oil installation


Floral Minds by Minas Halaj

Incorporating elements of classical education with contemporary influences, Minas Halaj’s art manifests itself by way of a symphony of graphics, sculptures, collages and figurative compositions. 

Halaj uses a variety of recycled material including tar as part of the background and pieces of a pre-Victorian dresses to add texture and dimension making his work deeply complex. Peep more of Halaj’s work at http://minashalajart.com/ (via Juxtapoz)


Closing Soon—Joe Bradley at Gagosian Beverly Hills

April 4, 2017

Oil paint has so much life. It really behaves like it wants to behave. You’ll go into a painting with an idea of what you want to do, and forty seconds later your plan has been upended. You always have to deal with these little skirmishes on the canvas.
—Joe Bradley

“Joe Bradley: Eric’s Hair,” at Gagosian Beverly Hills, ends this week on Saturday, April 8.
Image: “Joe Bradley: Eric’s Hair,” installation view. Artworks © Joe Bradley. Photo by Jeff McLane.


Qualcosa di visibile agli occhi, qualcosa di invisibile agli occhi, opening of my first solo exhibit last night in Palazzo Clabassi (Udine).

8th - 29th of September, Mon-Fri 10.00-14.00
Palazzo Clabassi, Via Zanon 22, Udine, IT


New dog house oil cooler installed on offset and pressure tested before being installed on Marla’s 1679cc short block. Generator stand also added.


Pioneering Spirit, formerly Pieter Schelte
a dynamically positioned vessel for single-lift installation and removal of large offshore oil and gas platforms, and the installation of oil and gas pipelines
owned by Allseas Group S.A., Switzerland
built by Dawoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering, South Korea
image credits: Allseas, Kotug

Weave 101

Hey tumblr wouldn’t let me rev log your ask from BWC, but here is my answer and tips in regards to your submission:

Braids are a good option. I would suggest Senegalese twists or box braids. I usually leave mine in for 6-8 weeks.

But weaves are good too. Here is almost everything you need to know about getting a hair weave(sorry for the long post😁)


1. Get a closure , or a full sew in. If you don’t, you will end up flat ironing your leave out too much and damage your hair. 
If you don’t get a closure or full sew in just be careful not to put heat on your leave out more than once a week and use a heat protectant spray every time.

Do not get a vixen or a 2 part sew in. If you’re leaving hair out tell your stylist you want to have the minimum leave out

2. Don’t get an outrageous length the first time. I’d say stick to 18in or shorter.

3. Get 2 bundles if you are getting 10-14 inches. 3 bundles if you’re getting anything from 16-24 inches and above 24 I’d suggest 4 bundles.

4. Do not get hair from the beauty supply store. Here are some affordable hair companies that have quality hair:
Blossom bundles
Pretty hair weave
Kendra’s boutique
The closures are good from all of these places too and they offer bundle deals

Blossom bundles is my favorite and Kendra’s boutique is a close second. All companies Have a website and Instagram, you should check both out.

I’d suggest a deep wave or curly texture if you’re leaving your hair out. It’s easier to blend coarser textures with curly hair that is flat ironed than it is to blend your natural hair with wavy hair.

If you’re getting a full/ closure sew in if suggest wavy, loose wave, or body wave hair. It’s easier to manage and you still have some texture if you choose to wear it in the natural state.

I’d only suggest curly or deep wave for a full sew in if you plan to wear the extensions in its natural state the majority of the time.

5. Get your ends clipped before each install and make sure you’re scalp is washed and properly oiled before each install too.

6. Don’t use too many products. I only use Argan oil, heat protectant spray and a flexible hold hair spray.

7 . Get a set of flexi rods. I use 6-8 on my head every night. It’s an easy way to maintain your curls and you hardly ever have to do your hair. You’ll wake up every morning looking like Beyoncé when you use them over night. There are a lot of good tutorials on YouTube

Weave advice courtesy of: memoirsofasugarbaby @http://memoirsofasugarbaby.tumblr.com/

Omg omg omg! I literally just started watching Sunny Side Up again and noticed this in the title card:

Jefferson County Middle School. Sound familiar? It should, because…

Jefferson County Museum of Contemporary Art.

Guys! Milo, Zack and Melissa go to school in Jefferson County! The same county where Phineas and Ferb entered the Swamp Oil 500 in The Fast and the Phineas and the same county where Django’s Dad had his art installation in Oil on Candace!



Oil galley plugs installed in Kirk’s CB Performance crankshaft. Crank gear stack went on next. Rebuilt German 311b connecting rods balanced end to end (588g) and Mahle standard size rod bearings then installed. New rod nuts torqued in 4 steps to 24ft/lb.