oil and gasoline

The In-Between Part 2

Summary:  This is a college!AU where Sam and the reader attend the same university.

Characters: AU!Sam x Reader, AU!Dean x Reader

Warnings: SMUT (oral, male and female receiving, fingering, unprotected sex), Angst, swearing

Word Count:  2622

A/N:  This is Part Two, you can find Part One HERE.  I loved going back to college so much that this became a series.  There will be at least three parts.

Thank you to my lovely pal @wheresthekillswitch for being my MastaBeta on this one.

Italics are the end of Part One.

Gif is from Google Search, credit goes to the owner. 



Dean whips the car around in a u-turn, parking by the sidewalk where you’re standing.  His control of the car is unbelievably sexy.  He shuts off the engine and climbs out, the car doors squeaking as he does.

“It’s good to see you,” he says, pulling you into a hug.

“You too.  What’re you doing here?”

“I live here,” he says a little sheepishly.  “I moved here when Sammy got accepted.  I work in a shop downtown.”

“Oh, that’s great.”

“What about you, why are you here?”

“I live here too,” you laugh.  “I bought my place,” you gesture down the street, “when I got accepted.”

“No family?” he asks.

“No, just me.”

“Yeah, it’s just me and Sam.”

The conversation lulls for a moment.

“Well, I was just heading home; you wanna join me for a beer and maybe some food.”

“Yeah, I’m off work.  Lead the way.”

The two of you walk towards your house in an easy silence.


“So when’d you get back into town?” Dean asks, leaning back against the couch.

“A few weeks ago,” you say, setting your beer on the coffee table.  You plop down next to him.  “It still feels weird being back and only hearing English.” You laugh.  “But the timing couldn’t have worked better, I needed to get away and clear my head,” you say a little more seriously.

“I’d say going to the other side of the planet is definitely getting away.”  He chuckles.  “But you’re ok now?”

“Yeah.  I mean, do I wish things had gone differently? Absolutely, but what’s done is done.  The only way through is forward, right?”

“That’s an extremely well adjusted approach.”

“Six months can give you some perspective, I guess.”

“Well, if you ask me, he was an idiot.  Don’t get me wrong, Jess is a nice girl, but you…”

He gestures at you and you can’t suppress the blush that floods your cheeks.  You look down trying to get your face under control when Dean gently slips his finger under your chin, tilting your face up.  His green eyes searching and before you can think, speak or even breathe his mouth is on yours.  Your eyelids flutter shut as his full lips press against your lips, you part them deepening the kiss.

Instinctively you scoot closer to one another.  Wrapping your arms around his neck you run your fingers up and through his hair.  He growls into our mouth, playfully biting your lower lip.  His strong hands grip your hips and he pulls you over him, your legs nestled on either side.  You run your hands down his firm chest, skimming your hand under the hem of his shirt.  Dean breaks the kiss long enough to pull his shirt and yours over your heads.  A sound you can’t quite describe escapes his lips as he takes in your lace bra.

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sdr2 kids and what they smell like

@the-dad-friend and i came up with these and i know this sounds weird but it’s actually pretty cute okay 

