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Steam Cleansing ♨

Since incense makes me sneeze, I’ve been resorting to a different method of cleansing lately - steam cleansing! It’s exactly what it sounds like, using steam to cleanse your space. 


  • A pot, to be used for boiling water
  • Essential oils of your choice (about 50 drops total)
  • Water


  1. Add about 2 cups of water to your pot depending upon how large it is
    1. Otherwise, just fill the pot about halfway with water
  2. Add 50 drops of whichever essential oils you choose 
  3. Turn on your stove, and let the water boil 
  4. You should start to smell the essential oils throughout your house in very little time
  5. When the water has almost completely evaporated, turn your stove off
  6. Let the pot cool down and proceed to wash it as you would usually do with your dishes
  7. The scent tends to linger all day, if not longer
  8. Repeat as necessary :)

Essential oils for cleansing:

  • Anise
  • Camphor
  • Cedarwood
  • Citrus oils (bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, lemongrass, lime, orange, tangerine)
  • Dragon’s Blood
  • Hyssop
  • Lavender
  • Oregano
  • Peppermint
  • Pine
  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Sandalwood
  • Spearmint
  • Thyme

Some essential oils may cause respiratory irritation in both humans and animals, and many essential oils should not be used if pregnant or if you have other various medical problems. Please consult your physician if you have any questions about the use of essential oils.

Aromatherapy, Memory, & Magick


Paul Laffoley. The Kali-Yuga: The End of the Universe at 424826 A.D. (detail), The House of the Self, True Liberation, The Visionary Point, The World Self, The Kali-Yuga: The End of the Universe at 424826 A.D. (The Cosmos Falls into the Chaos as the Shakti Ouroboros Leads to the Elimination of all Value Systems by Spectrum Analysis). 1965,1970,1963,1971. 

Darling age of 20, 
you are honey sweet
and dangerously tender.
You are not a kid anymore, 
you are bold enough to
wear high heels,
you are adventurous
enough to let God in
your heart.
And your past wakes up
at night and watches
you sleep and it forgives you.
You have good hands
and less friends.
You bathe in oils
and clean the house.
You are about to
get married
and you keep your phone
conversations long while
you keep
the towel wrapped around
your head.
Your poetry is not just poetry
but statements ,
marriage vows,
Darling age of 20,
you haven’t always
been modest,
you haven’t always been
thoughtful with him.
You are still a cage of tigers.
And when he loves
you good,
really good,
you are a mermaid
with beautiful long legs. 
You have an alluring 
voice and it consumes him. 
It makes him want to marry you.
You are not a scandal anymore
in this town, 
and you’d have
given all your ages,
all your youth to feel like you feel now.
Darling age of 20,
you are still exquisite 17,
and romantic 18,
and curious 19
but you are his 20 now.
You are a decade older.
You are a revolutionary era.
You are the queen
coming to
the throne. 
And if they
don’t adore you anymore,
you will close your empire on them. 
Dear darling of 20, 
you’ve never been more 
in love than you are now.
—  Dear Darling Age Of 20 by Royla Asghar 
Today at the Library I found a Transformers Picture book on display. Apparently, the Decepticons and the Autobots are just one big dysfunctional family to hear this book tell it.

I’m not even kidding. This picture book literally starts with Skids and Mudflap trying to figure out how to tell Optimus that they weren’t watching the baby Sam as close as they should have and Optimus goes into full Hover-Dad mode. The following is a paraphrased transcript of this hilarious, probably-not-canon book.

Optimus: “Skids, Mudflap, weren’t you two supposed to be babysitting Sam (since I sent Bumblebee and Mikaela on a mission, because clearly they’re more responsible than him)? What are you two freaking out over? …..where’s the baby?”

Skids and Mudflap: “Okay, um. Don’t freak out.”

Optimus: “Already freaking out.”

Skids and Mudflap: “It’s not as bad as you think! Sam is working at a grocery store - college kid job, or whatever - but we think his coworker is a Decepticon spy.”

Optimus: “Well is there a giant robot in the grocery store?”

Skids and Mudflap: “Uh…no?”

Optimus: “Then it’s probably not a Deceptcion. Now go back to watching Sam!”

Skids and Mudflap: “But Boss! We thought that Alice creep was a human too! Remember how that turned out?”

Optimus: “…..don’t let Sam out of your sight.”


Megatron: (cackling maniacally) “Let’s see! How can I ruin Optimus’s day today? Killing him usually works. Aw, but he’s busy all the time! How can I draw him out?”

(thinks for probably longer than he should)

Megatron: “Ah-HA! The Boy! Optimus will do anything to make sure he’s safe. Hmmm….except he normally doesn’t let him out of his sight… Hey you! Random Decepticon Who Was Never In The Movies!”

Random: “You rang, Lord Megatron?”

Megatron: “Yes. Go scan a human and go to that grocery store where the Witwicky kid works.”\

Random: “Wait, why?”

