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Starlight Sugar Scrub

A scrub spell to cleanse and promote feeling lovely.

You Will Need:

🌟 1 part Himalayan Pink Salt
🌟 1 part white sugar
🌟 1 part sea salt
🌟 2-3 tablespoons coconut oil (or other oil of your choice)
🌟 1 drop Lavender or Rose Essential Oil
🌟 Optional: White Body Safe Glitter
🌟 Small container
🌟 Popsicle stick or something else to mix with

Use: Use on your skin to cleanse yourself and to feel beautiful. Gently apply to skin and apply in clockwise motions. Let sit for 5-10 minutes then gently wash off with water.

anonymous asked:

What did you do today love? It's 7:30 pm here in New York (USA)

hi sweetness ~ yesterday i had a very tranquil day as it was my first day in my nest in Portugal. nourished myself with homemade food… took care of myself (oil pulling, dry body brushing…). went to a body of water nearby with a sweet sister & played ukulele & sang medicine songs while the sun was setting… the most magical sunset. so tranquil, so peaceful, so quiet… watched the birds fly smoothly across the skies & swimming in the water. burned palo santo & gave thanks. & today, i have had some yummy breakfast (cacao oats & nuts & seeds) and made homemade clay toothpaste & purple cabbage sauerkraut (probiotic goodness!!!!). & now i am researching about bamboo/wooden domes… i am feeling called to build a simple, cosy, cheap, natural nest soon! i love travelling but the calling to nest & have a base is very strong in my heart… so yes. in~joying this moment :) loving you. may you feel yourself being warmly hugged in the lands of new york! shine on! x


Needed a little self love today. Prepared a ritual bath with herbs, salts, oils, and crystals, and honestly the process of creating the bath sachet and choosing the right ingredients has already improved my mood. My beautiful little guardian fox was a birthday present from my dear friend @librarianmagic! He holds a rose quartz heart and my tumbled lunar quartz.

Bath sachet contained:
- himalayan pink salt
- chamomile flowers
- rose buds and petals
- rosemary
- cedar
- lavender buds
- sandalwood
- mugwort
- quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, and garnet chips

I also added epsom salt, non-scented body oil, and full rose moon water to the bath. Everything smells and feels wonderful - I love witchcraft so much.

The Ferrywoman