oil lines

csp is..interesting, but have a determined? and curious tony, listening at the corner he’s about to turn. he’s about to walk into a surprise party i think ^^

Pro tip:

Following essential oil-based skin care literally makes you glow.

Coconut oil: makeup removal, facial cleansing
Tea tree oil: blemish and acne control
Avocado oil: fine lines/wrinkles, sun burn, eczema, psoriasis
Sweet Almond oil: all over facial moisturizer
Rosemary essential oil: toner
Lemon essential oil: dark marks/discoloration

**If you have sensitive skin you may have to dilute some oils with a base/carrier oil or water.

“Mark and the Malamute” - Digital Oil Painting

“This is why I got him; because he laughs. I thought he was laughing at all my jokes… turns out it’s my fashion sense. I stand by that green sweater!”

Mark is very loyal to his clothes. I was going to go with a modern Mark Hamill and go for a Grandpa-Chic feel… but it just wasn’t going with the rest of the series. So we have a Classic Mark instead. ^_^

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im in stunned horror and confusion what the fuck are white ppl doing

this wasnt a “oh i saw this silly made up pinterest thing that obviously is ridiculous and wont works lets try it” she just went to the fucking store and thought “hm im white lets see if mayo will look good on my skin” 


Natural oils/teas

Acne= tea tree oil (rub it on problem area if in soap form, let rest on problem area for 30ish minutes if oil/water mix)
Periods pains: coconut oil (you can find tablets of this)
Insomnia, stress: chamomile tea
Tired, slow metabolism: green tea (putting warm tea bags over your eyes will help get rid of dark circles)
Sore stomache: chai tea
Ate too much crap food: oolong tea
Feel a migraine coming, bloated: peppermint tea
Trying to wake up: matcha
Ate smthn that doesn’t agree with u, nausea: Ginger tea
De-stress: lavender (tea or candle form both work)
For colds: white tea
Asthma attacks: black tea
Cramps in your stomache: chamomile tea (I cannot stress this enough, ur cramps will be gone in like 5 minutes, literally)
Maintaining good blood pressure: hibiscus tea
Lowering cholesterol: rooibos tea
Stress: lemon balm
Before you get a cold: elderflower tea
Get sunburned easily: moringa oil
Eczema, rashes: tamanu oil
Aging, stress lines: meadowfoam seed oil
Dry skin like wtf why is my skin so dry: golden jojaba
I’m 15 and I look 50 cuz my skin is loose: Argan oil
Red spots, irregular skin colour: black cumin seed oil
Acne scars, harsh skin: rosehip oil
Dandruff, I bleach my head 10 times a day and my scalp hurts: almond oil
Dry hair: shea butter
Hair fall out: coconut oil
Frail hair, split ends: castor oil
Turns out dyeing ur hair can fuck it up: avocado oil
I want shiny hair: jojaba oil
Grow faster: ylang ylang oil
Prone to matting: eucalyptus oil
Hair too oily: basil oil
Hair loss: Rosemary oil
Ur hair stands up when u hold it between ur fingers: chamomile oil
Dry scalp: myrrh oil

Feel free to add to the list !!

Threshold magic 101

Doorways are one of the first concepts we learn as we begin to explore our surroundings as infants. In those early memories doorways are magical passages dividing entire worlds in our perceptions. We pass through into new places with entirely different obstacles and experiences to encounter.

As we age, we grow more accustomed to the idea of different rooms and separations of space. Even without a proper door separating them we define spaces by their function and even without a physical barrier between them we acknowledge them as separate and distinct. For an example, consider the layout of a studio apartment, the kitchen, dining room and living room are, functionally one room, and yet people gather in distinct groups in each section of the space, separating themselves into “rooms” with no actual barriers except those imagined by those present.

The Romans had a god, Janus, whose entire domain was doorways, the transition between spaces and spans of time. The first month of the year was named for him as it was the transition between years.

The most instinctive spatial transition is that between one’s home and the outside world. The territorial sanctity of home is a spiritually powerful concept. it protects us just as our homes do. The most direct manifestation of this power is the phenomena of thresholds.

