oil pieces


Freedom from Stress Spell

If you have a lot going on in your life, a little magick spell might help take the edge off from all that stress. For this spell, you need the following supplies:

• 1 red candle
• 1 white candle
• Lavender oil
• Cinnamon oil
• Piece of red jasper
• Piece of clear quartz

Place the red candle in front of you , and anoint it with the cinnamon oil. Light it, and think of all the things that currently stress you out. Hold the red jasper in your hand, and let all the stressful things pour out of your mind and into the stone.

Move the lit candle farther away from you, and set the stone at the base. Then bring the white candle to you, and rub with lavender oil. Light the candle. Now think peaceful thoughts and focus on being relaxed and stress-free.

Leave both candles to burn down, and take the piece of clear quartz with you to remind you to leave the stress behind.


Here I have for your viewing pleasure: the initial sketch and a finished piece!

There were some things in the sketch that I feel worked a little better compositionally speaking, but I like the finished piece too.

Also, why must Homing be so difficult to portray in paint???

guess who’s testing a new style (again)