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Public lands are owned by every American, and we should all be concerned about the threats to our values and to a thriving outdoor economy from politicians who answer to oil and gas interests instead of citizens.
—  Rose Marcario
The fossil fuel industry's invisible colonization of academia
Corporate capture of academic research by the fossil fuel industry is an elephant in the room and a threat to tackling climate change.
By Geoffrey Supran

Fossil fuel interests – oil, gas, and coal companies, fossil-fueled utilities, and fossil fuel investors - have colonized nearly every nook and cranny of energy and climate policy research in American universities, and much of energy science too. And they have done so quietly, without the general public’s knowledge.

Hiker of the Zero Vector

oil on canvas

Ever searching for a place to call home, a place to belong and always coming back to where you started. According to mathematics and physics, you’ve gained nothing, and all that’s changed is the time you’ve wasted in your travels. But they can never measure the wisdom you’ve acquired through the experiences that lay on the way, or how the beauty of the lands you’ve seen has taught you to appreciate that of the place you come from, your home.

If you’re not interested in oils, skip over this post. I’m obsessed. Sickness was hardcore this year and my kids have so far (fingers crossed) gotten by with just a stuffy nose that lasted 2 days. As cheesy as it sounds, I 100% believe it was because of the oils.

Here are the starter kit options. I wanted the dew drop, but took an oil class and found out that the rainstone diffuses for 8 hours without having to reset 😵 all of my current diffusers diffuse for 2 hours at a time, then turn off. I basically want something that diffused all night, so I splurged for the rainstone.

Thieves, purification, R.C., Lavender and Frankincense are my most used. I diffused thieves 24/7 from November-January. It’s a major immune booster and probably why my kids didn’t get sick. When Puck and Eight’s classmates went home sick, I would put a few drops of thieves + frank mixed in coconut oil and rub on the bottom of their feet.

R.C. Is for respiratory care. Also a top fav. I diffuse this a night when we sleep. Helps open your airway.

The kit comes with copiaba which I heard is awesome for teething babes. I haven’t tried it yet, but am super intrigued. Best friend’s baby has her two bottom teeth popping in so she’s going to be my guinea pig.. I heard it’s also good for general pains and aches.

I just bought amber glass roller bottles off of amazon for $6.99 to make some combinations to throw in the kids backpacks. There are some combinations for concentration/focus/calming.

There’s literally combinations for anything.. bed wetting, ADHD, tummy problems, headaches, nausea, energy boosts.. it goes on and on.


Root’s message grounds her in a way that nothing else can: if Shaw is out at sea, Root is the north star guiding her home. Root really is her safe place. The reality of Root’s message in a bottle helps galvanize Shaw into finding her footing with Samaritan, and finally get the upper hand once and for all.
—  Brittany Rae in her Tell-Tale TV review of “QSO”

Revelations: “The Gift” (Director’s Cut)!

“Ninth Doctor in Blue” - Digital Oil Painting

I don’t paint enough Nine. I just love how sculpted his face is and how the blue is reflected in his eyes.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

Very impressed with Bernie Sanders at the #DemDebate for bringing up Mosaddegh, the democratically elected secular and progressive Prime Minister of Iran, who was overthrown in a coup orchestrated by the United States and the United Kingdom in order to protect British and American oil interests. Sanders brought this up to highlight the negative consequences of foreign intervention.

A little background, for those who are not familiar with Mosaddegh:

Mohammad Mosaddegh became the first democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran. He was a 71 year old lawyer, very well-educated in Paris and Switzerland. His whole life had been dedicated to the cause of bringing more liberty to Iran and having a constitutional government in his country. Under his leadership, the Iranian parliament voted to nationalize Iranian oil, instead of allowing the British, through the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC), to take away the majority of profits from Iran’s oil fields. In reaction to this, the British government imposed sanctions on Iran so that no oil could be exported from the country. This created a huge surge of economical problems and increased poverty. Meanwhile, Mossadegh, being a secular leader, had also infuriated Islamists for wanting Iran to be ruled as a secular democracy. The British government seized the opportunity of internal conflict, coupled with growing financial problems, to work with the American government, in order to oust Mossadegh. In 1953 a successful operation by the British and the American CIA was able to create a massive uprising in Iran by the angry Islamist groups, as well as others, to take Mossadegh out. It is very important to note that prior to this event Iranian people did not even view the American government with hostility, the British government had always been the one that they blamed for taking their natural resources. After the successful coup, the Shah was reinstated, the monarchy was restored, a secret service police named SAVAK was created to crackdown on political dissident, and of course the oil dispute came to an end with a huge portion of Iran’s oil profits going to foreign superpowers, including a large amount to the United States. The Anglo-Iranian Oil company was then renamed British Petroleum, and that marked Iran’s short lived and only ever secular democracy.  Never did I expect to hear an American politician running to be the president of the country openly mention this and highlight how disastrous it was!

