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Jellyfish often symbolize acceptance, faith, and favor. They trust in the world to lead them on the proper path. Whatever happens will happen, and all things balance out in the end.

Have faith.

Internal vs External Magic Users

So, I’ve come to find knowing how magic works for each individual can help immensely when it comes to studying and perfecting each person’s form of witchcraft. Everyone tends to be different, and finding out where you stand and how you personally use, store, and/or release energy can help when it comes to visualization. This can, in turn, greatly impact the success rate of each spell, working, or ritual a witch does. Obviously, it’s not an end-all, be-all. However, I’ve found knowing the information can help even just a tiny bit (or a lot, depending on the person.)

Internal vs External

The way energy moves throughout the body is a great way to start understanding how you can use and manipulate your own in your everyday life as well as in your practice. There are hundreds of different types of paths for energy to go, but for the most part, the two largest categories are: internal and external.


Internal energy pathways are self-explanatory. Typically, these people were born during the day and possess power from within their own bodies. They have a connection with the Sun. Internal is quite common, and these individuals may have to ground and cleanse themselves more than their counterparts. They can be gifted at enchantments, astral work, communing with deity or spirits, etc. Their cores emanate energy, which can be activated with a touch. Touch with the hands, feet, chest, and the top of the head would be ideal as these are their center points of energy. Internal magic users tend to rely on their instincts and intuition and often have extra-sensory abilities. My recommendation: focusing on visualization and using touch-based rituals/spells (sigils, baths, etc.)

Oil to help loosen up the internal energy flow:

  • Olive oil base
  • Sea Salt
  • Amethyst (chips or tumbled)
  • Rosemary (herb or oil form)
  • Yerba Santa, Sage, or Palo Santo

Burn either on a charcoal disk or rub on a candle to breathe it in.


External magic users are the lucky ones! Typically born at night, these are those lucky people who could wish for something and have it happen. They have an ability to influence the world from afar, like the Moon. They can trigger changes around them without thinking about it too much. Simply saying things like “I really wish I had some extra money,” might aid them in finding a spare $20 on the street. These are typically the people who can reblog emoji spells, and/or “money cat”-type posts and have a high success rate. Their bodies radiate energy and manipulating it may come naturally to them, to the point where they have no idea they’re doing it. They rely on their intellect and are disciplined, determined, and intelligent. They excel at area of effect rituals, such as wards. Energy manipulation, healing magic, and forms of divination may also be easier for them to master. My recommendation: learning how to manipulate their energy more and using repetitive mindset spells (ie, vision boards. AKA, wishing for something super hard.)

Oil to help loosen up the external energy flow:

  • Coconut oil
  • Lavender (herb or oil)
  • Sea Salt
  • Mint (herb or oil)
  • Selenite (Charge oil with it or add chips. Disclaimer: selenite dissolves in water, so either charge the oil or use pieces you don’t care for.)

Rub on skin, do NOT consume if you add selenite chips as it is unfit for internal consumption. 

Home cleansing sprays

Get yourself a cheap spray bottle from a two dollar store, fill with water- moon water, purified water, tap water, whatever you got. Extra points for water from a nearby sacred spring. Fill with the ingredients below:

Cleansing spray:
Use this after cleaning your home, after a fight, to banish evil or spray on yourself when anxious.

- Water
- Black tourmaline or obsidian- for banishment (Ensure you take it out straight after using the spray)
- A couple of pinches of salt- Purification
- A pinch of lavender flowers
- A couple of drops of bergamot oil

Happiness spray:
Use this to promote the happiness of your friends and family in the home, and spray over yourself to promote your happiness during the day 

- Water
- A pinch of salt for cleansing
- A pinch of Juniper berries for good vibes|
- Neroli essential oil to ease tension and nerves- Orange oil works as a good substitute as Neroli is usually quite pricey
- Ylang Ylang essential oil for positive manifestation of emotions
- A piece of Citrine for energy (Again remove straight after use)

Love spray:
Use to promote love and harmony between family and friends, spray over yourself when needing to recover your loving energy after curses or spells, use while anxious to promote self love
- Water
- A pinch of salt for cleansing
- 3 drops rose essential oil for love
- A piece of Rose Quartz for love
- A pinch of Lavender flowers for sweetness
- A pinch of Rosemary for romance
- 2 drops of Vanilla essential oil for loving vibrations

Abundance spray:
Use to attract money, wealth, good grades, goodness and spiritual growth to the home by spraying this on your door ways.

- Water
- A pinch of Bladderwrack to attract money
- 3 drops Frankincense essential oil for wealth 
- A couple of Honeysuckle blossoms or a small pinch of Jasmine flowers
- 3 drops of Orange essential oil for fruition 
- A coin

Love, Raven <3


Freedom from Stress Spell

If you have a lot going on in your life, a little magick spell might help take the edge off from all that stress. For this spell, you need the following supplies:

• 1 red candle
• 1 white candle
• Lavender oil
• Cinnamon oil
• Piece of red jasper
• Piece of clear quartz

Place the red candle in front of you , and anoint it with the cinnamon oil. Light it, and think of all the things that currently stress you out. Hold the red jasper in your hand, and let all the stressful things pour out of your mind and into the stone.

Move the lit candle farther away from you, and set the stone at the base. Then bring the white candle to you, and rub with lavender oil. Light the candle. Now think peaceful thoughts and focus on being relaxed and stress-free.

Leave both candles to burn down, and take the piece of clear quartz with you to remind you to leave the stress behind.


(long post sorry) here it is, my finished ap art concentration!! i focused on toys and souvenirs and the memories connected to them/significance of them. overall im super happy how it all turned out!