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REQUESTS ARE OPEN FINALLY I'VE BEEN WAITING. so. please be surprised okay? can i request oikawa and kuroo and your favorite character jamming to STRAY KIDS with s/o??????? i need it please. it can be any character... u can choose to not do oikawa and kuroo and replace it with another character anything is fine with me I JUST NEED THEM TO JAM TO STRAY KIDS PLEASE. thank u M 🍦




  • already loves kpop, so when he sumbled across Stray Kids one night he was like lmao why not
  • Best decision of his life. F/N had been talking about them for a while and now he knows why. they’re so cool honestly???? how can you not stan?????? He immediately devoted his entire weekend to learning all of their names and songs so he can fanboy to F/N as soon as he sees her
  • F/N comes over on Sunday, let’s themselves in, and is greeted with District 9 blaring from Oikawas room, audible even in the doorway.
  • They sprint into his room to find him dancing around, half doing the choreo he seems to remember and half screaming lyrics while jumping
  • F/N joins him. Oikawa barely glances at them, just keeps on jamming. The next song is slower, 4419, and the two instantly slump against each other, mouthing the lyrics and holding imaginary mics to the others lips.
  • And then. It’s the true jam. Hellevator. They drop to their knees as it comes on, doing what they remember from the choreo as the song starts. F/N can’t contain their excitement and jumps to their feet as soon as the rapping begins, Oikawa quickly joining them. They go back and forth singing and dancing for a while, until they’re both breathless.


  • He’d heard of kpop before bc kenma listened to it sometimes, and the second he listens to stray Voices he is hooked. F/N is so happy he took a liking to them. The two always walk around with an earbud in each ear listening to them
  • Anyway, he’s a huge fanboy. Learns all their names so fast F/N is mildly impressed. He listens to them whenever he feels sad or he can’t sleep (SO TELL ME). Also makes so many jokes whenever there’s an unknown reference made and cracks up w F/N
  • He’s over at F/N’s one afternoon. They’re doing homework and F/N has some music playing in the background. It’s relatively quiet and calm. Until Question starts playing. Kuroo is instantly on his feet, yelling along with the song. He can sing them considerably well
  • F/N is on their feet an instant later. Homework is forgotten. He’s breathless very quickly, since he’s trying to sing all the parts and jump around the room at the same time. He keeps tripping and stumbling but he doesn’t care
  • His voice cracks a ton at jisungs beautiful high note and he drops to his knees momentarily bc you know it’s holy
  • They keep jamming out after Hellevator is over, and F/N falls of their bed laughing at kuroo trying to imitate Felix’s deep voice. He screeches the beginning of YAYAYA and it’s terrifying.


  • guess what this boy is listening to when he has his headphones on~ the second he clicked on Hellevator he was hooked. F/N had recommend it and he figured why not. He loved the song
  • Curiosity consumed him and he checked out more songs. Before he knew it he knew nearly every song and was having conversations with F/N about them very frequently. Tsukki adores going to concerts, has since he went to his first one w Akiteru as a kid. He rlly wants to go see skz in concert one day w F/N ofc
  • The two are walking home together after school when F/N tugs off his headphones, careful not to tug too hard, and disconnects them from his phone. Tsukki loves to take them back, Mikey annoyed, when a very familiar whistling starts to come from his phone
  • F/N turns it up as they walk and Tsukki drops his hands and hums quietly to the beat, F/N doing the same. It’s very peaceful until Grrr starts playing and F/N head bangs enthusiastically, laughing when Tsukki bobs his head a bit
  • F/N dances horribly as they walk, trying to get Tsukki to at least have a skip in his step. He just laughs and hums along to the song, occasionally commenting on a note or telling F/N to hush, he likes this part
  • He takes F/N completely by surprise when hellevator starts. He says he beginning of the rap loudly just as F/N was about to do it. They laugh and walk in silence the rest of the way home.

Haikyuu!! Captains as cats

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Oikawa Tooru

Kuroo Tetsurou

Bokuto Koutarou

Daishou Suguru

Ushijima Wakatoshi

more like Ushijima & his team

Terushima Yuuji

Sawamura Daichi

Futakuchi Kenji

+ bonus

Kageyama & Hinata

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Can I request a scenario where s/o is trying to comfort oikawa after seijou's loss but oikawa just snaps like "How would you know? You're not even brave enough to follow your passions" and it's a sore point because s/o is going to uni to study what their parents want, no what they want

For @wantedastronaut , that threatened me with memes to finish this.

You were just minding your own business when suddenly you heard a loud slam of a door. You assumed that Oikawa’s competition didn’t go as well as he thought it would. You were over at his place, book in one hand and a cup of tea in another. You enjoyed going to Tooru’s place, it always felt welcomed, the air was always warm and pleasant but now for some reason, it was stiff and dense, and it felt like it was going to suffocate you anytime sooner.

“Get out,” Oikawa ordered, his voice was unlike his usually cheery self, it was intimidating, frightening, to say the least. Dating Oikawa was almost as though as you were on a rollercoaster, except this time you were blindfolded as you’re on the ride. You never knew when he felt unusually cheery or when he was mad, very, very mad. You looked at your boyfriend in the eye and quirked an eyebrow, not believing what he just said.

‘Get out, now!“ This time, his voice got louder. Booming through the four walls of his room. The silence was deafening and your mouth was wide open, in horror shock. “Why? What’s wrong?” you cooed in a gentle voice, putting your book and mug aside and taking slow, long strides towards your boyfriend. When you reached him, you took the both of his hands and held it. It felt cold.

Oikawa was always the easy type to comfort. A word or two would usually do the trick and from there Oikawa would usually need lots of attention and affection, and that was that. But today, it wasn’t. He flinched as you held his hands and pulled it away immediately. “Babe,” you said, voice tight, “you okay?” Oikawa broke off any form of eye contact and gently shoved you aside and headed for his wardrobe.

A sharp pain could be felt in your chest, your breathing started to become heavier and your tears welled up at the corner of your eyes. But you kept it all in, putting your boyfriend as the current priority. “Tooru,” you gently reached out, in a final attempt, “Tell me,” but all you got back was plain silence and nothing else other than a huff. “Go away can you?” Oikawa asked once again, it sounded more of a plead now.

“I won’t go until you tell me. What’s wrong? Was it the match today? Did you lose? If you did that’s fine, you know. All you gotta do is just-” you were cut off before you could even finish, Oikawa pointed a deadly glare at you, one that you only thought he gives his opponents.

“How would you know? You’re not even brave enough to follow your passions” he snapped “Look at you, miserably following what your parents want and not what you want.” He turned and headed for the bathroom, “Don’t tell me what to do, and please, get out.”

You smiled weakly, tears started to stream down like a river that didn’t seem to have an end to it. “You’re right, I should go.” And just like that, you walked out of his room and out the front door. Some part of you wished that Oikawa would come running and beg for forgiveness but he didn’t, instead, you were left walking home, alone.

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can I get some scenarios for oikawa and kuroo where they try to convince their shy s/o to let them introduce them to their teammates?

I made this longer than I hoped; Kuroo under the cut!


“I don’t know Tooru, what if they don’t like me?” Your fingers weaved in between each other nervously as you looked down at the floor. Oikawa had invited you to come to practice with him so he could introduce you to his team since they haven’t seen you yet and were doubting Oikawa that he had a girlfriend.

“Why wouldn’t they like you?” Your eyes glance up and meet Oikawa’s, shrugging your shoulders before looking away, “I don’t know, I don’t wanna disappoint them. Your fangirls are very pretty and I’m sure they’re expecting someone just as gorgeous, but I’m not.”

Oikawa looks at you disappointed, you were always so insecure because of his fangirls, even when he tried to tell you otherwise countless times. “Well, you should get going, practice is about to start isn’t it?” Leaning up, you kiss his cheek before turning away with a small wave and heading home.

Before you could leave far enough, Oikawa reaches out a hand and grabs your wrist, stopping you in the process. “Tooru?” Retracting his hand back, he pulls you towards him before hauling you over his shoulder, “Tooru! What are you doing!”

