oil decline

Sometime ago, I was asking people about what Mysme fanfiction should I write and one of them jokingly said ‘Jumin X Elizabeth’ and I thought it was really creative. So I did exactly that. Just wanted to share this quick one-shot of them. Hahahaha. Enjoy~

Every time she passes by, I can’t help but feel as though I want to own all of her. It is quite ironic as I already do own her.

Her pure white hair, not one strand of stain nor gray, swishing back and forth as she walks elegantly across the room. Those deep blue orbs that seem as if they can see right through your soul.

An elegant and petite figure such as hers would never compare to anyone else. My one and only special cat, Elizabeth 3rd. 🐱

I feel like I’m missing something… But I don’t know what it is.

“It’s quite a tedious task to choose a different tie to wear everyday…” I ponder to myself while I scan through the line of ties placed neatly on my table.

Suddenly, I felt something soft go through my leg.

“Meoooow!” it was Elizabeth who was rubbing her body against me.

I pet her head lovingly. “I see that you’ve finished your breakfast. I hope you enjoyed the meal Heston Blumenthal (He’s my idooool) has especially prepared for you.

As I was busy admiring Elizabeth, I noticed my phone vibrating.

I would like to hope that it wouldn’t be assistant Kang but of course, that would be most likely. After all, no one but her calls me at this time.

"Mr. Han.” a womanly voice could be heard from the other line when I picked up.

“Yes, assistant Kang.” I answer indifferently, still preoccupied with Elizabeth and my choice of tie for the day.

“Please come to the office as soon as you can. The Oil Prince has come on short notice in order to present something to you.”

The Oil Prince… I don’t particularly care what he has to hand over but he’s a valuable asset to our company so I have no other choice.

“I’ll be right there.” Immediately hanging up, I grab a simple gray and black checkered tie and head to the door.

I look behind me and bend down to see the cat that’s been following me as I was walking.

I sigh a heavy one just like how I always do when I have to leave for work. “It hurts my heart to have to leave you everyday like this, Elizabeth 3rd. If I could, I would give anything to be able to have you by my side everyday. Taking you to the outside is far too much. You’ll get tainted so forgive me. Know that you mean the whole world to me.” I turn back and head out the door.

“Driver Kim, please head to the office.” I sat down and opened the RFA messenger to see what has happened while I was gone.

It’s full of Zen’s narcissism yet again. I swear… If he has to show extreme love for something, it should be for Elizabeth The 3rd.

707 won’t stop talking about how much he wants to hold ‘Elly’ in his arms. I’ve told him never to call her Elly but he just doesn’t listen.

“We’ve arrived, Mr. Han.” I get off the car and head inside the 50 storey building.

“Good morning, Mr. Han.” Numerous employees line up in front of me, but not blocking my way.

I see assistant Kang not too far, trying to catch up to me. “Mr. Han, the Oil Prince is right outside the office waiting.”

“All right.” I gave a firm response and Assistant Kang and I walk straight to my office.

As the elevator opens, I notice a white turban although not as white as Elizabeth’s. The Oil Prince’s foreign face turned around with a big smile. “Mr. Han! See you… well, yes?!”

“Yes, I see that you’re well as well. Good morning. Please, step into my office.” at my gesture, one of the guards opens the door for us but the Oil Prince declined saying: “No, no! I come here…for you, special gift! Need to go… Asap!”

Gently, I turn him down. “I have no reason to accept a gift from one such as you so I must decline. I do appreciate the thought.”

“No, no!” He grins widely and brings out a little rusty copper pot with a long spout than usual that seems as though it’s from the Arabian or Egyptian period. Kind of stereotypical of him to give, actually.

“This is…” I ponder. I don’t think I’ve seen something like this before.

I glance at assistant Kang and as though she read my mind, she answered: “It’s a lamp, sir.”

A lamp…

Ah, that 'magical item that grants wishes’ or so I’ve heard.

The Oil Prince shoves the lamp to me without any hint of retreating. “Take it, take it! Gift from me to you!”

Well… If he insists that much… I don’t suppose I have any reason to refuse…

I cautiously take the lamp and thank him. He grinned widely and immediately left, excusing himself most politely.

I head into my office holding the lamp to place on the edge of my desk and sit down to take a gander at the new mountain of work papers that need to be signed and revised.