Mythology is filled with creatures which cannot enter a person’s home without their express permission and invitation. From vampires, to demons, to fairies, everything needs permission from the homeowner to enter. in a more modern context, many practitioners report feeling weaker if they enter someone else’s home uninvited.

This is a threshold, a spiritual barrier between us and the outside world. Those who cross it uninvited leave a great deal of their power behind them, so much so that some creatures cannot survive the experience.

While thresholds fall under what would normally be considered “passive” of “innate” magic, there are ways to consciously strengthen, build off, or direct the energy of your threshold to better protect you and your family.


A threshold can be strengthened in a number of ways. The simplest way is to enhance your sense of home, filling your home with things which are uniquely yours, which hold sentiment or meaning for you personally, and spending time getting your home comfortable and familiar will build up your threshold over time.

Another method is through active warding. Wreaths were an early form of warding charm hung in doorways to drive off evil and malicious spirits. Honeysuckle, St. John’s wart, Rowan, oak, Birch, and Yarrow hung above, in, or beside the doorway will add energies of purification and protection. an Iron nail driven into the door frame combines the warding power of iron, and the tranquil aspects of the rune Isa, which the nail resembles. Daggaz and ing, either painted, scratched or inscribed in a doorway bring luck and safety to those within.

Some witches like to seal their homes by painting pentacles above the major openings, including doors and windows, using either actual paint, or some variety of holy water/oil, or putting lines of salt or blessed sand along the doorways and window sills. This method has the disadvantage of being easily physically disrupted, although some industrious witches have been known to protect such lines by placing them under the metal strips which smooth the transition between the door frame and the floor.

Another method is to hang amulets in the door frame bearing symbols for protection. These can be as simple as a painted piece of paper, or as elaborate as a cast silver charm.  Another example is Amish Hex signs. A six petaled flower or 6 pointed star, represents preservation and continuity for the home, a rooster represents a watchful guardian, and a jagged circle represents the power of thurisaz to drive away evil and disruptive energies.

Building upon:

A threshold is a solid foundation for any magic which is intended to effect the home, or everyone who enters the home.  Such spells work based on the principal of the threshold as not being just a barrier, but a portal which must be passed through.

One use for magic of this kind is to ward against a particular person or type of entity. to do this it is useful to use materials and objects known to be harmful or hateful to that entity. (garlic for vampires, iron for fairies, things the person is allergic to, audio tape containing music they hate, etc.) As was mentioned before, placing these things in, on, or near the doorway is an effective method, but this may not always be convenient or practical. In this case, using them in a ritual to charge another object, such as a stone a piece of wood, or an ornament which can be attached less obtrusively is perfectly acceptable.

Another use is to place spells upon those who come and go through the door. Spells to encourage health, prosperity, peacefulness and joy are common choices. for these uses it’s best to use an object or material which is associated with your desired outcome, and place it in or above the door frame. Traditionally horseshoes were hung in this way to pour luck on those who entered. This is another situation where amulets hung in doorway can be useful, particularly if people are willing to touch or handle the objects as they come through.

A slightly sneakier method might be to paint or inscribe a spell into the door handle, so that a person HAS to handle it to enter, or building your spell to be charged and renewed by the act of using the knocker or doorbell, if it’s intended to drive off unwanted guests, or help visitors.

Directing the threshold:

The threshold, like any other magic, can be channeled and directed. The most common use would be directing the threshold’s protections to include or exclude a particular person, either helping guests feel comfortable and “at home” or making a resident feel unwelcome and vulnerable in their own home. This is most easily done by the homeowner, or head of household, The person with the most authority within the home, and is typically linked to their will, though an explicit statement of intent from this person goes a long way.

Another means of warping the threshold is to have objects or tokens which can be carried outside, bringing a bit of home with you, and therefore bringing a bit of the protection of home as well. This can be tricky, usually requiring some degree of sympathetic magic and thaumaturgy (ie. the use of a small part of a thing to represent the entire thing such as using a chip from the fireplace bricks to represent the hearth, or a shaving of wood from a doorframe to represent the door itself,) typically these tokens are either single use, or must be maintained by restoring them as part of the home upon the person’s return. Removable tiles from a floor mosaic, or a distinctive knob from the cabinets work well for this purpose, as they are small, unique, and easily reattached.