Megatron: “I just really need someone to keep the nephew occupied for like, five minutes so I can actually have a decent fight with my brother. Is that so much to ask?”

Random: “I mean, when you put it that way…” (goes into Pretender mode and spies on Sam Witwicky to keep him out of Megatron’s non-existent hair)

Megatron: “Ah, now I will send a fake text message from Sam - and never you mind how I can fake his cell-phone number. I certainly  haven’t been using this to prank-call his human parents. And I definitely wasn’t using it to order pizza and leave him to pay the bill. Nope, not me. - and Optimus will think the boy is at school in trouble of some sort. Of course, that’s not entirely a lie: I’ve seen his report card, it’s pretty bad.”


Optimus: (bursts into gymnasium like the Kool-Aid Man, and sees Megatron) “You’re not Sam!”

Megatron: “Very perceptive, Optimus!” (there’s about a 60% chance that he’s not being sarcastic.)

(fight ensues, much punching, such destroy, very collateral damage)

Sam: (runs in, having ditched all three robot babysitters) “Hey Optimus, that text you got wasn’t from me!”

Optimus: “Yes, Sam. I think we’ve all figured that out at this point.”

Sam: “Uncle Megatron, stop being such a turdburglar! Leave Hover-Dad alone!”

Megatron: “Every time. Every stinking time. What’s an evil overlord got to do to pick a fight around here?!” (shakes fist and swears vengeance, then leaves)

And that is basically how the Transformers picture books go. Admittedly, it’s more amusing to me than the majority of the Bayverse movies’ scripts.

I've got an idea! How about Mexico actually pays for the wall and so does Canada. Before you bat an eye, all oversea flights are closed and America can live in its own small polluted world for as long as they can physically enjoy it and everyone's happy :)
New House Oil

So I have moved quite a bit in my life, all over in fact, and when I moved into new places I could feel the energy of everything before. Then when I started getting into my craft I developed a special oil that I like to burn once I have moved into a new place. So here you are dearies, I hope that you enjoy and bring in new light to your new homes! 

Mixing bowl 
Oil burner 
* Peppermint essential oil. “I clear away all past doings
Lavender essential oil. “because I now bring in new life of peace,” 
Rose essential oil. “love, hope, and happiness.” 
Rosemary essential oil. “I invite abundance to fill this new home.” 


  1. Open the windows in your new home. 
  2. In your mixing bowl place one (1) drop of peppermint oil, two (2) drops of lavender oil, two (2) drops of rose oil, one (1) drop of rosemary oil.
  3. Mix the oils together, when/if you say “I clear away” stir the oil counter clockwise, when/if you say “I invite” stir the oil clockwise. 
  4.  Once you are finished, find the center of your home (for me it is the kitchen) and place your oil burner where it is safe and won’t fall over and won’t set off fire alarms or disturb anyone else. 
  5. Place the oil in the burner, you can say what you would like then let the oil burn. As it is going, clean your place. Dust, vacuum, and sweep. Personally I recommend sweeping everything out the doors to clear away. 

NOTE: If you cannot burn oils for whatever reasons here are a couple alternative ways you can do this same New House spell. 

  • You can make a sachet with the ingredients listed above in herb form and place in a white bag tied with a yellow string/ribbon. Mix the ingredients as you desire, tie it up, then hang up near your front door (inside or out, whatever your preference is) and then clean your place with the windows open. 
  • Make a powder with the ingredients listed above in herb form. With your mortar and pestle grind together your ingredients until finely ground. (NOTE: If you have pets, you might want them put in their cage for the duration of this process so they do not inhale the powder. Safety first for our fur babies.) When your finished, sprinkle the powder in your carpet and floors, while chanting or silent. Once your are done, sweep what you can out the door and vacuum the rest of the powder with the windows open.
  • Wherever the center of your home is, go to that place and say either out loud or in your head “I clear away all past doings because I now bring in new life of peace, love, hope, and happiness. I invite abundance to fill this new home.” or something along the lines. When you are finished, clean your house with the windows open. This method has no ingredients at all, just power of mind and power to clean, haha. 

* WARNING: Peppermint can be difficult for some people if they are sensitive to the strong, in your face oils. If you cannot use peppermint and wish to eliminate it, that’s fine. If you want to substitute, spearmint is more low-key or you can use lemon essential oil. Whether you use spearmint or lemon place one (1) drop of the oil.

If you cannot burn oils and are using alternative methods but still wish to not use peppermint (h) you can use spearmint (h) or a dash of lemon zest or you can just eliminate all together.

While burning make sure others who live with you won’t be irritated by the smell of peppermint, be mindful.

Be safe. Peppermint can irritating for some to touch if you have sensitive skin. If you are dealing with the herb wear gloves if needed. 

