oil mister

Mister Trump here says Mexico only sends drugs, rapists and crime to the United States.

Conveniently, mister Trump forgets there are more rapists amongst American college students than amongst immigrants from Mexico. Quite many immigrants are hardworking people, and not few of them do the jobs most Americans wouldn’t.

Conveniently, mister Trump forgets there are more reports of crime in USA from white people than from Latinos. Conveniently, he also forgets not all Latinos are Mexican.

Conveniently, mister Trump forgets Mexico sends to USA much more than drugs. Conveniently, he didn’t mention Mexico sends one of the most precious American commodities: oil. America loves oil! And Mexico happens to be the second largest oil source for USA, right there with Saudi Arabia and only behind Canada. We also send avocados to USA, and many other forms of produce.

Conveniently, mister Trump has decided to create a fantasy in which the American economy doesn’t depend of the Mexican factories and assembly lines that manufacture cars and gadgets for the large corporations in USA; Mexico is not as big a manufacturer for USA as China is, but it does damn well do its part. Plantronics, one of America’s largest corporations, depends a lot on Plamex (Tijuana) for manufacturing.

Conveniently, mister Trump forgets to mention what comes from USA to Mexico: irresponsible teenagers wanting to get drunk, and American criminals wanting to escape justice in their country. Social scum exists in your country too, and in large quantities, mister Trump!

Mister Trump is an idiot, a big jerk that’s still crying like a baby because Mexico didn’t allow him to destroy Cozumel just so he could have a resort. And if he wants to build a giant wall in the border as a monument to his xenophobia, he better pay it himself out of his large pockets, because Mexico won’t give a cent to his stupidities.