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Teeth Tips 🗣

If you don’t brush your teeth… why tf not??? I genuinely believe that oral hygiene is one of the most important things to keep up so here are some tips I have researched and tested to make sure that it works for you guys, I’m also gonna restate the obvious stuff bc we all need a reminder.


  • Brush twice a day atleast for the love of god. Especially at night because otherwise all the stuff will simmer in yo mouth.
  • Brush for atleast two minutes (a quick jam) and make sure to brush behind and in the back of ur teeth
  • Genuinely make an effort to floss, my gums felt so much healthier and my teeth felt so much cleaner
  • Mouth wash won’t kill you esp if it’s alchohal free
  • I highly suggest investing in an electric toothbrush, if you can get those nice rechargeable ones do it. I use the $2 one you could buy at any drug store that still vibrates, I see a really big difference
  • Okay keeping your mouth clean will save you big bucks and pain from infections bacteria and cavities. Cavities ain’t cute or cheap


  • Oil pulling is is a method where you put coconut oil in your mouth and swoosh it around for like 10 minutes and this stuff pulls every nasty thing out of your mouth. I know the thought of keeping oil in your mouth is disgusting but lemme just say wow. This definitely transformed my teeth gums and mouth. The thing is I do it usually in the morning once every week or so or when I eat stank food and you have to spit it in a bottle or something bc otherwise it will clog your drain
  • I honestly use the cheapest toothpaste I can find bc I don’t think it matters that much but this is just a preference plus I’m on a budget so every penny counts. But once a week, usually on the day I use the coconut oil I put some baking soda and brush with that and it’s sorta a diy teeth whitener. If you can afford the whitening tooth paste and stuff go for it!! Otherwise a broke bitchs gotta improvise
  • If u get one of those canker sores or cold sore things in your mouth make a salt water rinse and rinse it everytime you brush to keep that sucker clean and help it heal faster


If not for yourself save other people from your nasty breath. One warning is if you brush or scrape your tongue too harsh you might damage a taste bud and that’s no bueno

Obv go and do your own research this is just what’s worked for me and homegirl hasn’t gotten a cavity ever so…


So we all know coconut anything is amazing (unless you’re allergic) some of you guys have asked me what/how you should use it so here you go:

1. Girl, this shit is soo good for your hair especially if your hair is curly/frizzy, but if your hair is really oily only use it on your ends and avoid your roots.

2. It will make your skin softer than a babies butt. But it has a high chance of clogging your pores and making your break out so test it out first or avoid it at all costs and only use it on your legs.

3. Shave your legs with it!! My legs are 10x softer after I use coconut oil to shave and the oil stays on after you shave so you don’t need to moisturize. This will dull your razors real fast so use only the cheap ones if you try this out.( I’ve been using baby oil gel lately and it feels like I just got a wax)

4. Try the oil pulling method! What you do is use coconut oil as a mouth wash and it sucks all the toxins out ofyour mouth, makes your teeth whiter, gums healthier, and your breath dont stink as much. research a little more,but it’s totally worth the gross oil feeling in your mouth, (spit it in a trashcan and not a sink because it could clog your drain)

5. Add some brown sugar or salt in it use it to exfoliate your body! I love doing this before I shave because my legs are softer and I’m pretty sure it’s what helped me get rid of my cellulite. (DO NOT USE THIS AROUND YOUR COOCHIE sugar causes/spreads yeast infections and that is no bueno)

6. EYELASHES AND EYEBROWS. they’re also really good for your undereyes and using it as an eyecream will help reduce dark circles. 

7. use it on your nails and cuticles!! I put some on when I go to bed almost every night and my nails have gotten healthy and strong. I dont even wear fake nails anymore because mine are so long.

8. Lip scrubs!! add some sugar and scrup your pout, i gaurantee plumper lips.

9. Mix it with tea tree oil and use it as a zit zapper, again please dont use it unless you know it wont break you out i can not stress this enough because acne is no fun.

10. Not coconut oil but DRINK COCONUT WATER. It has a lot of vitamins and stuff that keep you super healthy and happy.

11. coconut oil is so good for you and you should definitely give it a try. unless you’re allergic or prefer something else. If youre allergic I’ll make another post of stuff you can use beside coconut oil, Also try your best to only use organic cold pressed coconut oil. More tips regarding coconut oil @hoeguide check her out for sure because she’s a god.  

anonymous asked:

so this isn't really an ask more of a comment. Just wanted to say I had tried the coconut oil on my nails because they were mega brittle and broke even if you just looked at that and that worked miracles. Now they're super strong, hard and even if they bend they don't break. So then i decided the try the oil pulling method you recommended just in case your advice worked for that too. And it worked!! Between that and gum massaging my receding gum lines are disappearing! You rock!

This is so dope <3 Thank you for trying the methods! So happy they’re working for you!!!!

Coconut Oil for nail & cuticle health here.

Oil Pulling Method for asthma, migraines, fresh breath & more here.


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Everyone is talking about ‘oil pulling.’ But does this health practice actually work?

I received a call early yesterday morning from The Washington Post asking me for some insight on the Oil Pulling Method. They explained that while researching the topic, they found my online engagement regarding Oil Pulling to be the most prominent. That made me so happy! Our online health forum is really growing <3 Click the link above to catch the post!