(h = herb)

Legit food for Transformers:

  • Beryllium baloney
  • Cesium salami
  • Chase chips
  • Chocolate covered oil drums (Galvatron has a weakness for these)
  • Chocolate covered wheel drums
  • Chrome-alloy Cake
  • Chrome-alloy Pie
  • Chromia’s Pizza
  • Cyber-grapefruit
  • Cyber-tomatoes
  • Energon chankonabe (stew)
  • Energon goodies
  • Eneron goodie cake
  • Garbage O’s (Wreck-Gar brand cereal)
  • Lead sulphite crystals
  • Mendu (soup)
  • Oil cake
  • Plutonium pepperoni
  • Servo Salad (Warning: made from real servos. Blitzwing has his with iron filings)
  • Space Carrots
  • Zygotic fermented slime slurpee 


  • Grated Gears
  • Iron filings
  • mercury sauce

anonymous asked:

High school and friends with benefits au with Seven, Yoosung and Saeran (Zen if you don't write for him). Thank you!

A/N: *(the sheer amount of times i’ve had to “americanise” my spelling is unbelievable. I’m still to stubborn to change colour to color tho)

(Also I have a copious amount of aubergines in my inbox now, ya’ll are so nasty)


  • “You keep on sexting me in binary and now my friends think i’ve joined a shady hacktivists group ”

You were sitting at lunch with Saeyoung he was explaining about how internet cookies are extremely misleading in the title. You were half concentrating on him and half on what your friends Mina and Jisoo were snickering at. You could tell they were talking about the two of you. After another five minutes of their whispers they finally approached the two of you.

“Okay you two we know what’s going on” Mina said as she slammed her hand on the table.

You and Saeyoung looked at each other both thinking the same thing.

  1. Shit they know we’ve been fucking in the supply closet 
  2. How’d they even find out
  3. Which of the three exits can we make our escape

“So is it cool?” Jisoo asked pulling you both out of your thoughts.

You decided to play innocent by asking what the hell she was talking about.

“Oh come on we both know you and Seven are in a super underground hacktivist group” Mina said her elbow propped on the table in an act of secrecy

“Yeah we saw all those messages you sent in that nerd code” Jisoo piped in nodding in approval, “So spill the beans already”

Seven finally decided to speak up from being unusually silent

“Well girls we’d love to tell you but we’d have to kill you” 

Mina and Jisoo gawked in amazement. You sighed as you realised the deep hole you two had dug for yourselves.


  • “I accidentally told my *mom we were dating after she found your bra under my pillow and now you’re invited to my cousin’s wedding”

“I can’t believe your making me do this” You grumbled as you stalked past countless shops searching for a dress for this stupid wedding. 

“I already apologised like fifty times” 

You ignored his comment following him into a dress store. He scanned the racks looking for something that would please me. He picked out five dresses and piled them into my hands before directing me to the dressing room


“I just don’t understand how this involves me” you sighed stepping out in a light pink dress with some questionable frills.

“Well what would you do if your mother found a random girl’s bra in your room”

“Don’t you have a sister couldn’t you have said it was hers” You whined now in dark red dress that make you look like ornate blood stain.

“First of all my sister is 12 and second of all I hardly think that’s her style anyway”

“What would you know about style Mr. WearsTheSameRattyHoodieEveryday” you scoffed, “plus if you hadn’t stolen my bra in the first place we wouldn’t be in this situation at all”

“Wha..What..I didn’t steal it I merely kept for safekeeping till i could return it to you”

“Sure, Jan” you muttered “Yoosung you are many things but you ain’t slick”

Yoosung pouted now knowing he’d been caught. You took a glance at the dressing room then back at Yoosung

“So wanna have a quickie in there” You said pointing to the dressing room behind you.

“I swear to god you have a shorter attention span than me,” Yoosung scolded “we came to look for a dress remember?”

“Boo, You’re no fun”


(headcanon that Saeran has a hella extensive mourning routine and knows all these natural remedies)

  • “Just cause I let you stay the night doesn’t mean you can use all my eyeliner”

“Who could have guessed ‘scary edgelord Saeran’ has a fucking morning routine” you smirked rising from the bed to see Saeran sat at your vanity table

“Fuck you”

“I already did” you retorted shrugging on one of his oversized shirts.

“Why am I even friends with you?”

“Cause I’m the only one that can deal with your hipster emo ass”

“I thought you liked my ass” he quipped setting down a moisturising cream.

“Cute” you replied now eyeing him as he emptied out your makeup bag picking out the eyeliner.

“Just cause I let you stay the night doesn’t mean you can use all my eyeliner”

Saeran ignored your comment and continued applying it with expert precision you were a bit jealous cause it usually took you like three tries to get it right.

“You better not do a better job than me, i can’t have you showing me up at school”

“Where the fuck do you keep your Vitamin E Oil” Saeran asked exasperated

“Do you even hear yourself, and who the fuck has Vitamin E Oil lying around the house” 

“No wonder your skin is so dry you’ve been living like a savage”

“Boi you about to catch these hands if you make anymore comments about the state of my skin”

~Admin Petty