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“Who am I in the eyes of most people. A nobody, a non-entity, an unpleasant person. Someone who has not, and never will have, any position in society, in short the lowest of the low. Well then, even if that was all absolutely true, one day I would like show by my work, what this non-entity has in his heart.”

Vincent van Gogh in a letter to his brother Theo in 1882

Ivan Aivazovsky (1817-1900)
“Passage of the Jews through the Red Sea” (1891)
Oil on canvas
Currently in a private collection


I have been wanting to do Yuri on Ice fanart for a while but alas, I am terrible at drawing people so I decided to do mine a little differently. This is an abstract oil painting based on the quote “When I open up, he meets me where I am.” And the colors are obviously based on their pairs skating outfits!