Students passing by gave you two weird and confused looks as Oikawa carried you away towards what looked like the gym. “I don’t wanna go!” You wailed as Oikawa slid the door open and set you down on the ground. “(Name) is here!”

Everybody turned towards you and being the shy person you are, you hid behind Oikawa, holding the bottom of his jacket tightly. “Come on, they’re the best bunch of people,” Oikawa says trying to ease your nervousness.

Walking over to the team, Iwaizumi stepped forward first with his arms crossed over his chest, “Iwa-chan! This is my girlfriend I’ve been telling you about!” Oikawa chirps as he steps aside to show you, your hand still holding onto his jacket.

“So, you carried her over here against her own will? Are you sure you didn’t just kidnap a girl to act as your girlfriend?” A chuckle escapes your lips as Oikawa frowns at the man in front of him. “Of course not! She is my precious girlfriend! She just didn’t want to come, but I had to take her here to prove a point!”

“A point to us? That you actually have a girlfriend?” Iwaizumi questions as Oikawa scrunches his brows together and pulls you around to the front, your cheeks turning pink as you stood before the team. “At first yes, but she thinks you guys won’t like her because she thinks she’s not cute enough!”

“What really?” A voice pops up and a male with pinkish hair makes his way to the front, “Anybody who can handle Oikawa has my approval!” He jokes as Oikawa frowns again, “Well, at least you know the team likes you,” Oikawa says, hugging you as you rub his back to comfort him, “Don’t be sad, they’re just happy that you found me.” You say, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“Yeah, they’re just jealous.”

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Hello! Can I get separate scenarios of Kuroo, Oikawa, Akaashi, and Tsukishima saying dirty things to their female s/o but she is so pure and innocent and clueless that she doesn't get a thing that they're saying? It can be fluffy at the end like they tell her what it means or they keep her innocence. Thanks again!

Lol, poor thing! I honestly feel like all of these guys could - and would - have a significant other like this. My thirst for their corruption is real!

Enjoy, Anon!

P.s. I hardcore headcanon that Akaashi is the most sexually experienced out of all the Haikyuu!! boys. There’s no way that pretty head and setter hands don’t know their way around a body! (;

Really, when the words had left his lips to whisper into ear about what he could do to her later than night, he was expecting a much bigger reaction than what he had received. Instead, Kuroo stared at her blank face, her brows furrowing slightly as she turned to look at him, the confusion evident in every feature.

“What?” she questioned and for a split second, he was certain that she was joking. That she was playing up this innocent act that she was so known for. So when he smirked and she still gave no more reaction to them, he instantly became worried that he would have to explain them: out loud.

The laugh that left him held a note of uncertainty. He wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do now that he had the potential of corrupting her beyond anything that she had apparently known. Instead, he smiled genuinely, charmed by this innocence he was glad to know was so pure, and leaned to gently peck her lips with his own. That mouth quickly smirked upward, his gaze becoming sultry as his fingers slowly traveled up the skin of her thigh. “I can show you, yeah?”

The moment Oikawa saw her brows pinch together, he was terrified that he had crossed too far over a boundary line that had yet to be established. He had assumed too much and now they thought he was a disgusting pig, he was absolutely certain that was the case. 

A panic surged into his stomach and his own expression took on that of horror, his hand instinctively reaching out to clasp tightly to hers. “I’m so sorry,” he spoke quickly, desperate to make up for the idiotic mistake he was sure he had made, “I shouldn’t have said that.”

Now her expression sank deeper, the corners of her lips tilted down in the slightest. “For what?” she asked then, fingers returning the hold of his, but a new wave of confusion washed over her with the reaction he was portraying now - so different from the confidence he had possessed when he had originally spoken the unknown phrase to her, “I’m not sure what you even said.”

Almost instantly, his confidence returned, the fire stoked by the idea of tainting someone who was so pure. He wanted to be the one to do that, to deliver the words, the touches, and the actions that pulled that untarnished mind and body. Pressing his lips against the shell of her ear, he was quick proud of the bright red that carried over the surface of her face as he purred his next words.

Akaashi had expected the blank response he got after his insinuation of what he could do to her when they were back at his home. Knew that the statement would make little to no sense for someone who was so innocent. And he loved it. Loved that he had this experience that he would be able to carefully teach them with elicit words and expert touches.

A small mischievous smile rested on his expression, body remaining close to hers as he leaned back into his seat, hand casually resting on her knee where his thumb gently stroked. Of course, he’d wait patiently. He wanted her to be curious, to want to know about the things he suggested and to learn. Never would he push for her to face these things unless she wanted to.

Watching as the thoughts swam around in her head was endearing, aware that she was trying to make sense of the words without having any knowledge of where to base them on. “What does that mean?” she finally asked, eyes falling to his hand on her knee.

His eyes surveyed her carefully before leaning in to press his lips delicately to her chin to then bring them to her ear, where he nipped lightly at her lobe. “I could tell you, or I could show you,” he offered, feeling goosebumps rise under his touch, “just say the word.”

“Oh?” was the first thing that left her lips when Tsukishima pulled away from whispering into her ear. Her gaze was on the floor before turning up to him to see his lips pulled back in the smallest of smirks which instantly caused her own to drop. “Okay, don’t laugh,” she started, instantly catching the full attention of the boy that she was sure was teasing her, “but I don’t understand.”

His expression faltered slightly, which was amusing in itself to see the collected Tsukishima so taken aback by the simple comment. It was regained quickly though, his arms crossing over the surface of the desk before him, eyes taking her in thoughtfully. “Not a bit of it?” he questioned then, voice curious.

“Not a bit,” she admitted shamelessly. She knew what this could mean for her, especially when it came to the blond before her, but she was used to his relentless teasing. She was prepared for what was inevitable.

But what did come, she hadn’t expected in the slightest. The smile had returned, this time carrying a new hint of something she wasn’t entirely sure of. There was a meaning behind it that was lost to her, but she guessed she would find out soon if she knew her boyfriend at all. “Then tomorrow be ready for your first tutoring lesson.”

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What if Oikawa, Kageyama, and Tsukki found out their girlfriend was secretly a REALLY good piano player? Thank you!

hello anon!! sorry you had to wait so long!! hope you like this!! btw still gon use gender neutral terms


  • -jk he is like highkey proud of you
  • -smug bastard
  • -he brags to everyone about your talent
  • -really loves hearing you play the piano
  • -is that type of lover who will post videos of you playing the piano on social media with cute captions


  • blushy
  • flustered
  • stuttering
  • what more do you need in life
  • really impressed at you
  • asks you to teach him
  • he’s not really good at it?? but you don’t hesitate to take him step-by-step throughout
  • this gets him really shy and awkward (good awkward)
  • what a precious


  • he found out a long time ago let’s be honest
  • doesn’t want to let you know just in case you play lesser because of that
  • also does not tell anyone
  • loves secretly admiring you when you play
  • he can’t help but smile listening to the lovely music you make
  • gets all happy inside
  • feels blessed he has a s/o like you

hope you like this anon!! have a great day!!

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I love the scenarios that you wrote about haikyuu ! So please can I request one where : aone,oikawa,iwaizumi,kuroo,akaashi,tsukki,ushijima and tendou had an argument with their s/o because she doesn't express her feelings very well and with her anxiety it ends up into really bad panic attacks sometimes .. I'm sorry if too much, you don't have to do them all. Thank you very much in advance ..I really like your blog xx

Hi dear! OMG THIS ASK WAS SO LONG! I’M SORRY I HADN’T MANAGED TO ANSWER IT ALL! No really, I’m sorry dear but I didn’t know what to write any more for Tendou and Aone, if I’ll ever find new inspiration, I’ll add it. Also, I apologize for taking so long; I’ve to admit I was at loss as what to do, because I didn’t quite understand if you wanted them to argue about you not expressing your feelings, then for you to have a panic attack and them comforting you OR if you wanted something else. Like, them arguing about your anxiety? I was confused. I tried my best, writing different things to not bore you.

I used my personal experiences and thoughts from dark moments, so uhm…I hope they make sense? My faves are probably Kuroo’s and Akaashi’s. And Oikawa’s. And Iwaizumi’s. O shit, well maybe I like what I’ve written a little bit.