I’ve been thinking about what to write about the 100th episode of POI for a while now. My heart is so heavy and I’m physically and emotionally exhausted but I’m going to try and compose some thoughts. 

First, of course I am absolutely devastated by the turn of events that occurred during this episode. Root is my all time favorite character from any tv show and I was not prepared to lose her before the series finale. I’m so disappointed that she’s going to be added to the ever-growing list of lesbian characters to be killed off this year. She’s better than being reduced to a trope and I want more than that for her. I also would never dream of telling anyone how they should feel about her fate. I’m only here to write about my experience and mourning process for my perky psycho. 

Now onto the episode. I was incredibly angry when I found out that Root was going to die. I went through a denial phase where I just didn’t believe it was actually going to happen and thought it must be some kind of simulation. I’ve felt sick to my stomach for about 8 hours now. But when I step back and really look at Root and her journey, as much as it pains me I do think this is a fitting end for her character…at least in it’s human form. I know people think that this ending would fit with the Root we knew from seasons 1 and 2, but not with the Root of seasons 3-5. And it’s true, when we first met Root, all she cared about was The Machine and finding it so she could set it free. But TM taught Root how to value human life. TM led her to the people who would become her family. She led her to the love of her life. Root would have never understood why the world was worth saving to begin with without TM. And that’s why I think this sacrifice is so fitting for her, even at this point in her character development. Root truly feels that the only way the team has any hope of taking down Samaritan is if Finch is alive, even if you don’t agree with that take…she absolutely does. Side note, I really am getting tired of people saying that she was killed by a stray bullet. Root saw the sniper on that building, knew they were aiming for Harold, and made a calculated decision that she knew came with great risk. That’s the farthest thing from getting hit by a stay bullet that I can think of. The only thing close is that she got struck by a bullet meant for someone else, but again…that was her choice.  

I know some think that her death is just being used as a way to motivate Finch into action. While I see and can understand that take, I also think it goes deeper than that. Besides Shaw, Harold is the most important person in Root’s life. He’s basically the father she never had, the person she has idolized for so long, and someone she has the utmost faith in. In season 4, she almost killed Beth in cold blood just because her proximity to Samaritan put Harold at great risk. How could anyone not expect her to sacrifice herself for the man that built her god and who she’s built this deeply emotional relationship with? And I truly think that Root felt like her sacrifice in that moment was what would keep her entire family safe, not just Harold. So even though this choice was for Harold…it was really also for Shaw too. And John, Fusco, and Bear. But I’m positive the two people that were at the forefront of her mind when she made that decision were Sameen and Harold. That is why I’m coming to accept that this was a proper road for her character to go down. And that’s to say nothing of the fact that Root basically transcending this plane of existence and merging with The Machine would probably be her number one choice for how to die. And thanks to another brilliant meta post on here, I begun to believe that Root wasn’t truly alone when she died. Yes, none of Team Machine was there with her…but I have to believe The Machine was with her a the end. She loved Root too much to not be there when Root needed Her most. That thought brings me a lot of peace after so much sadness at the thought of her being alone in some hospital.

One last thought before I finally succumb to the exhaustion that this episode has caused me to feel. I can’t really begin to imagine what Shaw was feeling after she learned that Root had died. She’s probably struggling to figure it out herself after everything she’s gone through. But if there’s one thing that Shaw understands, it’s sacrifice. She did the exact same thing Root did in If-Then-Else. She analyzed the situation, realized that there was only one option, and made the decision to give herself up so that the team could survive and continue to fight. So I truly believe that she would understand, to her core, the decision that Root made. And I think that if Shaw had been in Root’s position, she would have made the same choice. I hope the explore how Shaw is feeling in these last few episode and maybe even have her talk to Root!Machine. And I hope she knows that Root was always thinking about her, every day for the last year. Shaw died during countless simulations in order to protect Root, and now Root loves her right back by sacrificing everything to make sure Shaw can keep fighting. 

Again, I’m not saying anyone has to see things this way or feel anything other than what they’re feeling. This is an emotional time and I wish CBS hadn’t fucked us all over with delaying this season so much, and then airing these episodes in such a rapid succession. It made the heartbreak all the more painful because we only had 24 hours to savor Root and Shaw’s reunion. I refuse to blame the writers for that because they had literally no control over it. Anyway, I will always love Root and this show. It’s such important representation even if it didn’t end the way I had hoped it would. She showed people that a queer woman can be powerful and brilliant and witty and cocky and emotional and strong and just an all around epic badass…all while loving another woman. Her sexuality was never a big deal, it was never even mentioned. The team just accepted it and saw her for who she truly was. And I truly believe Root got her happy ending when the whole team was reunited at the end of 5x09. That moment was what she always wanted and she got it. Everything after that, especially with Shaw, was just a little more for her to savor. I will forever be grateful to Amy for bringing my favorite character to life. And I am excited to see her work as The Machine, though it will also be undeniably painful. Time to let sleep finally overcome me.