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Nighttime Skincare Routine!✨

I have oily/combo/acne prone skin

Products are listed in order of use

  1. Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil // Feels luxurious and removes my makeup wonderfully 
  2. Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover (not pictured) // I use this to remove stubborn eye makeup that didn’t come off completely in step one
  3. Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser // Gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip my skin, but I don’t think its worth the price
  4. Biologique Recherche Lotion p50 1970 // Exfoliating toner that makes my skin glow
  5. Sunday Riley U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil // Just began trying this out, clears the congestion in my skin (but smells nauseating)
  6. belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb // Perfectly moisturizing for my dryer skin during winter months
  7. Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil // Literally transformed my oily skin to normal skin. Once I began using a drop or two mixed with my moisturizer, I no longer wake up with an incredibly oily forehead and nose 
  8. Kate Somerville EradiKate Acne Spot Treatment (not pictured) // I place this only on my pimples, it works but I’d like to try a different spot treatment once I use up this one
Positivity Oil

I made this blend without checking correspondences first. I just threw together all my citrus oils because I love the smell of citrus. Later I checked the correspondences and went “Huh, those work decently together in a magical sense.” Play with the proportions as needed, this isn’t an exact science. Just add oils until you like how it smells. Maybe you like sweet orange more than lemon. idk. You do you, boo.

  • 3 drops lemon essential oil
  • 2 drops grapefruit esssential oil
  • 1 drop sweet orange essential oil
  • Sunflower oil base

-Lemon is associated with washing away any negative gunk in both a mundane and a spiritual sense
- Grapefruit is also used for cleansing and purification
- Sweet orange brings love, luck, money, and blessings to the business or home.
- Sunflower oil is associated with the sun, solar energy, happiness, and positivity (also has very little scent of its own, for maximum citrusness)

It’s mostly an oil I use for cleaning/cleansing, with just a smidge of extra niceness added to it. And sometimes I just put some in an oil warmer for no other reason than citrus scents make me happy.

Effective skincare routines for less

I’ve tried my best to think of an effective skincare routine that would be also affordable. This is just a post to help out and give you some ideas. These are some of the things I did/learned from living in poverty.

 -A short one-product routine: The least you can do to maintain healthy skin is cleansing and moisturizing. For this combined you could use just one product: safflower oil. it’s the most affordable I could find; 16 ounces for $7 on amazon (for scale, 30ml lasted me for 2 months to moisturise with) It contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamin E, and a high concentration of linoleic acid. Making it very beneficial for the skin. You can oil cleanse with it, oil cleansing will remove all your makeup and has a slight exfoliating effect, removing some dead skin and hardened sebum. I prefer oil cleansing over a regular cleanser because it doesnt strip your moisture barrier as most inexpensive cleansers will. Safflower oil is also a good moisturiser as it absorbs quickly, NOT leaving you with a greasy face. Thats why its also suitable for oily skin and acne prone skin as it has the comedogenic rating of 0!!
Other oils good for this but more expensive: Argan and hempseed. 

-Vaseline: If you have dry patches this could save your life. Vaseline acts like a piece of foil over your skin, put in on after moisturizing to prevent the moisture from leaving. Its especially beneficial when living in harsh temperatures. - 

-Toner: Green tea ($2 for a box of 24 tea bags) is good at combating acne and soothing redness as a toner. I havent found spot on scientific evidence for this but theres plenty anectodal evidence. Using it on a cottonpad will also give you an exfoliating effect. Its very rich in antioxidants, thats why you should be drinking it as well. Its found that drinking GT can also reduce inflammation. It also appears to balance hormones, whose imbalance causes acne. And balances out or lowers insulin levels.

 -Acne treatments: Acne has many different causes and finding something that works for you might be a chore. These are just a few things that may help.
Many people have had great results using neem oil (6oz 7$) to combat (cystic) acne. Just be careful; it smells bad, but its an effective spot treatment and a good substitute for tea tree oil which is more expensive. As research studies have shown neem oil effectively controls the harmful bacteria that cause the infection and reduces inflammation.
Benzoyl peroxide 2.5%/5% 100ml for $3 Benzoyl peroxide has been the most effective acne treatment for me personally. if you struggle mainly with closed comedones and zits this is the treatment to get. Start with 2.5% as its a strong treatment. Apply it at night on areas where you break out.

 -More moisturisers: CeraVe PM is a cult favorite, its $13 dollars though and there are cheaper alternatives. I love to use argan oil (100 ml for $10) as a nighttime (and sometimes daytime) moisturiser, it leaves the skin smooth, soft and healthy. It has the comedogenicy rate of 0 too so its suitable for my acne prone skin. Its rich in fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E, making it a great anti aging product. Its not greasy and absorbs very quickly, giving you a healthy glow. Hempseed oil (24 oz for $16) would be more suitable for oily skin as it dries more than argan oil and has the same benefits. Studies have shown that hemp seed oil can dramatically decrease skin dryness and soothe itching and irritation. Both of these oils last long as hell as ive used up 50ml bottles of both in 5 months, with every day use.