If I have to be 1000% honest, I believe that the majority of this characters would never be mad about something like this, since canonly they’re used to read other people or are friends with unexpressive people or even they are the not expressive ones. I tried my best to not go out of character, but I don’t know if I’ve managed. (I’m not that good of a writer yet, I fear)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this! And remember, every way you express yourself through is valid! The important thing is to never stop fighting to take a small step.

Have a wonderful day!


Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Kuroo, Akaashi, Tsukishima, Ushijima x Anxious Reader, Arguing&MakingUp, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Fear of Rejection, Cuddles (Possibly OOC)


Oikawa Tooru

“Well, I’m so sorry if I’m clingy, maybe you should learn to freaking open that mouth and say something instead of watching me ridicule myself trying to please you. Or you should find another boyfriend.” Oikawa finally snapped, sharp tongue taking away your breath.

You froze in the middle of the living room, eyes wide with fear and anger. Oikawa was standing in front of you, fierce and cold, arms crossed on his chest as he trembled from frustration.

That not what you wanted to say. Tooru wasn’t clingy nor you wanted to break up. It wasn’t that, it was all your fault. You just couldn’t talk well, couldn’t you? Always making him fear insecure, not able to express your love or appreciation.

It was your fault.

Before you could realize, you were on your knees, gasping for air. Your head spun as you frantically tried to not drown in that sea of self-doubt and self-deprecation.

Oikawa paled, immediately rushing to you and crouching by your side.

“What’s wrong?” he called worriedly, a hand on your shoulder, all the anger forgotten. It was always like that, wasn’t it? He seemed sharp, childish, egocentric sometimes, and maybe spoiled, but as soon as you needed him, there he was.

Why couldn’t you do the same for him?

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry-“ you cried as tears streamed down your cheeks and you breathed quicker and quicker. Were you even breathing? How did you even breathe?

Oikawa cursed, realizing you were having a panic attack.

“It’s okay SO, breathe for me,” he murmured softening his tone and forcing himself to keep calm, “Come on, breathe,” he repeated drawing small circles on your back.

Shaking, you shook your head.

“I-I can’t-I-I’m sorry I-” you sobbed clenching a hand around your throat, to force it open, but your boyfriend took it into his and softly pulled it down.

“You can, I know you can,” he whispered, eyes filling with pain seeing as you struggled, “Please SO. Do it like me.” He inhaled and exhaled slowly, again and again.

You held onto him as if he was your anchor for what it seemed hours.

“Tooru,” you called in a broken murmur as you slowly regained control over your lungs.

“Yes, babe?” he asked, brushing your hair away from your forehead.

“Tooru, I’m sorry,” you found the strength to look at him, “I-I can’t talk well, I g-get very anxious and I suck! I suck!” you admitted angry at yourself, “But I really, really love you-I love you so much- I just- I don’t know how to show it, how to say it because I suck…”

You wanted him to see it, to know it.

Oikawa’s eyes widened and his feature softened as you collapsed in his arms. He caught you, falling seated on the floor and sighed, letting your words washing away all the previous anger and insecurities.

Such a stupid fight.

“It’s okay, I know,” he reassured you, a bit more cheerful, like his usual self, “How could you not to? I’m such a catch!”

You sniffled, laughing weakly, and he lulled you humming.

“We’ll find a way to communicate, everything will be alright,” he added leaving a kiss on your forehead.

You finally smiled, closing your eyes, and rested your head against his chest. If Tooru said it, then you hadn’t doubt about it.


Iwaizumi Hajime

“Hey SO,” Iwaizumi’s voice was unusually quiet, flat even, “Can you at least tell me if you still love me? Because right now I’m feeling helpless…”

Your head snapped towards him. You two were seated on the couch, on next to the other, but your boyfriend was bent with his elbows resting on the knees, face hidden behind the palm of his hands.

You had noticed he had been gruff and quiet all the afternoon, but that had been so unexpected you felt as if your heart had stopped.

“W-what?” you stammered, your brain refusing to understand those words.

Iwaizumi interrupted you with a long sigh.

“I’ve never heard you say ‘I love you’, you know? I don’t want to force you, but sometimes I feel like there are walls between us. I don’t understand if you enjoy being kissed or holding hands, you don’t say anything if I don’t ask and sometimes it seems I’m forcing you to be my gir-”

You practically jumped on him, desperately grabbing onto his t-shirt.

“What are you saying? What-I can’t understand!” you said with ragged breaths, the beat of your heart deafening you.

Your boyfriend, taken aback, tried to unclench your fists, but you tightened the grip.

“Why?” you repeated, panic rising in your voice.

He held your wrists, shocked by your frantic, vivid reaction. Usually, you were so quiet or reserved…

“I,” he swallowed, averting for a second his eyes, “I feel like you don’t love me…”

You went limp, hands falling and heart stopping. The tears came before you could stop them.

“O-oi SO!” he panicked as your crying outburst, expecting a colder reaction.

You shook your head, sobbing quietly.

“I’m sorry Hajime, I’m so sorry,” you apologized, trying to find a way to not lose him, not Hajime. “Every time I try I feel so anxious-God you can’t understand- I feel so afraid to say the wrong thing, I can’t find the words. I hate speaking, I’m horrible. I don’t talk well. I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what to do because you’re so important to me…” as you spoke, your breaths accelerated and grew more and more agitated.

Before it could be too late, Iwaizumi grabbed your hands again and pulled forward. He rested his forehead against yours.

“Hey,” he started in that firm, nearly scolding tone he used to have your attention, and you stopped breathing, “There isn’t something you could say to make me go away, ever, nor I’m worried about the way you say it. I fell in love with who you are, until you keep trying I’ll be okay.”

More tears fell and you opened your mouth to apologize again, but he frowned and spoke first.

“So, don’t stop trying okay? Do your best, I’m here to listen. Always.”

You nodded weakly, warm filling your chest again, and finally he showed a small smile.

“Now, please, ask just this question for me,” Iwaizumi’s cheeks reddened and his voice had an imperceptible tone of hopeful uncertainty that made your heart clench, “do you love me?”

His green eyes were full of hope and affection.

You nodded. A firm, confident nod.


It’s all he needed.

Hajime smiled widely and kissed you softly, lips chapped and a bit rough yet so gentle.

“And from now on, let’s work together on communication, alright?” he smirked flicking your forehead.

Your laughter filled the room.

Kuroo Tetsurou

Cats, when angry, avoid you. They look from afar and stay silent. Their eyes scream coldness and scold you harshly.

Kuroo was a cat.

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Oikawa, Kageyama and Kuroo + Christmas Special ‘Mistletoe’

Warning: some swear words.

Oikawa Tooru

‘’Oikawa-’’ Kiss. ‘’-stop it-’’ Kiss. ‘’-already,-’’ Kiss. ‘’-you jerk!’’ And what did you get? Another kiss.

After miserably failing to push this needy lips, you tried kicking as slapping, but even these methods wouldn’t stop this monster.

‘’Why should I? It is not my fault we are standing under the mistletoe!~’’ He laughed, pecking both of your cheeks, before coming back to your abused mouth.

‘’Well, it’s not my fault you keep dragging this fucking tree everywhere we go! And put your tongue in my mouth again when we are in public and you will have to explain to Iwaizumi, why you can’t attend practice for the rest of your life!’’  You groaned, pulling his hair as hard as you possibly could, but his dingustinly sweet grin didn’t falter even a little bit. 

‘’One more kiss and I’m done, okay?’’ He asked innocently, tilting his head to the side.

You only nodded in response, agreeing - happy at the thoughts of ending this torture.

Tooru blushed slightly, put his hands around your waist and connected your lips. The kiss was special and domestic in many ways. It felt different than any other, but also very similar.

After five minutes, which seemed like forever, he finally moved away from your probably red face. You cheered in you mind, because now you will have a little more freedom.

But then he fucking pecked your lips again.

‘’Hey! You cheater!’’

‘’I said, no kisses! However, we didn’t discuss pecks, smooches, butterfly kisses, etc. it’s going to be a long Christmas for you, my love!’’
He chuckled childishly, but you still felt an unpleasant shiver run down your spine.