Hajime Hinata: Kinda like flour. He usually wears a light cologne, though
Chiaki Nanami: Like vanilla and brown sugar
Nagito Komaeda: A dusty library. Not pleasant, but not awful either
Kazuichi Souda: He smells of oil and gasoline. Nauseating, since it’s very strong, so people often just offer him cologne to try and cover the smell
Ibuki Mioda: like punk rock COTTON CANDY. which is the opposite of punk rock but one time Sonia had cotton candy scented body spray and Ibuki has never been the same since
Kuzuryuu Fuyuhiko: Slightly of smoke. It’s inevitable that he is around smokers being as he is in the yakuza, and a lot of the secondhand smoke just kind of…clings to him
Peko Pekoyama: There is no convincing that this girl does not smell like cherry blossoms and every beautiful flower out there
Mikan Tsumiki: You know that smell of hospitals? Really clean but also like chemicals? That’s what she smells like
Gundam Tanaka: Unfortunately he definitely smells like a barn, lots of hay
Sonia Nevermind: Like chocolate! You ever walk into a chocolate store, and all the chocolates smells are mixed together? That’s Sonia Nevermind
Mahiru Koizumi: She smells like the chemicals in a dark room, and she doesn’t notice it until people mention. She becomes very embarrassed and douses herself in perfume
Saionji Hiyoko: She wears plenty of perfume, but her perfumes are very sugary smelling she also smells like the devil
Teruteru Hanamura: Like whatever the most recent meal he has cooked. If he made spaghetti, there’s that slight tomato and garlic smell. He made soup? Like a warm soup but also like a middle schooler who uses wayyyy too much axe body spray
Akane Owari: Mildly like steak? But also sweat
Nekomaru Nidai: Sweat. So much sweat….
SHSL Imposter: He probably puts so much study into his person that he gets them down to the smell. As Twogami, he smells like spearemint

Lili’s Weekly Korean Vocab 11~

Hello Lovelies

Here is list 11!

Vocab List#11:

점원 = store assistant

배우 = actor

목 = neck/throat

소리 = noise/sound

목소리 = voice

의미 = meaning

상황 = situation

닭 = chicken

문장 = sentence

기름 = oil/grease/gasoline

그들 = them

생활 = lifestyle/life

속삭이다 = to whisper

복습하다 = to review, to re-study

바꾸다 = to change

유학하다 = to study abroad

넘어지다 = to fall

독서하다 = to read

출발하다 = to depart

마시다 = to drink

~ Leader Lili

One liner prompt: “I’ll protect you no matter what… Even if it kills me” with Happy Lowman.
@thewalkingdeadfanatic here it is….

Your eyes filled with tears as you pulled into the parking lot of your long forgotten old stomping grounds. When you left, you swore you’d die before you came back. Finding your boyfriend of two years cheating on you tends to have that affect. But that was then, and currently your situation was dire. The only thing that could have possibly pushed you back to Charming was a life or death kind of thing. Maybe the Gods were playing tricks on you, maybe it was fate, or destiny, or something else altogether. All you knew was that you hadn’t seen him in 4 years and now you needed his help, with no idea if he would even give it to you.

You took several deep breaths to compose yourself before flipping down the mirror and checking your makeup, wiping some smudged mascara away before flipping your mirror back up and opening the door.
The familiar smell of gasoline, oil, and exhaust hit you like a ton of bricks. God you missed this place. You noticed some new faces as well as some familiar, those who recognized you, like Chibs and Tig, had their mouths ajar.
You smirked, knowing they were surprised to see you, but pretending their stunned looks were because of how hot you looked. You pulled out all the stops when it came to your outfit today, you had to show him what he lost.

You walked into the bar and immediately you picked him out of the crowd. His back was to you and he was talking to some scruffy haired skinny guy, who noticed you and began to stare. This time you knew it was because you looked good.

The younger man’s stare got his attention and he spun around on his stool to see what his brother was gawking at. When his eyes landed on you and he knew immediately something was wrong. After what he did to you, the only way you would ever come back to him was if you were in trouble.
In a way, it felt shitty to know you had to only be there for help, but he didn’t care, ever since you left he couldn’t think of anyone else but you, secretly keeping tabs on you so he would know where you were and watch over you, praying one day you’d come back to him on your own. And here you were, trying to stand strong and look composed, but he knew you too well, you were seconds from falling apart.

He stood and advanced towards you, glaring at you and you immediately regretted your decision to come here. He was about to completely humiliate you in front of everyone here and throw you out.
You held your ground, your heart beating out of your chest as he approached you. His jaw was clenched and twitching as his tall frame towered over you.

“Why are you here,” he rasped and your voice cracked on your reply, “I’m in trouble. I need you, Hap.” your bottom lip quivered as you spoke his name.