The Bookshop That Has (Almost) Everything

fun fact this is loosely based on a real bookshop I once found somewhere in greenwich idk exactly where it is but if ever find urself around the area look out for it its v cute and v tiny

summary: Phil works at a bookshop. Dan buys a book one day, and, in a ploy to see Phil, keeps returning with more and more obscure requests so Phil has to spend more time searching. After Dan leaves with ‘cactus maintenance: a memoir’, Phil starts to suspect something’s up.

words: 7.3k


“Look,” Phil sighs when he catches sight of the book Dan’s clutching today. “I know there’s a very good chance you keep cacti and you just wanna maintain them and it’s probably wrong of me to assume otherwise, but-…can I ask you something?”

Dan gulps, putting the book titled “Cactus Maintenance: A Memoir” down on the counter.

“Do you actually need half of the books you come in here for?” he asks softly. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, there’s a good chance you might actually ride motorcycles, study bricklaying, want to know more about frogspawn or- you know, wanna look after your cacti, but…” he shrugs. “I don’t know. It’s just- um, you’re the first person I’ve met that, you know, buys one book every single day. When do you get time to read them all?”



Graveland’s Books is the kind of place you’d only come across if you were either very bored, very desperate, or very lost.

It hides on the tail end of an alleyway just behind the village market, and the gnarled wooden beams, the glass oil lanterns lining either side of the aged brickwork and the rusty bronze bell hanging above the door would fool anyone into thinking they’d just stepped out of 2016 and into the 18th century. If it wasn’t for the mobile phone shop sitting directly opposite, of course.

It’s not big in size, with a staff room and an office the size of a postage stamp upstairs and just about enough room to fit two free standing bookshelves in the middle of the shop, but books spill into every single crack. Stacks and stacks of fiction and history and travel and biographies narrow the aisles between the shelves, and it’s all too easy to trip over a random pile of books in the middle of the floor when you’re not concentrating properly.

But, for a job running along the sidelines of university, Phil enjoys it. He’d certainly rather spend his time flicking through a story about a cursed mushroom than stack supermarket shelves and deal with obnoxious co-workers, anyway.

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Recipe: Autumn’s Bounty

Description: A taste of the season.

Game ingredients: Yam, Pumpkin

This recipe restores 220 energy and 99 health. It gives a +2 Foraging and +2 Defense bonus and can be obtained from Demetrius after reaching 7 hearts. It sells for 350g. 

Difficulty: Easy, 45 minutes. Serves 4. 

Originally I was considering just roasting yam and pumpkin together, but that’d be too similar to Roots Platter, so I switched it up a bit. 

Yam fries:
-2 yams
-4 tablespoons olive oil
-½ teaspoon paprika
-½ tablespoon salt
-1 teaspoon garlic powder
-1 teaspoon pepper
-½ teaspoon cumin

Pumpkin dip:
-1 cup pumpkin puree
-1 cup canned white/navy beans or chickpeas (drained)
-¼ cup water
-½ teaspoon paprika
-½ teaspoon onion powder
-½ teaspoon garlic powder
-1 teaspoon salt
-1 teaspoon chili powder
-¼ teaspoon cinnamon

Preheat the oven to 450°F. 

Cut the yams into 1/4inch slices. You can cut them in half as well if you want shorter fries. In a bowl, combine the olive oil, paprika, salt, garlic powder, pepper, and cumin. 

Toss the yams in the bowl until they’re fully coated with the oil and spices. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and arrange the yam slices so they’re not touching one another. You may need two baking sheets for this. 

Bake them in the oven for 25-35 minutes, depending on the thickness of the slices. Turn them over every 10 minutes to ensure even cooking (The picture has the fries half-way through baking).

While the fries are roasting, make the pumpkin dip. In a blender or food processor, combine all the ingredients and blend until smooth. 

Pour the dip into a bowl and serve with the fries while they’re still hot. Dust the dip with more chili powder and sprinkle coarse salt over the fries. Not pictured: the other batch of yam fries I forgot about. 