He may look like an angel and all, but deep inside he was a devious creature.

Originally posted by odd-ballduo

Kageyama Tobio

It was probably nothing new, but you and Tobio were arguing again. You didn’t even remember what was the whole thing about, but you were screaming anyway.

You didn’t even care that your loud conflict was placed in the gym in front of your teammates and senpais.

‘’Tanaka-senpai.’’ Whispered Hinata. ‘’Don’t you think we should stop them or something?’’ He asked completely dumbfounded.

‘’I don’t know, I’m not ready to die.’’ The bold male, replied with a frown.

‘’I think I have an idea.’’ Added Sugawara, who literally appeared out of nowhere.

‘’You know what Tobio, sometimes you are so freaking annoying that I don’t know why..-’’


‘’You don’t know why what?!’’ He interrupted harshly, not ready for your answer. His eyes shined furiously.


‘’Heey~ Look up guys!’’ Someone who you assumed was Sugawara-senpai sang, pointing at the Sawamura, who was standing next to you unnoticed until now.

‘’What?!’’ You and Kageyama yelled and looked up in unison.

What you saw, caused the blush on your, now calm, faces. You immediately started regretting nasty words from earlier.

Your bodies froze for a minute, before your eyes finally caught a proper contact and millions of overwhelming emotions made you throw yourselves at each other, into the long awaited kiss.

You were too much in love to behave like that and this cheesy Christmas tradition was able to remind you of that

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Kuroo Tetsurou

He wasn’t furious, he wasn’t even angry. He has just started feeling a little more desperate lately.

You and he have been an official couple for two months now and despite his great adoration for you, not sharing a first kiss was absolutely stressing him out.

He has tried to kiss your beautiful pinkish lips on several occasions, but none of his well-prepared ideas have worked so far.

‘’Maybe, you should try under the mistletoe.’’ Kenma stated calmly, not bothering to look up from his phone.

‘’Kenma, you are a genius.’’

‘’Am I?’’

But the volleyball captain didn’t hear his friend’s words anymore, already involving all of his teammates in a new plan.

After fifteen minutes of talking, kicking, arguing at throwing bals at faces - all of yelled some motivation things and decided to do their best to make Kuroo happy…or quiet.


You were currently doing absolutely nothing when Yaku came out of nowhere looking determined for a reason you weren’t ready to know.

He patted your arm gently to gain your attention and asked you to go to the gym. Not wanting to disappoint him, you just did what he asked for.

Opening the gym door, you were welcomed by a swallowing darkness.

‘’Um, hello? Yaku told me to come here..’’

‘’Come closer!’’ Someone, whose voice you could recognise everywhere, whispere from somewhere in front of you.

‘’Tetsu what..’’

‘’Just come closer!’’

‘’Okay, okay. Geez…’’

You made more than five steps and suddenly the lights turned on, almost blinding you.

‘’Wh–What is THIS?’’ You exclaimed, shocked upon seeing the whole gym ceiling decorated with fresh branches of mistletoe.

‘’Surprise!’’ Kuroo’s hands sneaked around your shoulder. His mouth dangerously close to your ear, tickling it with every breath. ‘’Now you have to kiss me.’’ He whispered slowly, trying to be seductive and well, succeeding.

Out of nowhere, realisation hit you harder than three first days of period.

‘’If you wanted to kiss me, you could have just asked.’’ Laughing you turned to face him.

‘’I know, but it was stressing me out–’’ You didn’t even let him finish and kissed him roughly. throwing him off guard.

He was talking to much anyway.


‘’Heey, Yaku-senpai..since we are here too, maybe we could..–’’

‘’Fuck off.’’ 

And poor Lev, left gym whining like a child.

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anonymous asked:

Hello!! Could you please do some headcanons about female!s/o finding out that Akaashi, Sugawara, Oikawa and Kageyama are ticklish please? If you're okay with that ^^ thank you!

omg anon I had so much fun with these, thanks for sending this request in! hope you like it  (:


  • F/N knew Suga was ticklish, she just didn’t know where. She finally found out when they were lying on the couch together, watching an old soap opera, and she rested her hands on his stomach. He was soon shaking with laughter, tears even escaping his eyes.
  • F/N thinks its really cute, how he tries to hold in his laughter but it finally escapes him. His face gets red and his laughter grows louder, until he falls over and curls into a ball. His laughter slowly fades into giggles until its gone.
  • They were in the library once, and F/N wanted to get revenge for the time Suga kissed her in front of the whole volleyball team, catching her way off guard and leaving her very flustered and surprised. She scooted closer to him and attacked. He can’t stop it this time, and he leaves the library before the librarian glares at him, F/N following, shaking with quiet laughter. Suga got his revenge later by carrying her into the gym during practice, making her face go bright red.
  • F/N tickles him as a form of revenge, always giving him a warning smile. Suga takes this punishment bravely, bracing himself. The team saw it occur once, and by the end Asahi was nearly in tears and Noya and Tanaka were awed at F/N.
  • She lightly taps his stomach whenever they cuddle, but not enough to make him burst out laughing, just enough to make him a little breathless and giggly. F/N calls him cute every time afterwards, making Suga smile cheekily.


  • The moment F/N hugged him from behind she knew. Her boyfriend was ticklish. Ohmygod don’t ever touch my armpits again ticklish. He can’t stop blushing because she keeps laughing at him, and it gets to the point where he’s pouting and she won’t stop teasing him.
  • A few days later, when they’re at school, F/N hugs him from behind. And Oikawa loses it. The hallway is blessed with his laughter, but he immediately runs away, F/N chasing after him, her arms raised menacingly in front of her, laughter escaping her.
  • the rest of the day Oikawa walks around with his hands in his armpits, glaring at anyone who dares to laugh at him. F/N burst into laughter when she saw him, and had to apologize for a few minutes until her boyfriend could forgive her. She told him she loved his laugh, and Oikawa blushed even darker.
  • F/N still teases him about this, but he just pokes her and smirks in satisfaction at her squeals of laughter. Thus began: The Tickle Wars. Iwa-chan hated this period, because sometimes he was caught in the middle and was even tickled, too.
  • Nowhere was safe. The rules were simple. Tickle, or be tickled. It eventually ended in a truce, but they occasionally tickle each other when they feel lunch is too quiet or when Oikawa wants to hear F/N laugh.


  • Hearing Kageyama laugh is something that is a blessing, Hinata once told F/N, back when she and Kageyama first started dating. He said it was because it was rare. And it didn’t really sound like a noise that could come out of him.
  • F/N realized what Hinata meant when she walked into practice one day to tell Kageyama she was leaving early. She stopped in the doorway and gaped at the scene before her. Nishinoya and Tanaka were tickling Kageyama, who was trying in vain to get their hands away from the back of his knees. He was ticklish.
  • His face was pink from laughter. F/N nearly burst into tears on the spot because she’d never heard anything so pure come out of her boyfriend.  Noya and Tanaka stopped when they say F/N, who quickly told a flustered Kageyama her message, then left.
  • When he came over to her house later in the evening, F/N casually sat down in between his legs, leaning against him as they watched TV (he’d finally started getting used to all this, so it wasn’t awkward). F/N stealthily moved her hands until they were right in the place she saw the two trouble makers tickle earlier.
  • As soon as her fingers started moving, Kageyama flopped over laughing, making F/N stop and just listen. He quickly sat up and “glared” at her. F/N grabbed his face between her hands and kissed him. Kageyama usually lets her tickle him, because he gets kisses when she’s done. It becomes something they do when either of them are feeling down.


