Psychedelic Oil Paintings of New York City by Alexandra Pacula 

Artist Alexandra Pacula’s artistry investigates the seduction and glamour of the city lights through speed, vibrancy and psychedelic element in her oil paintings. Featuring some of New York City’s most famous icons, such as Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, the yellow cab, and the Empire State Building, Pacula successfully paints what resembles a blurry, high-exposure photograph.

The urgency of the city lights become a fleeting moment and confused sensation, which is enticing and elusive. Overall Pacula’s pieces capture the essence and ambiance of New York City, while maintaining a romantic sensibility without detracting from its urban charm. 


Kelly Reemtsen’s works

(All images via skidmore contemporary art)

“Kelly Reemtsen’s paintings explore the paradoxical state of being female in post-feminist contemporary society”   (Lia Skidmore. April, 2011 read more at skidmore contemporary art) We at Mimi Berlin feel that these pictures are a bit old-fashioned. (in a good sense, we like them) We’ve learned that these women are wearing vintage dresses. That figures, it’s fashionable! via:mimiberlinblog


“From forth the kennel of thy womb hath crept
A hell-hound that doth hunt us all to death:
That dog, that had his teeth before his eyes,
To worry lambs and lap their gentle blood,
That foul defacer of God’s handiwork,
That excellent grand tyrant of the earth,
That reigns in galled eyes of weeping souls,
Thy womb let loose, to chase us to our graves.“ 

Martin Freeman as Shakespeare’s Richard III, oil on canvas. After showing you guys just the nose last week here is the whole thing finally finished. To be honest I’m very happy with how it turned out.

sherrkey asked about oil painting tips, so I’ll also be using progress shots from this in an oil painting tutorial later on. Keep a look out for that!


Weird and Surreal World with John Brosio

John Brosio is a painter based out of sunny Pasadena, California, USA. Brosio’s work has a very subtle humorous element that caught my attention, and I definitely appreciate his wit in combination with this awesome painting abilities. What the hell do you do when a giant octopus is just chilling on top of your house? source:emptykingdom