oikos shooting


Life seems to be lived lifelessly nowadays. People here and there complaining about how their lives are boring, frustrating, stressful, hard, and scarring. Which I find selfish in every single way. Those of you who take life so lightly think about this, some struggle to live, struggled and has been stripped to live. 

Knowing a person that has now been stripped from the world, and now is gone-unimaginable. I find out that two of the victims in the Oikos Oakland shooting were the people that I knew. I will never forget Grace Kim Onne, who was hilarious, loving, kind, and had a spunk of her own. Mostly I looked up to her because of how she showed her independence. She worked hard and diligently, to succeed to become a person in this world. Another was Lydia Sim. A woman who graduated James Logan High School, and is a dear friend of mine, sister. I knew her due to the fact that she was the sibling of my friend. But knowing that she worked hard as well, I seen her working at the optometrist office in Fremont. She worked as a secretary and I’ve seen her and we exchanged hello’s and simple conversations as we both wait for my brothers appointment to be over. 

I never seize to wonder, “They were almost there. Their lives were almost set to live and to actually work their jobs that they’ve wanted and studied so hard for.” Yet, someone has stripped it from them. I will never forget them both. Stay strong Nam-Su Kim Oppa, and Daniel Sim. God is with them, I pray that you and your family may find comfort in him and support. One love.