  • Knowing her boyfriend is a calm guy, F/N doesn’t really expect him to be the ticklish type. But when she started to slow dance with him in her living room to her favorite slowish song, the second she wrapped her arms around his neck he burst into laughter.
  • She grinned at him and wrapped her arms carefully around him, stifling giggles as he laughed quietly. They don’t make it halfway through the song, they both burst out laughing. They went to the school dance together; the second a slow song comes on they can’t look at each other without giggling. Slow dancing becomes a thing they do when they get bored, or when F/N or Akaashi needs a laugh.
  • Whenever F/N walks by his seat at school, he lightly brushes her fingertips against his neck and smiles as she hears him stifle his laughter behind his hands. The first time Bokuto noticed this he did it to Akaashi too, who lasted five minutes calming down.
  • When F/N sees Akaashi getting stressed out, she lightly brushes her fingertips against the back of his neck. He doesn’t laugh, just leans against her touch and closes his eyes, calm returning to his facial features.
  • Akaashi used to be self conscious of his laugh, which is why he usually doesn’t laugh in front of people. But he does now, because he sees how F/N smiles softly whenever she lightly brushes her fingers on his neck. People can’t look at them acting like this, its too much to handle (as Bokuto wisely said).

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Could I get scenarios of Oikawa, Noya and Tanaka seeing their s/o, who normally wear contact lenses, wearing their glasses infront of them for the first time?

the length of the scenario got longer and longer by the character, and i’m wondering why. maybe it’s due to the fact that i’m still experimenting with oikawa? or maybe i think tanaka is just really dorky and i love writing him.

either way, i hope you like this one, anon!

if you like what i do and want to show your support, consider supporting me on ko-fi!

- admin may


“Tooru,” you called, sliding into Oikawa’s field of view as soon as he looked up from his phone. Whatever greeting he was going to say to you died on his lips as he took in your appearance.

You were wearing glasses. There was no other way to say it. It wasn’t as though he minded; it was just weird to see you in them. “What happened to your contacts?”

You touched the thick black frames self-consciously. “Oh, uh. I was running late this morning, and I didn’t have time to put them on.” You looked up at him shyly. “Do they look weird?”

Oikawa immediately said, “No! No, you look really cute! I swear! It was just a new thing!” Realizing that he basically shot out of his seat and was waving his arms around wildly, he schooled himself, scratched the back of his head in slight embarrassment.

“You’re… Really cute, Y/N,” he said, softly, but enough for you to hear.

You smiled widely and took his hand. “Thanks, Tooru,” You said. And then: “You’re really cute, too.”

The blush on Oikawa’s face as you both exited the classroom was as red as a tomato.


AAAAAAAHHHHHHH,” Nishinoya cried, “Babe—you’re so cute!

You giggled. “Thank you, Yuu.”

Nishinoya leaned on his desk to get closer to you—unbelievably close, actually—to get a good look at the frames, instead of, say, asking to check them out, like a less hyperactive human would do. “How do they feel? Did you get dizzy? How long did it take to get them?” He asked questions in rapid-fire speed, you could hardly get an answer in before he went on to the next question.

You didn’t mind. You two have been together since the beginning of the year, and have known each other for long before then; you were used to Nishinoya’s hyperactive tendencies, and it was honestly pretty funny and oddly comforting.

“They feel fine, Yuu. My prescription isn’t that high, so it’s been a breeze adjusting.” Nishinoya grinned and proceeded press on the arms of the glasses so they bobbed up and down in front of you. “Yuu!” You laughed and tried to swat his hands away.

Nishinoya was laughing like mad, and though you got a bit dizzy, you forgave him and laughed along. Man, he was so adorable. You stood up from your seat and leaned on Nishinoya’s desk to plant a quick kiss on his cheek.

He sat still for a second after you returned to your seat, but then immediately slapping a hand to the cheek you kissed and leaned back on his chair, almost falling into the desk behind him.

Y/N! That isn’t fair! You’re too cute!” he exclaimed, face absolutely flushed.


“Since when did you get glasses, Y/N?” Tanaka asked you as you both make your way to the rooftop for lunch.

“Oh, I’ve always had this pair, Ryuu. I just didn’t wear them until today.” Tanaka wasn’t letting slip what he thought about you wearing your old glasses. But then again, you didn’t tell him you used to wear glasses before switching to contacts, so maybe that was why he wasn’t reacting.

“You used to wear glasses?” he asked, incredulous.

“Yeah,” you affirmed, and opened the rooftop door. The cool breeze tickled your nose as you stepped out. “I stopped, like, two years ago, though.”

“Your eyesight went back to normal?” Tanaka sat on the floor and rummaged through the plastic convenience store bag for the onigiri he bought that morning.

“Nah, I wore contacts,” you replied.

Instantly, Tanaka’s head snapped towards you. “You wore contacts?!

Eyes wide at the sudden exclamation, you nodded. “Yeah… You didn’t notice?”


“Ryuu, we’ve kissed so many times, and you haven’t noticed?”

“That’s because I close my eyes when I kiss you!”

You laughed loudly at his honest reply. “Well, I can’t really say anything because I close my eyes, too.”

Tanaka chuckled and started unwrapping the onigiri. “So why’d you switch back to glasses?”

“The contacts were becoming a pain to put in every morning. So I just decided to go the easy route and go back to glasses.” You paused a bit, cheeks and nose reddening, although whether it was from the cold wind or something else, Tanaka didn’t know. “Do you like them?”

“Yeah, of course! You look really cute.” He leaned in and kissed the tip of your nose. “You should keep these ones.”

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Could you write a scenario where Iwaizumi, Tendou, Ushijima, and Oikawa are arguing w/ their S/O and the boys try to walk away to calm down but she goes to grab them and they forget their strength so they pull away hard and she ends up getting hurt really really bad (like falls down some stairs or falls back and hits her head really hard or something)??? I love your blog!!!

Ahhhhhhh! Why do you want me to hurt my babies!?? They don’t deserve this devastation!

(I say such, but I really love each and every request that comes in! It helps me expand my writing in creative ways that can only come from many people coming together! So, thank you for this, Anon, even if it does hurt my heart a little!)

Oh! And I wrote this in a story sequence, almost? Four parts of the same story but with different characters - if that makes sense? First, just after the incident, then seeing her in the infirmary, then speaking with her, then the final wrap up. Yeah?


Looking back, he knew that they were fighting over something that wasn’t even worth the breath it took. And, looking back, Iwaizumi knew that there were so many things that he could’ve done differently. If only he hadn’t reacted to harshly, if only he hadn’t been so stubborn in his own opinion, if only he hadn’t tried to walk away without resolving anything. Maybe - and only maybe - then he wouldn’t have been plagued with the new guilt that he would never forgive himself for. Because it was his fault - all in all there wasn’t anyone else he was willing to share the blame with, because it all lied on his shoulders.

But all of these ‘if only’s didn’t take away from the fact that he had hurt her. That he had reacted on instinct to escape her grasp and she had to experience pain because of it. The worst part of it was that it was instinctual. He had done it subconsciously. And even if the thoughts were ludicrous or irrational, it didn’t change how it sounded in his head.

When she had hit the ground, he was turning on his heel without hesitation, panic filling every fiber of his being as he dropped to her side. Hands reached for her, but they stopped short, terror that they would inflict more harm upon her even with conscious good intentions at the forefront of his mind. A tremor took over his body, vision blurring with the impending tears as he desperately called for someone to get help.

No one would ever hurt her again, not even him.

He had never thought that there would be a day when he would be terrified to approach her. Never had he thought that he would begin to think that everything that had been said about him since he was a child would be true. And never had Tendou been more terrified of hearing those very words come out of her mouth as he approached her then.

Cotton filled his throat as he lingered in the doorway, his eyes wide on her in the infirmary bed, his hands trembling as they gripped at his shirt tightly. One question kept replaying over and over in his head: how much worse could it get?

She undoubtedly already hated him, felt that it was no longer safe to be around him, that he would hurt her again. How could he possibly reassure her that it was a mistake, that he hadn’t meant to… to what? Because no matter how they looked at this, he was still the cause for where she was now. And there was no way around the inevitable.

“[First Name],” he called tentatively, his voice quieter than he had ever heard it before in his life. His breath held in his throat as he watched her turn, his jaw clenching at the sight of her there, “I’m sorry…” The words left him in a sob, because, really, what else could he do?

“I don’t blame you,” she said to him, her hand reaching out to take his only to have it retract away from her touch. The small smile that touched at her lips instantly disappeared as she raised her gaze to Ushijima before her. He wouldn’t look at her - couldn’t look at her. “You know I don’t blame you,” she reaffirmed instantly.