“Assistant Kang,” I call her while looking at one of the papers about protecting wild life.

“Yes, Mr. Han?”

“What are your thoughts on engineering new food for all cats to enjoy?” Suddenly, everything turned silent but was later disrupted by her phone call.

“Oh, excuse me, Mr. Han, I have an important business call with one of our main sponsors.” she excuses herself and leaves. I suppose she avoided the topic on purpose or it may have been just me.

I decided to leave it be and return to my mountain of endless work.

It’s boring. Everyday is always like this. It’s a routine, I suppose…. Has it always been like this?

Hours pass and I start missing Elizabeth 3rd.

On instinct, I turn on my phone and stare lovingly at my wallpaper of my precious Elizabeth.

If Elizabeth were a human, I wonder if I would love her as much as she is now…

“Meow!” my messenger app’s sudden notification shocked me a little wherein I jerked the table a little and caused the gift-given lamp to fall down.

“Oh.” as opposed to what I am supposed to feel, I let out a slightly less panicked expression.

I stand up and notice a puddle forming on my imported cashmere carpet.

“What on earth… ” I stare gallanty at the puddle forming bigger and deeper than it should be.

A few seconds later, something red was slowly emerging from it and it was… “Yo, Mr. Trust Fundkid! ฅ(๑*▽*๑)ฅ!!”

“This is a dream.” I sit back down on my chair thinking from where the dream started.

Nothing weird has happened so far so I can’t tell when and where I had fallen asleep.

This is quite a dilemma… I still have a lot of work to do…

“Hey, hey! Are you ignoring me now?! I’ve come here especially for you, secret agent 707! Ta-dah! Mwah! (๑ơ ₃ ơ)♥ I’ve hacked into your dream! I was aiming for your heart but this will do.” Seven’s quirky personality is as irritating as in real life.

Why does he even have an emoji in person. I suppose since this is a dream, all realism and laws of science and common sense have been stripped away.

“If you’re here to annoy me then you’ve done perfectly well.”

“Σ(⊙▽⊙”) But I haven’t done anything yet?“

"Exactly.” I cross my arms together. I don’t seem to be waking up so I might as well comply with this shenanigan. “Well, what are you here for?”

“Hehe! (* ̄︶ ̄*)” He grinned widely and did a Sailor Moon pose… Whatever that is. The author is writing things I don’t even have knowledge about.

“Duuuude! You don’t know who Sailor Moon is?! °Д°” Seven starts butting in.

“I’m not butting in! (。ŏ_ŏ)(。ŏ_ŏ)(。ŏ_ŏ)”

Now he’s reading my mind. This is getting out of hand…

“Ai to segi no, sailor fuku bishoujo senshi Saaaaaailor Mooon! Tsuki ni kowatte, oshiokiyo! (*´∇`*)” he’s starting to do some weird poses again and speaking in Japanese.

“This is my and Elizabeth 3rd’s story so stop it.”


(Me: (。•́︿•̀。)(。•́︿•̀。)(。•́︿•̀。)(。•́︿•̀。))


(Me: Yessiiiir ︶︿︶)

“Yesssiiiiir.  ̄へ ̄” Seven straightens himself up and raises both of his arms. “Anyway, I’m here right now becauseeee….drum roll please!” and he takes out two lamps from his jacket’s pockets. “Did you lose the gold lamp or the silver lamp? (๑•̀ω•́)”

“Neither.” I answer bluntly.

“Tandadadaaaah!!! (σ≧▽≦)σ We have a winneeer!!” and so, the two lamps disappear and gets replaced with confetti cups which he popped right in front of my face.

With an unamused look, I sweep off the confetti that fell on me.

“Because of your honesty, I will grant you one wish! ≧∇≦ So what is it?”

“If I wake up, I can actually buy anything I want with my money so I suppose I should wish for something impossible… Though I don’t support the fact that finding comfort and drowning in my dreams would do me any good.” considering this rare chance, I should choose wisely even if it is just a dream.

“How about something for Elly, yeah? (○゚ε゚○)”

He’s right.

“Course I’m right, bruh! I’m special agent, 707, meow! Hehe! (⌒o⌒)”

All right, ignoring Seven for now…

“Ouch, man. ٩(●˙—˙●)۶”

What should I wish for Elizabeth… A mansion… A penthouse… No, I could buy all of those with just a snap of my fingers.