-Exfoliants: For inexpensive exfoliation you tend to reach out to physical exfoliants, neglecting the fact that they cause more irritation and acne by micro tears. As an exfoliant I reccomend The Ordinary 5% Lactic Acid ($8) for a gentle exfoliantion. It gets you rid of blackheads and often also acne, fades acne scarring and gives you smooth skin and even skintone. This is pricier than other products on this list, but its much better than physical exfoliants, and its the cheapest out there probably. The Ordinary makes other inexpensive AMAZING products worth checking out. 

 -Body Care: Shea butter (16 oz 10$) and coconut oil (500 ml 6$) for me, work better than any other body butters I’ve ever tried. Dont use coconut oil on the face as its very pore clogging, but suitable for the body. I love to oil cleanse with CO sometimes and regularly moisturise my body with shea butter. 

 -Masks: Putting honey (500 ml $5) on your face as a mask can give you great effects, as its softening, anti inflammatory and locks moisture into the skin. Green Clay (400gr $3) is my favourite clay mask, gives immediate results and visibly makes my pores smaller. Extracts excess sebum from the pores.


Models Own are renown for their super cute nail polish stands, inhabited by an array colours that would put the biggest double rainbow to shame!
But the company is rapidly becoming known for much more than nail polish… Models Own have recently expanded and opened their first flagship store in Westfield Shopping Centre (Stratford, London) and filled it with a whole host of makeup products in a variety of stunning collections!! 
This week I received some of their latest products and they are simply amazing! 

Pictured above are 4 of their Luxestick lipsticks which come in 3 different finishes: 
Creamy Matte - available in 5 shades 
Velvet - available in 10 shades 
Matte - available in 10 shades

I have two lipsticks in a Matte finish (pictured left) and two in the Velvet finish (pictured right). 
Here are the swatches in both natural daylight and under mobile flash. You can see that the product stay true to the shade of the lipstick bullet even under the flash. Their staying power is fantastic and I had to use an oil-based remover to get them off my arm. 

Each Luxestick Lipstick retails at £7.99, but Models Own have an offer online and in-store during February where you can get a free Luxestick lipstick when you spend £10 or more. You just need to add the code LUXE10 at the checkout.

Next up are Models Owns ‘Colour Chrome Eyeshadow Kits’. When I popped in store a couple of weeks back the girls swatched these for me and I was absolutely blown away by the pigment pay-off! Much like the lipstick, I had to remove the swatches with an oil-based remover as they would not budge!

The kit comes with a little mixing tray, a primer liquid and the metallic eyeshadow. Again, 10 shades are available in this collection and I have 3 of them to show you. 
The consistency is very creamy and it glides on with ease using your finger or a brush. It’s a thick medium and a little goes a long, so you can use the primer to dilute the cream but I feel the thickness adds to the intense metallic pay-off.

I have swatched the eyeshadow straight from the pot on the left, and on the right I have mixed the eyeshadow with a tiny amount of the primer. If you use too much you get more of a wishy-washy pay-off so bare that in mind.
Personally, I don’t really see the point of the primer. There wasn’t any obviously contrast with and without the primer (unless you use too much) and it lasted just the same without.
I think it’s phenomenal all on it’s own! I will definitely be stocking more of these in my kit. 

Each Colour Chrome Kit retails at £14.99

The last three swatches I have to show you are from the MyShadow Cream Eyeshadow Collection. Once more there are 10 beautiful shades available in this range. 
Just to clarify incase you thought I had swatched the same shade twice, I happened to chose 2 almost identical eyeshadows from this assembly. I’m quite surprised by how similar they are, in my opinion I think one should have been a bit deeper or brighter in tone to differentiate the two. 

The MyShadow Cream Eyeshadows are less shiny than the Colour Chrome pots, but still have a gorgeous shimmery glow. The consistency is creamy with a smooth finish compare to the thick finish of the Chrome pots, and would go on the eyes best with your finger rather than using a brush. 

Each pot retails at £6.99

Overall, I am a massive fan of these products and I am excited by what Models Own have produced for us thus far! They have hit the floor running and I look forward to seeing AND trying more from them throughout 2017! 

Let me know if you have tried any of the Models Own makeup and what you think?



Here are a few of my fav products+their uses that makes every hoes life a lil easier

Coconut oil -
• Oil pulling
• Sunblock / tanning oil
• Deep conditioner
• Shaving cream
• Makeup removee

Jojoba oil -
• Skin moisturizer
• Hair moisturizer
• Lip moisturizer
• Make up remover
• After shave

Castor oil -
• Eyelash/eyebrow thickener
• Makeup remover
• Hair mask (helps hair grow faster)
• Laxative
• Wrinkle preventer
• Split ends repair

Tea tree oil -
• Itchy scalp treatment
• Acne mask
• Cuticle softener
• If yo feet stank this is the shit for you

Baby oil -
• Makeup remover
• Shaving creme
• Makeup brush conditioner/cleaner

Apple cider vinegar - • ½ cup for detox bath (resets your pH balance) • Makes hair shiner