His hands clenched tightly into fists where they sat on his thighs, his eyes were hard on the floor below him. He had brought himself up there with hopes of making things right, but now that he was there, he wasn’t sure exactly how to do that. “You should,” he muttered, because that’s was the logical thing to do. A mistake was made and he needed to be punished for it. “I’ll… I’ll make sure you won’t get hurt again…”

She watched him rise from his heat and there was a heavy air that surrounded him. Whether it was the dread in the pit of her stomach that told her to move or just the need to keep him by her side or else she would never see him again. She didn’t know, but she reached for his hand, grasping it tightly. He didn’t flinch away this time, merely remaining still, his back rigid.

“Wakatoshi,” her voice was firm as she spoke, “you do not get to make this decision alone.” 

Those were the words that did Oikawa in, his head bowed and the tears that he had been able to keep at bay up until that point had finally breached and flowed over his cheeks. With her hand still in hers, he squeezed it tightly, seating himself heavily on the bed she was still seated upon.

Apologies kept spilling from his lips as those hands of hers soothed him, causing him sobs to come harder. He didn’t deserve it, not after what he had done. Especially after that mark had been left as a reminder to the horror that had unfolded because of his anger. He knew about this, it happened with Tobio and now with her. Only this time, there was no Iwaizumi to keep him in check and he supposed he wouldn’t always be.

“Tooru, please,” there were kisses, too sweet kisses on his cheeks then, chasing his tears away, “you’re okay, I’m okay, we’re okay.”

It was meant to make him feel better and to a degree, it did. But, god, he would try so much harder. He would make sure that nothing like this would ever occur again. He swore to her over and over again and then he kissed her tightly. He kissed her until she wouldn’t let him anymore. Because he was so lucky, he was so blessed by this gracious being that he loved so incredibly.

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Kagami, Tsukishima, Oikawa, and Akaashi are frustrated that their crush always looks away from them. But one day when she turns away, she faces a window/mirror; they catch her reflection and discover she only does that because she's trying to hide her blush from them (cuz she likes them too). Headcanons about what they'd do next please?

i’m sorry this is late love but i hope you like this!


  • The minute he sees you blushing, he feels confused. 
  • He really sucks when it comes to a girl’s feelings so he will be slow on why you’re doing this. Which is why he’ll ask you flat out “What’s wrong? Why won’t you look at me?” 
  • His tone might sound a little harsh or loud but that’s usually how he gets whenever he’s frustrated and cannot find the answer to something. 
  • Once he finally realizes what is happening, he will feel stupid and will leave right away.
  • Although he’s just going to sort his thoughts out and yell at himself for being an idiot. He will come back for sure and make sure to properly ask you on a date.
  • He likes you, you like him back. He’s not gonna stand still.


  • He’s never been one to not notice the little details. Out of the many things he’ve noticed and ignored, this is something he cannot ignore for any longer. You’re one he cannot ignore even if he wanted to.
  • He was getting a little annoyed by not being able to look at your face so he wasn’t gonna sit for any longer and watch.
  • “I like you.” he put his hand gently on your face and made your eyes meet his.
  • As cool as he was trying to be, the minute his eyes met yours his cheeks failed him and he was blushing too.
  • “I…I-I like you too, Tsukki.” 
  • Suddenly his name was his favorite word to ever exist.


  • He would have teased you long ago about this and called you out but you were special and he needed to make this moment special.
  • He saw how you could barely meet his eyes these past few days and though it was cute at first, it now makes him really miss you.
  • He always thought he was better at actions than words to be honest.
  • After finally calming his rapidly beating heart, he calls out your name. 
  • He puts a hand on your chair and pulls you closer to him. Without wasting anymore time he slowly leans in for a kiss.
  • Watching your eyes then your lips to make sure you’re alright with this, he finally puts his lips on yours.


  • It’s really hard for him not to smile whenever he’s around you, even if it seems like he doesn’t smile much.
  • But seeing you like this is making it even more harder. You look so cute and adorable. And even though he is actually feeling just as shy as you are from the inside, seeing you like this made him rethink that.
  • Someone here needs to be the more confident one and spill it out but he’ll do it in his own way.
  • “_____” he calls out your name. “Do you wanna come and watch me play on our next match?” he offers you a small smile.
  • He knows the two of you like each other and thinks it’s obvious enough so he’d rather not be too direct and take his time without rushing it. 
  • From now on his eyes will only be for you.

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Can u pls do a part to of ur recent oikawa post? The rly rly sad one about the uni?

have you ever been slapped across the face with full-blown inspiration? Yeah, because, same. Anyways enjoy this sequel, there’s not really much dialogue to it and more of just how Oikawa felt throughout this whole scenario. But I hope you enjoy this sleep deprived piece of my writing.

Read part 1 here.

The ball was thrown upwards in a swift motion. The position and accuracy were perfect, something that only happens through years of training. He breathed out and took a leap, under the gleaming light, the brunette never knew the meaning of failure, and everything has to be exactly how he pictured it to be.

The fleeting moment was everything he desired, and how he loved that everything before him would stop in motion the moment he leaped. Oikawa stretched an arm out, mustering whatever strength he had and spiked the ball. It was powerful, loud, dominating. Except, it wasn’t good enough, it never was, ever since that day.

Oikawa cringed, trying to force himself to forget the painful flashbacks. He felt guilty, and he certainly didn’t mean to lash out on you, but having such a big ego, he didn’t know how to apologize to you. It had been about 2 weeks since the two of you had even spoken, even Iwaizumi gave up on asking Oikawa to apologize. No one was talking to him now. The former King has shut himself out from everyone else.

You seemed happy, he thought. He figured you were over it by now, but whenever he tried making eye contact with you, you would turn away, fast. Not that he didn’t understand that you felt uncomfortable, Oikawa didn’t know how someone as kind as you could hold grudges, if that’s what you call it. “You fool! How can you be so full of your shit?” was what Iwaizumi told him, “[Y/N]’s obviously hurting, can’t you see that?” and whenever Iwaizumi mentioned your name, Oikawa noticed him softened a little, that look on his fast was instantaneous, it wasn’t something anyone could hardly notice, but Oikawa did. And the King deduced from whatever he could get that even, Iwaizumi, had feelings for you too.

A hint of jealousy and possessiveness emerged within Oikawa just thinking about it, but he didn’t feel worthy of his feelings. After all, did you deserve to even be someone like him? Maybe so, you did bring the best out of him, he admits to himself. But Oikawa couldn’t muster the courage to even speak a word to you, he felt too ashamed.

He tapped his foot, anxious. It was crystal clear to Oikawa that he still loved you and he does still want you back. But what worried him was whether you’ve forgotten about him. He was worried that you had someone else in your mind. Oikawa was worried that you had feelings for Iwaiumi. “We didn’t break up, did we?” he muttered and recalled, and what he knew was that you were still in a relationship. Just that you weren’t on good terms with each other, which leaves the both of you vulnerable.

One would think Oikawa lost his mind at this point, he’d been standing at the same spot for minutes, a ball in his hands, eyes wide open, thinking. He was fortunate he was alone on the court and his only company was dozens of volleyball scattered across the gymnasium. In his head, tons of gears were turning. Oikawa was thinking of the best possible way to win you back. Roses? Jewelry? Notes? Food? Animals? Music? Dates? Surprises? No, it can’t be he thought, he knew you hated overly extravagant things anyway.

But how was Oikawa going to make up? A simple ‘I’m sorry’ wouldn’t do it, or will it? No, it can’t be. He was harsh on you, and such simple words won’t do. He was pacing around now, thinking of whatever that pique your interest. He got nothing.
Absolutely nothing.

And it dawned on him that Oikawa didn’t know you that well after all. All Oikawa knew was to talk about himself, and just him, never about you. And it was funny to him too, how you patiently listen to every word, and how you manage to be so gentle and calm all this while. A normal person would definitely push someone this self-centered away, but Oikawa was in awe, how did you manage to stay on this whole time? You couldn’t be that patient with him, right?

It hit him, right there and then. That you, you were the best person that waltz into Oikawa Tooru’s life and stayed. “What the fuck,” he whispered, he looked around desperately, he can’t just abandon you. Especially when he already built a home for you, he can’t let you go, not now, not never.

