oil mixed media on paper



Shelby Alexandra

“Marcel in the Trenches”

Mixed Media (Oil, Acrylic, Paper, Watercolor, and Graphite) on Panel

24" x 24"


“Artist Statement
I seek to explore the human individual’s search for harmony in a transient life: a longing and loss, and the desire for movement and displacement along the fugitive passing of time. The narratives feel perpetually on the cusp of some sort of change or migration, of travel to another place, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. They offer an escape, but often linger on those moments when contentment seems out of reach.

Against sublime backdrops of mountainous landscapes, the figures appear jaded and disillusioned as if in complete disregard to their prodigious surroundings. This unexpected sense of disenchantment underscores the impression of temporality and displacement in the narrative, while also emphasizing the disjunction between internal human consciousness and the external realm of nature.”


Catherine Eaton Skinner (American, b. WA, USA) - 1: Scarab, 2006 from Guardian Animals series  Encaustic, Oil, Pencil, handmade Himalayan Paper on Panel  2: Nam Mka III, 2012  Encaustic, Oil on Panel  3: Lizards, 2006 from Guardian Animals series  Encaustic, Oil, Mixed Media on Panel