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If you are having issues with your foundation separating, moving or rubbing off of your nose, chin, or forehead then watch this tutorial and check your products to see if you are using them correctly. 

This is the first aspect to address when having foundation application issues as it’s a quick and simple way to determined whether it’s the underlying cause of the patchiness.
If you are using your products correctly the next thing to look at is your skincare; if your moisturiser is too oily it could be causing a premature breakdown of your base makeup, if you’re of an oily skin-type then you may need to change your skincare routine to specifically target excess oil.

Using a liquid exfoliant that contains Salicylic Acid (BHA) in will help to remove any dead skin cells that build up (particularly on oily skin) and prevent pores from clogging. Using an Oil Control Primer over the skin prior to makeup will help to absorb excess oil, minimise the appearance of pores and aid the longevity of your makeup. 
Paula’s Choice is a favourite skincare brand of mine - I’ve not been sponsored to mention them in anyway, shape, or form, my personal experience purchasing their products has always been positive, and I would highly recommend them. 

Lazygirlguidetomakeup’s guide to oily skin.

Oily skin is a common problem that a lot of people deal with. Even if your whole face isn’t oily everyone deals with a little bit of oiliness every now and then. This guide will mostly be for helping people who have very oily or oily/combination skin but it can also be helpful to those who deal with a little bit of oil every now and then. 

So first things first, how do you know if you have oily skin?

To tell if you have oily skin cleanse your face and then wait an hour or so. Don’t put anything on your skin during that time. Look at your face and hour after cleansing. If you whole face looks shiny and oily you probably have oily skin. 

On the other hand if you look at your face and only certain areas of your face are shiny and oily while others might be dry or normal you probably have oily/combination skin, which is very common since people rarely have one type of skin. For people with oily/combination skin the most common place to get very oily is along the T-Zone. Which is the forehead, nose and chin as shown in the photo below. 

Skin care for oily or Oily/Combination Skin

Okay so one of the most important things for taking care of your skin no matter what skin type you have is a good skin care routine. This is especially true for oily skin types because not washing your face and letting that oily sit can lead to breakouts. 


Okay so the first step in in good skin care routine is cleansing your skin. You should wash your skin once or twice a day never more than that. Over washing your face can strip your skin of all the oils it needs which will cause it to over produce oily only making things worse. 

When choosing a cleanser look for one for your skin type! This is super important because if you’re using a cleaner for the wrong skin type it won’t help and can even make your skin worse. Also not all cleansers work the same for everyone even people with the same skin type. Try out a few see how your skin reacts and pick the best one for you. In general oil free products are good for people prone to oiliness and this is true for cleansers to so keep an eye out for that.

If you have mostly oily skin with no dry patches then a foaming cleanser is really good getting rid of excess oil and helping to control it through out the day. However if your do have some dry patches or just more sensitive skin a foaming cleaner could be too much and strip your skin more than it should. 

If you have Oily/combination skin then go for a gel cleanser which can be a little gentler than a foaming one which means it will be less harsh on any dry  or sensitive areas you might have and keep them from getting worse. It is also possible you might just need two cleansers one for the oily areas of your face, and another gentler cleanser for the dry/normal areas of your face. 

If you also have acne prone skin which is very common if you also have oily skin then look for a cleanser that also has  salicylic acid or a lipo hydroxy acid which will help clean our pores, prevent breakouts, and help control oil. 


While face masks are not super important to use I find that using a mask once or twice a week can really help your skin. The best mask for oily/combination skin types are clay masks which will help draw out excess oil and dirt from your skin while providing your skin with some helpful minerals. Just don’t leave it on to long or it could dry you out too much. To avoid that just make sure you wash it off as soon as it fells like its started to dry on your face. 


So toners can be a little iffy. They are good for helping to control oily but the astringent properties of them can be to harsh and can lead to overproduction of oil so it will depend. If you feel like you need a toner start off only using it a few times a week rather then every day and be aware if your face seems to be getting oilier that that means your should probably stop using it rather than use more.

Try to find and alcohol free toner which can be too harsh and drying.  witch hazel is a great natural toner. Or here is a post about how to make your own toner using apple cider vinegar 


There are some people who believe that oily skin types should not use moisturizer or that moisturizer will make oily skin worse but that isn’t true. Moisturizer is super important no matter what skin type you have! After your wash the oils off your face it is important to add some moister back into your skin so your skin doesn’t over compensation and produce too much oil.

Again the important thing when choosing a moisturizer is picking one for your skin type. Oil free is best. Personally I like Yes! to tomatoes daily balancing moisturizer which is relatively inexpensive.

Aloe Vera is also a good natural moisturizer for oily skin and acne prone skin. it’s not oil based and won’t be to heavy on your skin and it also has some healing properties which can help with acne . 