The dip is creamy and tasty, and offsets the subtle sweetness of the yam fries. 


Pink Sugar Heart Spell (Sailor Mini Moon Inspired)

A spell to promote cuteness and radiance.

You Will Need:

💝 Pink Gemstones of your choice (ex: rose quartz, pink tourmaline, pink apatite, rhodonite, etc)*
💝 White Gemstones of your choice (ex: quartz, white opal, moonstone, opalite, howlite, etc)*
💝 Pink Rose Petals
💝 Coconut Oil (1 tbsp)
💝 Milk (1/3rd cup)
💝 Honey (1 tsp)
💝 Catnip
💝 Rosemary
💝 Sachet (preferably white or pink)


💝 Fill your sachet with 1 part catnip and 1 part rosemary

💝 Draw your bath, as it fills add your milk, honey, and coconut oil

💝 Line your tub with your chosen gemstones in whatever pattern you feel is right

💝 Add your sachet into the water and add your rose petals.

💝 “A drop of honey, a sprinkle of rose, I step into this bath with hope, that my radiant cuteness shall glow.”

💝 Step into your bath and soak in it as long as you desire, focusing on your intent. Visualize yourself being as cute as you desire to be, with lights and glow about you. 

*Note: if you are using gemstones that can’t get wet keep them on the edge of the tub and away from the water. Research what gemstones can and can’t get wet.

anonymous asked:

Hi love your work especially your ravi smut i was wondering if i can make a ravi smut request . Them being together on a movie date night and reader complain from shoulder and back back pain so he offers her massage maybe a candle massage with hot oils . Would love it if u accept my request thanks ❤️

All Better:

“Ravi, have you gotten the popcorn ready?” You asked bending forward to plug up the cords from the HD sound system to your television set. Your boyfriend popped his red hot with a goofy smile nodding his head as his eyes gleamed.

“I’m all ready princess. How about you?” He asked walking towards the couch that had a plethora of blankets laid on top all ready for you two to enjoy the night before you. Grinning at Ravi you stood up and walked back to him, plopping down on a green blanket and once he opened his arms you crawled into his arms snuggling against his chest. Grabbing at the remote you flipped through countless movies on Netflix, settling for some cheesy romance love story you nodded your head happy with your choice. Ravi wrapped both of his hands around your waist pressing tiny kisses against your temple with a smile. He was home for the weekend and you told yourself no matter what you would do all that you could to make sure that you took up all his time without hesitation and so far, he wasn’t objecting.

As the opening credits rolled, you had already managed to bury your hand in the bowl of popcorn munching on the buttery goodness getting lost into the movie. It was always great when you could spend times like this with him because he was just an amazing man to you and you found yourself always falling deeper for him, especially when you would cast your eyes up to his face looking at his full lips and strong jaw structure. He was a very attractive man to you but if you kept staring at him he would know your game and know what’s up. So, with a soft sigh you told yourself to focus on the movie at hand clicking your tongue gently.

Some time had passed and you couldn’t stop squirming rolling your shoulders back you took deep breaths biting on your lip. “Something wrong baby?” Ravi asked gently stroking his fingertips up and down your left side along your hip bone.

“Ah, I’m just sore love. Nothing that sleep won’t work off. The job has been getting intense lately and I know it’s going to clear up! But, just for now it’s a large over work.” You grumbled softly thinking about the hectic hours you were about to have to put in and how much you needed to get done while the silence filled the room once again.

“Well.. You do remember that I have my oils and things like that, right? I am sure a massage could help loosen you up a bit.” He suggested causing you to smile and shake your head.

“No baby it’s ok! Really-fuck.” Your little speech was interrupted by a groan of pleasure bubbling up from your throat. Ravi had his hands on your shoulders, the pads of his thumbs and fingers pressing into your skin to create a pleasurable sensation that you hadn’t felt in a while. All the soreness and tension seemed to drain from your body as you looked up at him with pouty lips once he pulled back. He went back to watching the movie and you slapped his arm. “Yah!” You huffed in mild annoyance turning to face him.