“'If Elizabeth were a human, I wonder if I would love her as much as she is now…’ ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ” Seven whispers in my ear my earlier thoughts.

“That’s actually not such a bad idea… Well, possibly.”

“Right? You can have your very own cat girl! But no r18 stuff, okay? That’s a no-no! (。ì _ í。)” I get karate chopped on the head lightly.

“Then I want Elizabeth to turn into a human.”

“All right. I will grant your wish!! Abraaaaaaa cadabra! Alazakam shazam!!! ♪☆\(^0^\) ♪(/^-^)/☆”

He has an emoji for every single dialogue, that’s too much.

“All rigggght, I’ve done my magic! (ノ•^•)ノ♡ Elly has been turned into a full fledged human. But…” he looks down and his expression shifts from a happy one to a sad one. “Don’t sleep for too long, okay? You’re forgetting the most important someone to you…”

“The most important…?” Who am I forgetting…

“Yeah, the looooong cat!” he pulls out a cat with a very long body from the puddle and he laughs wholeheartedly. “Isn’t she cute? Hahaha! But don’t worry, Elly is still number 1 in my heart. ≥﹏≤”

I walk over to where Seven is and push his head down, hoping that he would disappear into the puddle which, surprisingly, worked.

Still… My beloved cat turning into a human… Without noticing, I was smiling like an idiot and was already out the door. “Assistant Kang, I’m taking an early leave.”

“Wait, Mr. Han…?!” stopping for nothing, I took a car and drove back home.

When I arrived at my door, my heart started beating just a little faster… I have never been this excited except whenever I see Elizabeth…

Increasing the suspense, I slowly but surely open the door and lo and behold… There was a girl standing, her face and body turned against me.

I go over to her side and notice the simple sleeveless white dress she was wearing. Her snow colored hair that fell all the way to her hips and her pale white skin as though they’ve been bathed under milk for quite some time.

“Elizabeth…” I murmur without thinking and the unfamiliar girl turned around and looked at me with wide eyes.

A thin and pretty face she has. Her eyes are still as round and beautiful as when she was a cat. Her lips are pink and plump just like her cheeks. She’s flawless. Just how I am imagining her to be…


Somehow… I don’t feel very attracted…

Well, of course, she IS a cat and she is just a figment of my imagination… But somehow, this is very different from what I am supposed to feel.

'Jumin…’ I hear a familiar voice and I turned around but… No one was there.


Anyway, disregarding the strange voice, Elizabeth 3rd is right in front of me, as a human. She looks so much like a frail porcelain doll that if I so much as touch her, I feel that she’d shatter into a million pieces.

“Ju… min.” was the first word she uttered. Her voice was small and girly, just like how I intended it to be.

“I am a human meow!” her voice was getting louder and higher the more she spoke. “Yay, meow! Meow that I’m human, I can be with Jumin everyday meow!”

She still has some feline mannerisms, I see.

Wanting to be with me everyday, is this really what she’s thinking or could it just be how I want her to think…

This is one of the reasons why I despise dreams. It’s nothing more than mere fantasies and when I wake up, it’ll leave one with emptiness and a craving for the sweetness of the dreams to return.

“You’re as beautiful as I thought you would be, Elizabeth. It would be nice to have you by my side everyday so to not leave you here feeling lonely everyday.”

“Okay meow!”

And so, everyday, I would bring Elizabeth to work. I felt fine since it was a dream. No one would stare, touch nor hurt her. She’s mine and mine alone.

'Jumin… What do you want for breakfast?’ I instinctively turn around but no one was there.

I constantly hear someone calling me for the past few days but when I search for the voice, there was no one to be found.

Is someone trying to wake me up…?

Strange as I live alone with Elizabeth.

It’s been days here in the dream world but it could have only been minutes in the real one.

I would never want to leave here…. Is what the me who’s been hypnotized would say but obviously, that’s unlikely as long as I still have my sanity.

“Meooow…! Jumin’s lap is so comfy meow! I love Jumin meow!”

“Elizabeth, as much I would like to have you by my side everyday, please don’t lay on my thighs as I am working.” I am unable to do my work efficiently if she continues to lay on me.

“But, Jumin meow! Spoil me meow, spoil me meow!!” her voice gets louder.

“Yes, of course.” I pet her constantly and she seems satisfied.

