin 
  • you can use this in place of your soap/face wash. feels just as clean and even cleaner tbh 
  • soak same towel in cold water after you’re done and press against your face to close pores the same way you did with the hot water
  • apparently applying a clay mask on clean face before the oil cleanse is good too 
  • you can do this every day if you’d like 

good luck! 

Intervention in civil wars ‘far more likely in oil-rich nations’

Jan. 28 2015

Conspiracy theorists have long insisted that modern wars revolve around oil. Now research suggests hydrocarbons play an even bigger role in conflicts than they had suspected.

According to academics from the Universities of Portsmouth, Warwick and Essex, foreign intervention in a civil war is 100 times more likely when the afflicted country has high oil reserves than if it has none. The research is the first to confirm the role of oil as a dominant motivating factor in conflict, suggesting hydrocarbons were a major reason for the military intervention in Libya, by a coalition which included the UK, and the current US campaign against Isis in northern Iraq.

It suggests we are set for a period of low intervention because the falling oil price makes it a less valuable asset to protect. “We found clear evidence that countries with potential for oil production are more likely to be targeted by foreign intervention if civil wars erupt,” said one of the report authors, Dr Petros Sekeris, of the University of Portsmouth. “Military intervention is expensive and risky. No country joins another country’s civil war without balancing the cost against their own strategic interests.”

The report’s starkest finding is that a third party is 100 times more likely to intervene when the country at war is a big producer and exporter of oil than when it has no reserves. “After a rigorous and systematic analysis, we found that the role of economic incentives emerges as a key factor in intervention,” said co-author Dr Vincenzo Bove, of the University of Warwick. “Before the Isis forces approached the oil-rich Kurdish north of Iraq, Isis was barely mentioned in the news. But once Isis got near oil fields, the siege of Kobani in Syria became a headline and the US sent drones to strike Isis targets,” he added.

The study, published in the Journal of Conflict Resolution, analysed 69 civil wars between 1945 and 1999, but did not examine foreign invasions. It noted that civil wars have made up more than 90 per cent of all armed conflicts since the Second World War and that two-thirds of these have seen a third-party intervention.

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today was busy and productive and so so good. Forest and I made pumpkin French toast in the morning, read all the books in the toy box, and had a tickle fight, all before his morning nap. we got lunch with Zach at a new Mediterranean restaurant in town – falafels and hummus and pita and pesto chicken - SO delicious! Then, we dropped him back off at work, headed to the park for an hour to get out alllll the energy, went to the yarn store, spent a small fortune on yarn (business account, yo), and came home to nap/crochet the afternoon away. I became a member of Young Living essential oils (STOKED) and researched a bunch of ways to replace all the chemicals in our house with homemade stuff, you know, natural cleaning products and face wash and all that. then my boy woke up and we had a snack and a small dance party before heading off to family dinner at Zach’s parents’ house (btw, I adore them. They are SO wonderful and fun, I really hit the in-laws jackpot) where we ate and talked and laughed and watched survivor. and now, the day is done and I am sitting in the car, listening to the deep, even breaths of my sleeping baby boy (I should bring him in to lay him down for bed but it’s so peaceful and quiet and still!) and, while I recognize that adventures are the best and so fun and cool and I hope we never stop adventuring, there is something to be said about hard work and creating a home and a family and a good + simple life with people you love. I am so thankful for every joy and struggle, the monotony and the excitement, the everyday and the adventure, and every detail of our life. so so thankful.