If you wear make-up, if you don’t wear make up, You have to take care of your brows and lashes!! And mama her is gonna give you some advice.
• use coconut oil and apply with either a liner or a clean mascara brush. Aim for the roots!! That’s where they grow.
• vaseline helps protect your strands preventing them from falling off therefor giving you longer lashes, bonus tip: if you don’t feel like mascara or your eyebrows being a bitch just rub some vasaline!!! You won’t look greasy, more like shiny.
•Vitamin E!! Get those vitamin E pills and pop em or buy em at the store. You can’t go wrong. Apply them like you do mascara.
• okay so you’ve got length but you only got 4 strands. USE CASTOR OIL. It stimulates hair growth, obviously resulting in more hair. Do this in all the sparse parts on your eyebrows. Do it on your eyelashes. But careful not to get it in your eye, no bueno.

•Get some eyelash serums if you’ve got the money Drink your water, get your vitamins!!

• Stimulate your hair growth!! Every night use a clean mascara brush to stimulate the growth. It just gets the cells moving.
Just guess the measurements like me.
You’ll need:
Coconut oil
Vitamin E
Castor oil
Clean mascara tube with brush (opt)
Q tips (opt)
Just mix this shit all together and pour it into a mascara tube. At night (pref) put it on your lashes with the brush, add a couple layers avoid contact w/ eye. Put this on your brows and be amazed. If you don’t have a mascara tube a small container and q tips will do just fine.
Random tips:
1.Try not to wear mascara for a couple of days to let em breath.
2.Use coconut oil or vaseline to remove make up (try oils that won’t break you out)
3. Try soaking a cotton pad with make up remover/oil leave on eye for a little but to dissolve make up.

Long eyelashes and thick eyebrows are all I could ever hope for and I hope you achieve it because you are a holy godess

check out @hoeguide for more stuff!!

Lighten your underarms with this DIY… 😮😮
1. OATS or GRITS . ❌can be crushed down or completely cooked before use . Can also use all purpose flour if you do not have oats or grits ❌ 👉🏾BENEFITS: 👈🏿 ✨ABSORBS AND REMOVES EXCESS OIL AND BACTERIA ✨LIGHTENS SKIN ✨IMPROVES SKIN TEXTURE ✨RELIEVES ITCHINESS ✨EXFOLIATES DEAD SKIN CELLS ✨ COMBATS ACNE
👉🏾BENEFITS : 👈🏿 This is what is helping you peel this underarm mask off . If you’re not comfortable using glue you can use a peel off face mask that you don’t mind wasting . ✨ the glue will remove any light hairs and blackheads caused from producing too much body oil / sweating . 🛑🛑I AM NOT A DOCTOR . I DID NOT GO TO SCHOOL FOR SKIN CARE OR MAKEUP . I AM NOT YOUR PARENT . TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK, BE VERY CAREFUL . AND IF UNDERAGE, MAKE SURE TO ASK AN ADULT BEFORE APPLYING! 🛑🛑 Sidenote : the appearance of your underarms will drastically change directly after applying but to maintain this appearance you must continue this at least 3 times a week for PERMANENT RESULTS @khloedosh
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broke hoe makeup tip #1

if you don’t wanna spend money on makeup wipes, buy hypoallergenic, fragrance, and paraben-free baby wipes (equate has some) and pour your oil of choice all over the baby wipe and then kinda squeeze it so it marinates in there (i use olive oil) and remove your makeup that way!!

it’s cheaper bcs you can buy a 70-80 pack of baby wipes instead of a 25 pack of makeup wipes for generally the same price (or less)! i don’t break out from this and i only have to use about 3-5 wipes (depending on how much i have on) 

you welcome!!!!

Uncrossing oil

Uncrossing oil is an oil used to remove crossed conditions, curses, jinxes, hexes etc etc
*Note that this oil is supposed to be used with other methods of uncrossing, if you use it by itself you will not make progress.

*you should consult a doctor and research these herbs before you use them

Essential oil of hyssop
Essential oil of angelica
Essential oil of frankincense
Essential oil of agrimony
Good salts
A pinch of black pepper
A sprig of rue or the essential oil

As Always


❣ Skincare Magick ❣

(Gif from this video)

  • Every so often, use some moon water to wash your face.
  • Avoid using essential oils directly on your face, they can clog your pores.
  • Apply body wash or soap to your skin in clockwise circles to open your body up to positivity.
  • Enchant your moisturizers, acne creams, and cleansers for an added boost.
  • Draw sigils in your face cream.
  • Try adding herbs and herb-based products into your routine. Witch Hazel is very popular for treating skin related issues.
  • If you use pore-cleaning masks, use them to pull the negative energies from your skin.
  • Use your ring finger to massage products into your skin to ground yourself.
  • Brew Black tea and then refrigerate it until it’s cool. Then apply it as you would astringent.
  • Use coconut oil to easily remove makeup. Cleanse and wash after.
  • Rub a sliced orange on elbows and heels to soften rough and cracked skin. Rinse when finished.
  • Massaging your face is a wonderful way to ground yourself or begin meditation.