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Shoot week, day 6. Reasons why I ship it? Oh boy, where do I even start… I’m not good with words, but I feel like I have to do it, so please bear with me.

- First of all, this is canon, so the ship sails itself. 
- The writers didn’t intend to make them a couple at first, but the chemistry between actresses changed everything.
- Great character development; each woman has a perfectly written storyline of her own.
- Absolutely amazing relationship development. It went from a torture with an iron and a promise to shoot the other to protecting each other with their lives. Started from the bottom, now we’re here.
- A reformed killer for hire, a misanthropic hacker, who thinks that humans are nothing more than a bad code, fell for a grumpy Persian sociopath.
- A beautiful, strong WOC who can either save you or kill you and not feel a thing, fell for a nerdy hacker who wears bunny slippers and fires two guns at once.
- Two people - not just a lesbian and a bisexual - two people, who aren’t here for all your lovey-dovey stuff, found comfort in each other. So different and yet so similar, they became each other’s safe place in the middle of a war.
- Flirting in the middle of a shoot-out.
- There was never a “I love you”, but who needs this when there’s “You and me together would be like a four alarm fire in an oil refinery”, “You were my safe place” and “I can’t live without you”?
- I can go on, but it’ll take five years, so I’ll just finish this long post by saying that I love them so freakin much, so don’t expect me to move on soon.

My stash:
-Moxie Live Resin 🍞
-Gold Coast Extracts Shatter 🍯
-Gold Coast Extracts Crumble/Wax 🌕
-Oil Refinery Co. THC Crystals ⭐
-Bottle of Hydromet(Hydrocodone) lean 5mg per ml 🍇🍇🍇
-Ounce and a half of Shrooms 🍄
-2 LSD tabs 300 ug a tab 🌠
-.5 of Heroin 🌑

Scottish Inventions (In brief)

So I’ve been asked if I can write a wee bit about Scottish inventions and discoveries and this subject is pretty cool. I’m going to preempt anyone who goes off on one about Scotland’s imperialistic past or whatever. There’s only so many times I can say I recognise it. So I’ll be mentioning various military and weapon inventions too.

So Scottish inventions. As it turns out, we’re not too bad at getting shit done. (Please be aware that I will joke about some of these and that’s not to say that the world owes Scotland or that another country wouldn’t have invented them)

Gonna start with some of the more famous one.

1. Scotland invented Penicillin. Sir Alexander Fleming invented Penicillin in 1928 and it still has a core use in modern medicine. He initially struggled to get Penicillin mass-produced and it was only in 1930 that Penicillin cured its first patients of eye infections.

2. We invented the Saline Drip in 1831, Thomas Latta developed this in Leith. He developed this during a cholera epidemic.

3. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. Now it’s a common myth that the first words spoken on the telephone were “Watson, come here, I want to see you.” It was actually “Send nudes pls”

4. This’ll get a few laughs, Scotland invented the Bank of England. It was created by William Paterson, a Scots trader and banker.

5. We fucking invented Irn Bru. That’s all I have to say on that. The nectar of the gods was developed and refined in Scotland.

6. John Logie Baird invented the television. Yeah, without us, no Netflix for you. No Rick and Morty marathons, no Walking dead, no NOTHING.

7. William Cullen invented the refrigerator. Of course that eventually led to meaning fuck all because as a student I don’t have anything to actually put in the fridge.

8. Scotland invented the Ghillie Suit. Perhaps the coolest looking piece of military clothing. You may have seen the Ghillie suit in those various prank videos where people pretend to be bushes and jump out at folk. Or you remember the classic Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare as you worked your way through the ruins of Chernobyl. The interesting thing being that the name derives from the Gaelic ‘Ghillie Dhu’, a faerie who had clothes of moss and leaves.

9. We invented the oil refinery. James Young discovered the process of paraffin from coal. This laid the foundations of the modern oil industry.

10. We invented the first pedal-cycle and we also invented golf. Pretty cool.

11. James Watt made great improvements to the steam engine and Henry Bell created Europe’s first passenger steamboat…See, the Scots were steaming all the time. Nothing has changed.

12. Grand. Theft. Auto. Well, I’m not entirely sure about the crime. Although if you’ve been to Glasgow it could be argued. But no I’m talking about the video game. Scotland is home to Rockstar Games, makers and creators of many video game fan favourites.

That’s all I’ve got for now. The length and breadth of Scottish inventors and innovators is huge. My dad is one of them, but revealing what he’s created would make it all too obvious who I am. There are loads more but I’d need to give them a solid read to make head or tail of any scientific discovery.

That was an awesomely interesting question so appreciate it.


(day 3) favorite dynamic: root and shaw 

We’re so good at this together. You’re gonna realize that someday. Root, no offense, you’re hot, you’re good with a gun. Those are two qualities I greatly admire. But you and I together would be like a four-alarm fire in an oil refinery. Sounds cozy.

“On our 21st mission bombing the Vienna Florisdorf Oil refinery, just after bombs away there was a loud sound of metal hitting metal, that over-covered the normal sounds of flying.  The plane pitched upward violently at the same time.  A flak shell probably a 125 mm had hit about one foot behind and at waist level of our pilot R. J. von Schriltz.  It coursed upward tearing a gash through the plane. It hit a machine gun stripping the perforated cooling barrel, and bent the gun into a ninety degree angle.  It also destroyed the plexiglass cover of the turret.  At the same time two shells burst on each side of the aircraft, peppering the fuselage.  A fragment, about two inches long and three quarters of an inch thick, just missed me. It’s been said, “God was my Co-Pilot”, this was certainly the case as that dud never exploded.  With our forward speed, if it were timed a fraction later, even the dud would have torn off our left wing.”