Oikawa burst out of the gymnasium, like the main character in a movie. He was frantic, he didn’t know where to begin. Oikawa began off in a slow jog and something felt off, he felt a little too light.

“Oh, fuck!” he groaned and trotted towards the gymnasium again to take his bag, and Oikawa had yet to keep the scattered volleyballs yet. If he didn’t he would get an earful the next day, and no one wants that. He calculated and figured that if he cleaned up everything fast enough, he would still have enough time to find you. So Oikawa set off to work, he sprinted across the court and collected the volleyballs, urgently. And by the time he was done, he was panting and began his search, again.

He looked everywhere, but there wasn’t any sign, of you, that is. He sighed and whipped out his phone.

'Hey, can we meet?’ - Oikawa

There was a buzz immediately, almost as though you were expecting him too, but Oikawa didn’t want to get his hopes up.

'Now?’ the message read.

'Yeah, can I?’ he sent.

'Sure, meet me at the park in 10.’ the message said. Oikawa was over the moon, he was expecting something blunter, a 'No.’ or something along the lines. The King didn’t want to continue raising his hopes, however, for all he knew, you could meet him just to meet up. Fingers crossed, he hoped for the worse.

You were right there, standing to look about. And there Oikawa was, hiding behind a wall, afraid, nervous, anxious, scared. He never felt this worried around you before, excluding the time when he told you about his feelings. There he was, scared and alone albeit there were tons of passersby, but it didn’t matter to him. Oikawa could only see you.

He approached you and like always, your attention was focus elsewhere. He rubbed his hands and used his fingers to comb through his hair, “Hey,” he croaked, his voice cracking. And that certainly didn’t go as how he expected it too, but at least it caught your attention. “Hello,” you said, Oikawa could detect the sadness you’re trying to cover up.

“Look,” he breathed out and took in a deep breath, “I’m sorry for whatever I said, I didn’t mean it, believe me.” You remained silence and Oikawa went on, “All this while I only knew how to think about myself, and never about you. I know, that’s incredibly selfish of me,” he stopped and took a breather, “I know I’m not the best and I don’t treat you like how you deserve to be. I’m a fool-”

Oikawa was cut off by your sudden warm embrace, he looked at you. There was a smile on your face, yet you were crying. “It’s okay,” you whispered, “it’s okay,” you repeated hypnotically.

Oikawa wrapped his arms around you and buried his head at the crook of your neck, “Do you still love me?” his voice quivered as gentle tears begin to fall.

“Of course I do.”

Oikawa, Kuroo and Bokuto apologising to You

well, enjoy

Oikawa Tooru

‘‘Okay, what the actual fuck Tooru?’‘ You looked around your flat as you uttered these words of devastation, trying to ignore the small desire to melt by the sight of what he had done. Oikawa was known to be a very intelligent and calculative person, but when faced with your wrath he could get a little extreme. And that was exactly what had happened when he brought home a bunch of small, fluffy puppies, which were so excited that they completely destroyed everything around them.

‘‘You know what? To justify my action, Iwa-chan helped me buy them so…it’s half his fault, too.’‘ 

‘‘Well, but Iwa-chan-’‘ You mocked Tooru’s voice, even though you respected Iwaizumi with all your might. ‘‘-don’t have poop in his living room!’‘


‘‘Do you want to die tonight?’‘

‘‘Listen baby-’‘ He came closer to you, having you at the arm-length distance. ‘-imagine, me and you and our five, beautiful puppies going on walks, playing, teaching each other new things, growing old together–’‘

‘‘Okay, stop.’‘ You quickly interrupted him, putting a finger on his half opened lips. ‘‘I get what you are doing. Your apology for yesterday’s fight is a shit-’‘ He winced a little, smile visibly faltering. ‘‘-however, since the puppies are cute, I’m willing to forget it.’‘ 


t!’‘ He clasped his hands, shooting you his perfect smile. ’‘What are we doing for dinner?’‘

‘‘Oh dear, I’m going to make a dinner. You-’‘ This time you pointed a finger at him, the smirk, which welcomed itself on your face made him shudder. ‘‘-are going to clean this mess.’‘

‘‘I hate my life.’‘ 

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Kuroo Tetsurou

It’s been three hours since your fight and the throbbing guilt in his gut was growing more painful with each hour. He knew that he had been at fault that time, but he still didn’t stop screaming at you. It was stupid, he was frustrated and you were just there. Kuroo felt bad and the sound of your crying form on the couch wasn’t helpful but was a reminder of how much of an asshole he can become when something didn’t go his way.

He wanted so badly to apologise, but the last expression you had given him was so heartbreaking and it made him scared to look at you. However, it had to be done in order to keep your relationship. No backing away anymore and then putting his anger on the next person. 

He started to slowly approach your laying body, from behind the couch. You have already stopped sobbing, but it was obvious that tears were still running down your face. He came to the place next to your head and stood still. Your face was reddish and messy, with snot and wet traits everywhere. You looked the same as he felt right in that moment. 

He didn’t know what to say, how to whisper a word sorry so you would understand the power behind this word. So he didn’t. 

He slowly laid his larger body in front of yours and held your hand tightly in his, feeling how your grip also tighten. You didn’t stop crying right away, but when you did - he enveloped you in his arms for the whole night and didn’t let go.

It was the best apology you could have thought of, but you still hoped it would be the last time he had to do this.

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Bokuto Koutarou

‘’I find your lips so kissable’‘

‘‘Kou, are you dying?’‘ You asked your boyfriend, who decided to call you right in the middle of your trip to the mall.

‘’And your kiss unmissable’‘

‘‘Is it One Direction?’‘

‘’Your fingertips so touchable’’

‘‘Okay, I’m coming over.’‘

And your eyes, irresistible’’

‘‘Wait - are you drunk?’‘

‘‘In love.’‘ He clearly slurred and you didn’t even know if you should laugh or cry at his poor state of mind. ‘‘I feel so lost, you know? Our fight, it totally wrecked me. I don’t want you to leave me, but I’m not that good at saying sorry. And - wait a minute.’’ You heard him throw up somewhere in the background and immediately feel lightheaded. Alcohol was definitely not for him.

‘‘Koutarou, it’s fine.’‘ You assured, hoping that he would leave it alone and let you visit to take care of him, but no - Bokuto Koutarou wasn’t the one to give up.

‘‘Listen, listen, listen, listen. Are you listening?’‘ You laughed loudly, getting weird looks from people on the train. 


‘‘You are not listening!’‘ He yelled and you laughed even harder.

‘‘I am!’‘

‘‘Good.” He swallowed and continued. ‘‘I’m sorry, can we still be together?’‘

‘‘Kou, our argument was about what movie shall we watch tonight. It was nothing serious, oh my God.’‘ 

‘‘Technically, you are right. Practically, it could be something deeper.’‘ He stated, seriously and you couldn’t help, but be fond of the way he cared about your relationship. It may be a little crazy at times, but you loved it anyway. 

‘It was nothing.’‘

‘‘Cool, we are watching Transformers, bye.’‘ He quickly hung up, not giving you a single chance to protest.

‘‘You piece of shit.’‘

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こんにちは!  Hello!! I was wondering if you can do a senerio where Kuroo, Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Bokuto, and Akaashi are head over heels for a half American half Japanese girl( she's bylanguel). Btw I love your blog!! ありがとう!

Hi! So this request stumped me for a while because I wanted to write individual scenarios like you wanted, but I just couldn’t make them different enough to really make them enjoyable. So I wrote headcanons instead, but please send me another ask if you want me to turn any of the headcanons into a scenario because I will gladly do so! I really enjoyed these headcanons, and I tried to do as much research as I could, so I hope you enjoy them! Thanks for the request!