Always wear sunscreen no mater the season or if you plan on being outside. Protecting your skin from the sun is super important. However some sunscreens can be to greasy especially for oily skin types so go for a gel based facial sunscreen which will be more matte. 

Makeup tips to help control oil 

  • Always use a primer, It might also be good to invest in an oil controlling primer which can either be used all over or on just the places you get most oily 

  • After you apply your primer dust your face with a loose translucent powder then apply foundation and concealer, and then go over again with powder along the T Zone. This will help prevent oiliness and help your foundation last longer especially during the warmer months. 

  • Try applying your foundation with a damp beauty blender. Using a damp beauty blender can get rid of any extra oil that might be in your foundation which will help prevent oiliness through the day. 

  • When choosing a foundation again look for one made for your skin type. Oil free is always great. Generally liquid foundations, cream to powder foundation, and foundation sticks work well for oily skin. BB creams can work too they are just a little harder to find in a formulation that isn’t too dewy, but they do exist.

  • Stay away from things that say they have a “Dewy” finish this will only emphasize shine and oil for people who have issues with oiliness. Matte or satin finishes are best.

  • Carry oily absorbing wipes with you. Sometimes oil is just unavoidable so when it happens dab the area with an oil absorbing wipe to get rid of oil. Once you’ve gotten rid of the oil then you can go back over with a little bit of powder on your T-Zone if you feel you need to.

  • Make sure not to over powder! when using powder use a large fluffy brush. Only dust along the T-zone when setting your makeup and doing apply powder over top oil. Over powdering is the number one way to make your makeup look cakey which is not good

  • Try a makeup setting spray which can help both set your makeup and help it last longer before your face get’s oily or shiny 

  • If you have very oily eyelids and your eye shadow tends to crease throughout the day or your eyeliner smudges then make sure you are using an eye primer before applying your eye makeup. NYX Proof it is a good inexpensive primer good for oily lids.

In this tutorial I will be teaching you how to apply foundation. 

Liquid/Powder/Gel/Cream you name it girl you know I got you.

One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot look flawless and natural. So you can’t have both so if you want to look natural you will have to sacrifice some coverage. 


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can-diceee-deactivated20160926  asked:

I generally don't wear foundation or anything on my face in the summer but I wanted to try out a primer I could wear on top of my lotion, any recommendations? I'd prefer drugstore but high end is fine as well. Thank you (:

Primers can actually improve the look and texture of your skin on it’s own without foundation! A great simple step to boost the look of your skin a bit and look more presentable without wearing any actual makeup, just slap some on and you’re out the door! You can even wear an oil controlling primer on it’s own if you have oily skin!

Check out primers like

Kiehls Micro Blur Skin Perfector $35. This will instantly help your pores look smaller and give you a smooth, flawless finish sans makeup! It’s ever so slightly tinted so give you a hint of coverage and color.

Loreal Magic Lumi Primer $10. This primer will add some life and light to your skin. It will make your skin glow and look more radiant and healthy!

Maybelline Baby Skin $6. Will smooth out your skin and pores to make your complexion look even that much better.

Chanel Le Blanc $45. Adds some luminosity and glow to dull skin.

oncee-upon-a-dreamm  asked:

What's the best drugstore face primer?

There are quite a few drugstore primers on the market and all give different effects and finishes so i’ll break them down into categories for you :)

Best smoothing/perfecting primers (great for those with large pores, flakey skin or who just want an airbrushed finish)

  • NYX Angel Veil $15 (light weight)
  • Loreal Youth Code Pore Vanisher $20 (similar to Benefit Porefessional)
  • ELF Mineral Infused Face Primer $6

Best oil controlling/lasting primers (great for oily skin or those who wear makeup for long periods of time)

  • Rimmel Stay Matte Primer $7
  • Boots No7 Stay Perfect Shine Free Primer $10 
  • NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray $8 (can be worn under makeup as a primer and over makeup as a setting spray)

Best illuminating/hydrating primers (great for dry skin or those who like a dewy complexion) 

  • Loreal Magic Lumi $13 (illuminating)
  • The Body Shop Skin Primer Moisturize It $15 (hydrating)

anonymous asked:

please give me an outline of what i need in a freelance kit -_-

when you first start out, you’re going to be using your own makeup, it sucks and it’s gross but it’s what you gotta do until you start making money, i’m probably gonna forget some stuff also 


  • mascara wands
  • lip wands 
  • alcohol +77% 
  • cotton pads/circles/puffs
  • q-tips 
  • hand sanitizer 
  • towels 
  • chapstick
  • baby wipes  


