oil paper umbrella


[See more: Japonism]


Here’s some sketches~ Lots of Magearna, wanted to get used to her design a bit more, hence the back shot. Also uh… kinda sassy Magearna I guess? Dunno the right word for it.

Happy Magearna and Lar, Lele calling Fini on a conch shell phone… she’s not good with jokes.

And a possible Froslass character!!! She’s Alolan, and carries an oil paper umbrella to shade herself from the sun~


Oil-paper umbrellas on display in the Three Lanes and Seven Alleys area of Fuzhou. Doubling up as a parasol these intricately painted, handmade umbrellas originated from China before spreading throughout Eastern Asia. They are nowadays seldom used in Mainland China, where many older traditions have either died out or are rarely observed, although I hear that they are still an important part of traditional wedding ceremonies in Japan.