He narrowed his eyes at you and you felt your whole body tremble as you realized the gravity of your situation. If he refused to help you, you didn’t know what you would do.

His expression of what you could only read as hatred then softened and he pulled you into the most possessive and tender hug you’d ever felt in your life.
His muscular arms enveloping you, pressing your ear against his chest, his strong and steady heart beat soothing your senses, “I’ll protect you no matter what… Even if it kills me.”
He was no stranger to a fight, in fact it was what he was best at…. All of this: his way of saying sorry for pushing you away those years ago, and thanking you for coming back to him with another chance. This time he wouldn’t let you down.


Fandom: Sing 2016

Pairing: Johnny x Ash (Jash)

Rated: T

Story Summary: Ash buys Johnny a special gift that has him recalling his past…as well as their future.



“…Oi, Ash, ya didn’t ‘ave to.” Johnny chuckled, Cockney accent thick in his throat as he stared across their room and to the long vertical mirror facing the bed he sat upon.

“Of course I didn’t have to get it, Johnny.” Ash sounded a bit exasperated but it was in her normal teasing tone that still confused him even after they’d been together for over two years. “I wanted to…”

Johnny watched in the reflection as Ash stood behind him before pulling herself to grasp at his shoulders. He suspected she was standing on a few pillows if the cool weight against his lower back could be explained (as well as her being even able to get herself up that high). If anything, it made him smile thinking of how they made their height/species difference work throughout their relationship.

There was always ways, after all.

“…Thank you.” Johnny said; still feeling a tad guilty or apprehensive for reasons he wasn’t sure of.

Perhaps it was his father always stressing to him how macho men are supposed to be and the man in the relationship should be the one buying the gifts for his girl. Or maybe it was still the fact he was getting used to all of this - Ash was his first (and he knew in his heart - last) girlfriend and it still astounded him what a wonderful relationship it was to have. He cherished all of the affection she bestowed on him whether it be just a slight kiss on the cheek before practice at the Moon Theater or her grasping onto his index finger when they walked home together at night.

Ash, the girl who seemed so prickly (literally) when they first met but he seen the warmth and fire behind those icy blue eyes. He’d immediately appreciated her outer beauty but over the course of the competition, and more so, the rebuilding, it became far more.

It was mainly acquaintances at first, followed by co-workers, than reluctant (on Ash’s part at first) friends. It was a slow burn to his instant infatuation. Getting to know each other and realizing a small spark that began to grow and get nurtured as the months went on. Learning about each other through practices, performances, behind the scenes, and even spending time outside of work. Rarely apart and even when they were, they texted or called almost constantly. It was apparent what was happening between them and yet Johnny was still highly apprehensive about asking her out considering it had only been half a year since her breakup…

Yet, Johnny didn’t have to wonder long because soon enough, Ash was the one to ask him out. To say Johnny was surprised would be a sore understatement as this girl who he could barely keep his eyes off of asked him out.

It was a roller-coaster from there.

They easily made the transition from best friends to boyfriend and girlfriend almost seamlessly with very few, minor bumps along this road called life. They were a team, partners - always encouraging and pushing each other to be the best they could be - in and out of the theater. Their relationship had naturally grown into a romance neither had experienced before - an almost gravitational pull that neither could deny.

It was only a matter of time before they made the decision to move in together only a year into them dating.

A squeak of the bed as she shifted behind him brought him out of his thoughts for only a second as he took in the gift Ash had just gave him (for really no apparent reason) was a midnight black t-shirt with a distressed, high-quality print of a sideways Union Jack or how they call it in America, the British or U.K. Flag.

All of a sudden, Johnny was inundated with flashes of memories from seeing the flag of the country he was birthed.