  • cleanser (whatever you have just make sure it’s good for all skin types)
  • sheet masks/clay masks (skinfood or dr jarts $8 each) 
  • basic serum (i use laura mercier’s multi vitamin serum) 
  • basic moisturizer (i use clinique’s ddml) 


  • primers (radience/pore primers/oil control)  
  • foundation palette (bobbi’s bbu palette is my favorite bc it comes with concealers and correctors) 
  • foundation pigments and fx drops to change color and consistency of foundation (fx drops can be added to serums to make a serum foundation amazing for dry and mature skin) 
  • concealer pots (laura mercier secret concealer and secret camouflage)
  • correctors (bobbi brown/kevyn aucoin sensual skin enhancers) 
  • liquid foundations (true match or revlon color stay / multiple colors mac face and body foundation)
  • translucent powders (ben nye banana/universal/caramel) (laura mercier translucent) 
  • mineral powders 
  • brightening powder (laura mercier 1&2)


  • blush palettes (bh cosmetics) 
  • mac blush palette w/ mac blushes 
  • makeup geek pan blushes 
  • contour kits (anastasia cream & powder) 
  • morphe cream and powder contour kits 
  • mac mineralized skin finishes (perfect topping/soft and gentle/global glow) anastasia highlighters (just bought all 4, really amazing) 


  • eye palettes (i buy pan shadows and put them in my makeup geek z palettes)
  • morphe palettes/too faced palettes/naked palettes (ew) 
  • eyeliners (gel/cream/liquid/cake 
  • lashes (beauty supply lashes unless they want expensive ones you add into the price of the application) 
  • mascara - various types (fibers/non fibers as well) 


  • morphe lip palette 
  • lipsticks (mac and nyx are my favorite) 
  • glosses (drugstore) 
  • stains/lip stains 
  • liners (nyx) 
  • plumpers 
  • lips is the easiest thing like who cares 


  • brush set for clients only (i have the sigma complete brush kit and the morphe 30 piece brush set) 
  • blending pan (makes it much easier to blend the palette foundations and liquid foundations) 
  • brush cleaner (i use cinema secrets cleanser and cleansing tin) 
  • makeup rolling case (this is mine
  • client requests, ask them their favorite brands and looks and if you have to go out and buy things like body pigments or prosthetics or body jewelry, include that in your price) 
  • makeup puff to keep you from touching the face too much with the sides of your hands and to apply powders, i use my laura puff 
  • beauty blenders 
  • business cards! increase your business by handing out cards to every person who receives a makeup application so they can recommend you to their friends or call you for their own event if you were hired for a wedding they just happened to be in. business cards also allow you to apply for pro memberships and gratis programs with most companies, for like 100 bucks or less a year you get 40%-50% off all their products including pro exclusives 

wstyk-deactivated20140801  asked:

Sorry If you've been asked this before, but does using primer/not using primer make a big difference with how your foundation will look?

It depends if you get the right primer for your certain skin type and needs. Not every primer you try will work for you! You might have to return a few until you find one that works best for you because everyone’s skin is different. I’ve just recently found my favorite primer which is the Hourglass Mineral Veil aka my true love which makes my makeup last ages and makes my skin look like silk. 

There are a few types of primers 

  • Smoothing Primers
  • Long Wearing Primers
  • Luminizing Primers

Pore & Line Filling Smoothing Primers

These primers fix the texture & overall look of your skin. These primers are ideal for those with large pores because they fill in any large pores creating a poreless, smooth base under foundation. A smoothing primer is also great for dry skin because it smooths over any flakey patches and makes your skin’s texture look more smooth and not as dry. These types of primers arent always best for oily skin because they don’t do much for oil control.

Examples: Benefit Porefessional, Loreal Youth Code Texture Perfection Pore Vanisher, Maybelline Baby Skin, Tarte Clean Slate Poreless 24 Hour Primer.

Oil Control/Long Lasting Primers

These primers act like glue between your skin and foundation. Ideal for long work days, oily skin, humid weather, sweat, etc. 

Examples: Smashbox Photofinish Primer Light, Neutrogena Shine Control Primer, Hourglass Mineral Viel Primer, Kat Von D Rehab Priming Elixir.

Hydrating/Brightening Primers

These primers can have a subtle glow/pearlized finish or be hydrating for a more dewy finish. Great for dry or dull skin who want a luminous finish!

Examples: Tarte 24 Hour Brightening Primer, Loreal Magic Lumi Primer, Dior Glow Maximizing Primer.

anonymous asked:

What're your favorite foundations? Drugstore and Highend. I have combination skin with only getting oily in my t-zone and normal to dry skin everywhere else.

I have that skin type as well!