“Hm? Oh!” Ravi beamed eyeing you and licking across his bottom lip. “Well you said you didn’t want me to do it, so I thought that I’d just give you a minor show.” He nodded his head stroking his chin thoughtfully. “Does that mean you changed your mind?” He asked with a soft chuckle at how eager you were to nod your head. “Fine, stay here I’ll be right back.” He cooed leaning down to plant his lips against yours sweetly escaping back to the room you both shared.

“___ I’m ready!” Ravi called out for you sometime later, grinning to yourself you dashed towards the shared bedroom halting in your tracks as you looked around the room. The room was dimly lit with flickering candles decorated across the dresser over candle holders. The bed was cleared off expect for a silk dark purple sheet so that your body would be comfortable when you laid down. Ravi cleared his throat as he watched you before he opened his arms. “My beautiful queen. I need you to strip for me before we continue. You remember what happened the last time.” He gave a subtle wink but his eyes told you a different story. Huffing as your face heated up you pulled at the hems of your shirt lifting it up and off your body. The last time you two had ever done something like this, not only did the room almost go down in flames but oil was all over you clothes and you weren’t fortunate to get those stains out. Hands quickly unclasping your bra and pushing down your pajama bottoms and panties, you walked towards the bed climbing on it. Moving to lay with your stomach completely against the bed. The soft silk touching your breast caused you to bite your lip and remind yourself to stay calm. Your hands rested on the sheets with your palms facing upwards towards the ceiling. Ravi moved to spread your legs wider a bit, his hands quickly going to work. “Remember this is all about relaxing baby girl. It won’t do us any good if you get right back tense.” He patted your ass softly before he went towards the radio that was built into the wall synching his phone to it he let The Weekend play setting the mood a bit.

Ravi walked back to your body, his fingers skimming against all the oils that were lined up on your nightstand. He chose a lavender scented oil. He popped open the top, pouring the oil gently on a line from the dip of your back up to the middle of your back. Sitting the bottle down he used his hands to spread out the oil starting to rub it up and down the spot he applied it to. His hands were spread wide pressed down flat rubbing the oil into your skin. He smirked at his work, watching your body become wet for him. He grabbed at the oil again pouring more up from the middle of your back to the top of your shoulders. Working it into your skin more, he immediately went back to squeezing your shoulders applying pressure to the knotted areas. He watched as you tensed up, eyes growing dark he reached a hand down to slap across your ass reminding you of his rules. It only made you moan out at the touches of his hands and he felt proud to evoke such emotions from you.

“Good girl, just like that relax.” Ravi cooed, his fingers dancing across your shoulder blade. He grabbed at the bottle of oil, pouring it against your neck and at the tip of your back he squeezed the oil watching it run down in a line towards the crack of your ass. Ravi lifted his hands back up massaging the oil into your skin not squeezing too hard or too soft. It seemed just right. He was obviously proud of himself grinning like a wild cat. He kept getting distracted while he worked on your body though, his eyes kept wandering to your plump ass that was just there. How your legs were parted and you were just sprawled out there. He wanted to make you feel good in all ways. He let one hand slide back up to grip at your shoulders as his other hand trailed down to your ass. Your delicate oiled skin glistening under the candles. His fingertips danced across your ass cheeks while he squeezed harder at your shoulder his free hand poured oil on your ass and he rubbed it in as well slapping it a few times. He watched your face contort the tiny little sounds that flew past your lips as you focused on being still for him. Ever so slowly his fingers made their way down to cup your pussy, using his fingers to spread your lips apart he started to circle his middle finger around your clit slowly.

Your body was on fire and the noises that escaped your lips were everything including needy. Your hips remained still as his fingers stroked against your folds, his middle finger going faster and pressing down against the bud the oil from it causing you to get more slick for him. Ravi groaned moving the hand that was on your shoulder down to your middle back holding you in place. Watching you with hooded eyes he slipped his long index and middle finger inside of your dripping pussy feeling your tight walls clamp around him.