Memories of growing up, school, his entire beginning of his life until he was nearly a teenager took place in that small town just south of London. The same place his mum died and him and his father fled to have a new start in America. If he thought hard enough, he could still smell the fog and rain that seemed to never clear at times, dank smell of putrid beer and greasy food wafting from nearby pubs, the oil and gasoline that was always heavy in his father’s mechanic shop, and finally, the scent of his mum’s perfume and her gentle touch upon his back as she taught him to play the piano when he was such a small lad…

Long moments had passed; so much so that Ash must have noticed how quiet he had become. Him just sitting atop their bed; staring at his reflection in the mirror across the room - his eyes not straying from the shirt she had gifted him.

“…You uh - like it…Don’t you?” Ash asked unsure and Johnny broke out of his thoughts. Knowing her as well as he did, he immediately picked up on the barely concealed disappointment lacing her soft voice.

Johnny wanted to slap himself.

“Of course I do, Love!” Johnny was certain to answer with he most genuine tone he could muster. Terrified he may have insulted her somehow because of his propensity to space-out and get lost in his head far too much.

“…then what’s wrong?” Ash asked, her manicured brows furrowed and Johnny felt a lot more at ease when he felt her small hands began gliding over his broad shoulders.

Johnny immediately wanted to talk to her about the real issues but she already knew. He’d told her all about his past in London and they even made plans to visit but he thought he’d face the other elephant in the room.

“It’s just - I didn’t get you anything.” he shrugged, hating how even after all this time, she still caused his cheeks to flush and his nervousness palpitating in his chest.

Johnny was treated to Ash’s soft laugh.

“You don’t have to get me something just because I bought you a gift. I saw it at this local store when I was finishing up my tour last week and I got a super awesome deal on it, so I couldn’t pass it up.” her voice was light and airy and punctuated with a slight chuckle which had Johnny questioning if she was teasing about the last part or not. He supposed none of that mattered anyway.

Johnny didn’t answer, just smiled and felt his face growing hot with how her arms tightened over him, fingers grasping and tangling into the fabric of the shirt.

“Besides, I’m so glad I did. You look amazing.” Ash chuckled, rubbing her cheek along his own in obvious affection.

“I love my handsome British boyfriend.” she said, causing his face to burn even more when he leaned in and kissed his hairy cheek.

Johnny laughed, turning his head enough to find her lips and give her a chaste kiss. He allowed her to deepen it for a moment before he pulled away, turning his body a bit to grasp her by the hips and pull her into his lap.

Ash giggled, burying her nose in his throat as her arms naturally draped over his wide shoulders. Johnny didn’t make a further move, just held her tightly against his chest and breathing in the incredibly comforting scent of her he was more familiar with now.

Eyes drifting to the mirror once again, seeing parts of the flag that wasn’t being obstructed by Ash’s body and mess of quills, he allowed himself to recall his childhood home. A place that he supposed would always have a piece of his heart because it held those memories of growing up and the priceless recollections of his precious mum.

Perhaps, to some parts of his heart, it would always be home even if most memories weren’t the fondest. Yet as he looked from that symbol of his previous country to his girlfriend cradled so close to his heart, he knew he found a much better place to call home now.

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Ok so…I know many people won’t care, but I have to say this:

I’m getting scared.
I live in México, and the government has recently increased the prices of oil/gasoline by 20% (which is a big big problem), and because of that, there have been riots, people are looting stores (there are many people who believe, me included, that some of these people are send by the government..I mean, it’s not the first time they would do something like that).
There are gas stations that were taken and closed so they can’t sell (some in a non-violent way), there are highways that were closed by protesters (or whatever they’re called) and right now stores are being closed because people are afraid, the grenadiers are fighting people in the streets, there are people being robbed in the streets (more than other times), media is censoring a lot of things happening here….
Right now, where I live, nothing has happened (and I’m grateful for that) but the gas station that is like, 15 minutes away from my house. was closed yesterday by these people protesting.
There’s a lot of violence here in Mexico right now, more than before, and we can’t trust anyone (the government, the police) to solve what is happening.

As I write this, the police are telling people not to get out of their houses…this is messed up.