I like to use a good intense moisturizer at night and exfoliate weekly to handle my dry areas and I use oil controlling primers/moisturizers/foundations in the day time to handle my dry areas. This way my dry spots won’t be irritated when using more “drying” products during the day so my t zone will stay shine free. I also like to use translucent powders because they really help control shine but arent too matte so my normal/dry areas still look nice :)

Some foundations I looove are

  • Urban Decay Naked
  • Covergirl 3 in 1 Outlast 
  • NARS Sheer Matte
  • Garnier BB Cream for oily skin (not the normal to dry skin one)
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear

obsessedwithles  asked:

what types of questions should I be asking when selecting a foundation for a client? like do I need to know about their skin care routine?

Great question! As a makeup artist it’s good to ask questions to know their skin type so you can use the right primer, foundation, etc. if you have a client with oily skin and don’t use long wearing products their makeup will be sliding off within an hour or so which will result in an unhappy customer.

You also might want to ask what sort of finish they like either matte or dewy or in between aka a satin finish. They might want a certain look like natural or full coverage so you might want to ask them that too :)

I would suggest just asking what skin type they have and if they don’t know just ask them simple questions like so you get oily all over or just in your t zone? You can ask is your skin tight, flakey and dry? Etc because some people might not know their skin type.

Some might be combination so oily & dry or dry & normal or normal & oily. For these clients you can to treat both so use a oil controlling primer and powder in the oily areas (usually t zone) and use a rich moisturizer in the drier areas but not in the oily areas.

So make sure you have foundations, primers, moisturizers, powders, etc for all skin types and skin shades :)

carpediemthatish  asked:

I have combination skin (oily tzone and dry patches around my nose and cheeks) and I'm looking into purchasing a new foundation that's light to medium coverage and offers a kind of glowy look while still maybe keeping oils at bay? Can you recommend a higher end and drugstore alternative?

I have oily/combination skin and I want a subtle glow while keeping shine free too!

Unfortunately many “glowing” foundations arent long wearing so I make sure to use an oil controlling moisturizer and oil controlling primer so my skin won’t product as much oils and I can still get away with wearing a more dewy foundation. Check out my post on oily skin here

You could also mix some moisturizer or liquid highlighter to a long wearing, matte foundation on the back of your hand then apply for a more dewy look but still having that long lasting foundation. Loreal’s Magic Lumi primer or MAC Lustre Drops are great liquid highlighters!

Orrr you can apply powder or cream highlighter on your cheek bones, down the bridge of your nose, any anywhere else you want to have a glow. A lot of oily skin gals like this method because you can add shine where you want it while still looking matte in other places. 

Also, try translucent powder! It’s less matte than traditional powders yet is amazing at controlling shine. It sets your makeup but still lets the foundation finish shine through. Apply a thin layer all over or in your t zone :)

Some foundations i’d recommend for the look youre going for are

  • Loreal True Match Magic Lumi foundation
  • Garnier BB Cream for oily/combination skin (has the best coverage out of pretty much all drugstore bb creams)
  • Urban Decay Naked foundation
  • Lancome Tient Miracle
  • MAC Matchmaster
  • Makeup Forever Face & Body foundation

All these foundations have a light to medium coverage and a more satin/luminous finish but arent too dewy :)

vega-sheliak  asked:

I'm 41 with very oily skin. If I use a matte/oil-control foundation my skin looks dead. If I use a foundation for dry skin my skin looks amazing. Oil control foundations have a little bit of better staying power on me. What would you advice in this case? Should I sacrifice staying power for a better looking skin?

A few things you can do!

  1. Use a matte, long wearing foundation and add glow to prevent the skin from looking too dull
  2. Use a dewy, hydrating foundation and using oil controlling primers and translucent powder on your oily areas
  3. Mixing some of your favorite moisturizer with your matte foundation to give a little glow

When using a matte, long wearing foundation you can add glow by using a shimmery highlighter on the cheekbones, down the nose, a little on the chin or anywhere you want to add a little sheen! You can give the face a little glow by using a cream blush or shimmery blush. You could also use a shimmery, glowing primer underneath that will show through under foundation like Loreal Magic Lumi Primer, Dior Glow Maximizer Primer or Tarte Clean Slate 24hr Brightening Primer.

This way you’re adding some glow to the skin to keep it from looking dull and flat but still keeping your foundation long wearing!

When using a dewy, hydrating foundation you’ll need an oil controlling primer to keep your foundation from sliding off. Some great primers I recommend are Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer, Smashbox Photofinish Light Primer, Rimmel Stay Matte Primer & Clinique Pore Refining Instant Perfector. I also recommend using a translucent powder on your oily areas, translucent powders are great at controlling oils but never look too matte or dull on the skin.

Keeping your skin care targeted for oily skin by using mud masks and charcoal masks will help prevent production of oils skin as well so you’ll able to wear more hydrating foundations.