“Fuck, my baby girl is always so tight.” He commented, his fingers slowly sliding in and out of you. Your hips were eager to push back slightly against his fingers taking him deeper as he searched for your spot again. “That’s right baby, fuck this pretty little pussy on my fingers.” He groaned out removing his hand from your lower back. Ravi watched as your ass bounced from your hips moving, your hands gripping at the sheets as you looked back over your shoulder to meet his gaze. Ravi sped up his fingers making a scooping motion with his fingers pressing them against every spot and scissoring them until you were panting lifting your ass higher in the air for him once he found your spot.

“T-there!” You cried out gripping harder at the sheets as he plunged his soaked fingers into your wet cunt moving them at a fast pace.

“Right here baby girl? Did I find your spot my little vixen?” He asked leaning down to nip at your ear kissing along your jaw until his forehead was pressed against yours.

“Y-yes!” You cried out trying to fuck his fingers harder you wanted to cum so bad, the buildup in the pit of your stomach was causing you to lose your mind. Ravi knew just how and where to touch you, and it felt like heaven. “Please Ravi! Please.” You begged looking in his eyes, his fingers along were great but you would only need more of him to satisfy your hunger.

“Please what?” Ravi asked in a low-pitched voice. His voice deep and thick with the lust that he was feeling inside of him, all you had to do was beg and he was done for.

“I want you to fuck me! Please it’s been so long. I need to feel your dick inside of me. I want to feel every inch Ravi. Make me cum.” You let your mouth say the dirty words unashamedly as you stare at him, your want for him over powering the little self-consciousness you felt inside of you.

“You got it baby.” Ravi pulled his fingers from you, bringing them up to his lips he sucked on the digits making slurping noises as he watched you humming in delight at your sweet taste though there was a hint of bitterness it wasn’t nothing he despised and couldn’t handle. He moved to pull off his shirt tossing it aside away from the candles. He took off his pants next and his boxers climbing back on the bed he spread your legs out wider grabbing at your hips. He was rock hard, tip oozing in precum he couldn’t wait anymore. He slid himself forward slowly breaching past your tight entrance causing some cries of pleasure to escape your lips. He bit down harshly on his bottom lip as he entered you and buried himself to the hilt not wanting to moan because he wanted to hear you more. His hands steadied on your hips, slowly he pulled himself out to the tip only to slip back inside of your wet pussy that molded around his shaft. You could feel the veins of his dick pressing against your walls causing you to squeeze around him more arching your back slightly. Your fingernails continued to pull at the sheets clawing like you were a mad woman as he picked up the pace. Rolling his hips and pushing forward each time he connected his hips against yours. Ravi looked down to watch his dick disappear inside of you loving how you took him without no complaints, how it made him feel to have your wet warm walls wrapped around him. He circled his hips slowly moving his hands in different directions. One hand went to press up by the side of your head as the other hand went to wrap around your waist and rest on your clit. He pressed his lips against yours kissing you deeply as he snapped his hips harshly against yours causing you to cry out. His tongue slipped into your mouth and you fought to kiss him back, all your cries of pleasure being swallowed up by him. He moaned softly against your lips his tongue exploring your cavern and playing with your tongue as well. In no time, he was pounding into you causing the bed to shake lightly under you. His hips flush against your ass as he drilled harder into you. Breaking the kiss so that he could whisper dirty nothings into your ear bringing you closer to a release. His fingers stroking against your clit in a rapid circular motion helping aid to how he was fucking you, your back arched off the bed and you reached a hand up to grab at his hair smashing your lips together one last time. With a few more harsh thrusts against your spot, you were laying your head back against Ravi’s shoulder crying out his name as your walls clamped down and you let your cum slide out onto his dick. He watched you with a growl pulling his body back from yours so that with his free hand he could continue to pull you back on his dick. His hand on your clit never stopped causing you to surge into another orgasm that had you squirting on the bed. He was in a pure state of bliss, watching you react like that only caused him to throb harder inside of you, his orgasm coming down onto him as he delivered slow heavy thrusts to bury his load inside of you. Once he was sure you were milked he rode out both of your orgasms leaning down to kiss up your back and lay on you with his hands bracing on either side of your head as he smiled at you.

“Now do you feel better?”