“Mmm… Comfy meow! Then next, I want new clothes and accessories and make up! The expensive ones, okay?” she purrs and I nod. “Of course, anything for you, Elizabeth.”

There was a knock on the door. “Mr. Han, may I come in?” it was assistant Kang.

“You may enter.” At my call, assistant Kang went in with a disappointed look. “Mr. Han, you haven’t done proper work for the past few days.”

I won’t deny that. I’m too distracted in caring to Elizabeth’s every need.

“It just seems as though you’re being led on by her now that she’s a human. Agreeing to pamper her, give her everything she wants, Mr. Han, you’re spoiling her. She’s already gotten so used to it that she demands even more.”

“That is…”

'I love you, Jumin.’

I turned around again and it was the same womanly voice and yet there was no figure to be seen.

“Mr. Han, please realize it as soon as you can. What you’re missing. You won’t wake up from this dream if you keep it up.” Assistant Kang shows me a sad look in her eyes and I remained clueless.

“Yes, I know. Now, I’d like to advertise a commercials featuring Elizabeth.”

“Yay meow!! Thank you, Jumin meow! I love you, meow!” Elizabeth hugs me tightly.

“Of course, I love you too, Elizabeth. I’ll give you anything you want.”

A few more days pass and Elizabeth’s demands keep getting bigger but I still continue to give and give.

Somehow… I’m getting fed up.

No matter how much I give, she continues to say that she wants more, more, and more. It’s restricting and tiring. She doesn’t do anything and just sticks close to me everyday. She wasn’t this high maintenance when she was a cat.

She was quiet and elegant and didn’t ask for anything and always received what was given to her.

“Nee, Juuuumin meow! I want another set of clothes meow!” she smiles but it doesn’t affect me.

“No.” I answer firmly and she seemed a little put off. “W-what….meow? C-c'mon, Jumin, meow! I’m your darling Elizabeth, meow? You won’t say no to me-ow?”

“I admit, I thought I would love you even when you turned into a human but you are different from my Elizabeth 3rd. You ask for new things everyday and never get satisfied and try to get my attention with love. You’re no different from my father’s girlfriends. I will not follow in my father’s footsteps.” I continue, not hesitating to hurt her feelings.

Pursing her lips, she answers. “B-but Jumin, don’t you love me so much to the point that you’d spoil me?”

“I was wrong. I loved you as a cat and not as a human… The person who I fell in love with…” the person I love. If I remember, she was…

“She would always listen to me and give me an honest answer. She always tries to understand me and loves me regardless of my family or wealth. No one can replace her. Voicing out her thoughts, a selfless person… That was the kind of woman I fell in love with and the only woman I would ever spoil to this extent even in real life. She’s the woman I married and loved and met in a messenger app…” my heart was being filled with a warm light, slowly, I start recollecting my memories of her and then…


“Jumin…?” I opened my eyes to see a woman with long brown hair looking at me from above.

My thoughts become clearer and I notice that she is my wife.

“Good morning, Jumin. You’ve slept a lot today. Did you have a good dream?” she smiled like angel. She’s as beautiful as always.

I reach in to kiss her but I halt. She noticed and questioned me. “What’s wrong? Oh… Is it because I haven’t brushed my teeth yet? I’m sorry! I’ll go brush now!” she fumbled around and I stopped her.

She’s so cute. I would never not kiss her for such a reason. “I’m repenting… ” I murmur but it was loud enough for her to hear.

“Repenting…? Why?” she tilts her head adorably and I want to kiss her even more.

“Because I didn’t dream of you today. I even forgot you. The only person in my dream was a human Elizabeth that was far too annoying for her and my own good so I’m going to punish myself for not dreaming of you.” I hang my head a little low and she goes closer and kisses me lightly on the lips and giggles.

“Oh, Jumin… You shouldn’t go that far. I love you so much that I wouldn’t be sad nor angry about that and I know how much you love me so your love is all I need…” she says with brimming confidence. “Oh, speaking of Elizabeth, I haven’t fed her yet, excuse me-!” I pull her close and kiss her deeply.

Her cheeks turned beet red. “Wh-wha-whaaa… J-Jumin… What about Elizabeth?”

“She can wait.” and I spent another passionate morning with my beloved wife.

I still love my cat though. I hope she stays just the way as she is. Elizabeth 3rd.

~The End~

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—  Anne Spirn