  • First becomes friends with you out of curiosity
  • And then he becomes obsessed with American culture
  • You can barely get him to leave you alone long enough to go to class
  • He just wants to know everything
  • When he asks you out, at first it’s just a casual meeting to learn more about your life since you understand both Japanese and American cultures
  • But on the date he realizes that he actually really likes you
  • You hardly talk about your heritage at all while on the date, instead you both simply talk about what you like
  • After you start dating, he doesn’t quite lose his interest in finding out everything he can about the mix of the two cultures
  • He chills out a bit about it
  • But when he meets your family, all bets are off because he’s going to be crazy about it again (especially if your family lives in America)


  • Acts like he knows everything about every country on Earth
  • Spoiler alert: he does not
  • His first interaction with you is you correcting him about something wrong he said about America
  • He pouts for hours after that before he asks your name
  • After he finds out you’re half American, he apologizes if he accidentally offended you by being wrong
  • He looks at you just as you laugh and smile at him, insisting it’s okay
  • After seeing your smile, he’s gone
  • He’s smitten
  • He’s convinced he’s in love, and Iwaizumi has to remind him that he only just met you
  • He tries every way possible to see if you like him back
  • Every way besides asking you out
  • Finally, Iwaizumi offhandedly confesses for him
  • You were taken by surprise, but accepted nonetheless
  • He pretended like that was his plan all along, and asks you on a date
  • But the joke’s on him because you were just as smitten with him as he was with you, you had just been waiting for him to ask


  • At first he doesn’t seem too interested
  • He doesn’t really take notice of the fact that you’re half American
  • But you like to go watch his volleyball matches, and he starts to notice you there
  • And then when you start cheering for him, he really starts to notice you
  • He starts talking to you more at school instead of just a wave or a hello
  • He wants to know more about you
  • And you can tell he really likes you
  • But it still takes him nearly six months to ask you out because he’s convinced that you’re not actually interested in him
  • He’s extremely formal when he asks you out and it makes you laugh
  • Until he gets completely flustered by you kissing his cheek
  • And then he’s convinced that you like him back and everything is smooth sailing from there


  • He’s just like Kuroo, except 10 times more excited
  • He wants to know what it’s like being half American and half Japanese because any combination of two cultures is the coolest thing ever to him
  • He’s super interested in your life, almost to the point of annoyance
  • He wants to be able to take part in your combined culture, so you try to tell him everything about how your family is different from his all-Japanese one
  • On your birthday, he’s out of control
  • He wants to make sure he hits every tradition like it’s a checklist
  • It takes two days, but honestly you just love watching him be that excited
  • He’s very respectful of all the cultural differences between his upbringing and yours
  • He just really loves sharing both of your cultures with you


  • Like Iwaizumi, it’s not a big deal for him
  • The coolest thing to him is the fact that you’re bilingual
  • He’s always wanted to learn another language, and the fact that you’re fluent in both Japanese and English is really cool to him
  • He knows a fair amount of English, but he’s nowhere close to fluent
  • He gets closer to you by asking you to help him with English
  • And he talks to you a lot about being bilingual
  • Eventually, you all stop talking about languages and start talking about other things when you realize he doesn’t need help at all in English (he passes English class with high marks every time)
  • He asks you out after a month
  • He doesn’t really see much reason to wait any longer than that
  • After that, he doesn’t mention your half American heritage very much at all
  • Except for the occasional question about English
  • Because he still thinks being bilingual is the coolest thing ever

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college! au with kuroo and oikawa where they are forced to partner up with the quiet girl in class and go over to her place to work on the project, saying “Do you really have this place all to yourself?”

This is lateee, i’m terrible 

Oikawa under the cut!


“And finally, Kuroo and (Name). The two of you will be partners for this project. Please take this time to get to know your partner and finish these projects by the end of the month for full points, otherwise, it’s a zero.”

You watched as the students all stood up to meet and greet their partners for the project, nervousness slowly getting to you. You were never too good with partners because of your shy demeanor.

Hearing a chair being pulled up next to you, you quickly turned your head to look at the tall black haired male making himself comfortable next to you before flashing you a smile, “I guess it’s you and me huh?”


A few weeks had passed and the progress of the science project the two of you were working on had made good progress. He’d put his ideas and input and you would put yours.

“You don’t talk a lot,” Kuroo states as he wrote down some information on a piece of paper while you watched him, “shy?” He looks up at you throw his lashes and a playful grin crosses his face as you give him a pursed smile, “Yeah, a little.”

“You’re really nice though and you have really good things to say, you should talk more.” He tries as he focuses back on the work on the table. Blush crawls on your cheeks as you place your hands in between your legs, leaning closer towards him to look at his work, “I don’t know, it’s hard too.”

Letting out a breath, Kuroo pulls away from his work and leans back against his chair, looking at you, “Well, we’re done for today. Any plans for the next work day?” Kuroo asks taking a sip of his drink.

“Well, if you don’t mind, we could work at my place so we can work on our project longer, I’ll provide food for us so you don’t need to worry about buying anything.” You suggest as Kuroo gives you a sly smile, “Same time and day next week then.”

A week had passed in the blink of an eye and you found yourself walking to your house with Kuroo close to your side, holding onto the straps of his backpack. Taking your key out, you opened the door for Kuroo and stepped aside to let him in first.

“Wow, do you really have this place all to yourself?” He asks as he turns around to face you as you close the door behind you. You give him a sheepish smile, “Well, yeah. It was my parents and they moved out and let me have the place. I work by myself to pay the bills though.” You inform as you set your stuff down on the floor before heading to the kitchen to find some snacks.

“Make yourself at home,” Kuroo nods at your words before taking a seat on your couch before setting his stuff down on the floor beside him.


Many hours had passed and Kuroo was finally packing up to go home, you helping him and walking him towards the door as he put his shoes on before turning to look at you, “If you don’t mind, maybe we could get lunch together? No project, just us getting to know each other?”

Kuroo looks at you with the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen him have and you couldn’t help but smile back and nod, “That sounds lovely.”

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I saw the tickling ask. Whenever you do this ask, can you do the same thing with Tendou, Kuroo, Bokuto, Oikawa, and Iwaizumi? Thanks!

Yay, more cuteness with the adorable boys! And for those who haven’t seen the original request, it’s right here!

Hope that you enjoy these as much as you enjoyed the other ones, Anon!

Tendou Satori

  • I feel like no one would really see the tickle attack coming, not because they’re that oblivious, but more like they’re so focused on their practice that it’s a total surprise to everyone. They’d be all casual on the sidelines and then next thing any of them know they’ve stationed themselves behind Tendou with an ‘innocent’ smile on their face.
  • Oh, and when they suddenly make their attack, Tendou will make this weird ‘eeeeek’ noise and he just FALLS into it. Like he puts all his weight into their hands and just lets them handle whatever consequences that they brought upon themselves. Probably more often than not it ends up with both of them flat on the floor of the court.
    • Practice is totally interrupted from that point on. After all, it would be hard to have practice with Tendou laying heavily on his significant other lamenting that they’ve taken him down while they’re shouting that he’s crushing them.

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • Dude, boy would just let it happen, especially if he caught on to what they were doing. He’s even create the perfect opportunity for them. He ends up walking over to them on the sidelines and stretches his arms open wide, practically begging for them to take the opportunity.
    • And once they took that chance he would grin all wide just before moving to wrap his arms tight around them, trapping their hands at his sides where he then takes advantage to return the attack they inflicted on him.
  • It doesn’t matter who’s calling for help, everyone in the gym will ignore them. It’s probably gotten to the point where no one really even notices anymore, they just let them do their thing while everyone else continues to practice without their captain.

Bokuto Koutarou

  • AHHH, this precious boy wouldn’t have any idea what hit him. He’d be so stoked that his significant other came to see him during practice and he’s want to show up to them, but everyone can see the real motivation behind them being there that day.
  • Oh goodness, and when they finally attack him, this boy just lets out a completely surprised and startled SHRIEK. His hands would try and reach for their’s at their sides, body instantly curling around itself as he’s completely taken over by laughter.
    • This boy just loves it, one hundred percent, these are the kinds of things he lives for within relationships. And he’d get this giant goofy smile on his face when they’re finished and he’s just so SMITTEN. Everyone is surely hoping they’d get a room, lol!

Oikawa Tooru

  • Dude, just imagine them coming up behind Oikawa when he’s in the zone for his serve. He’d be staring down the other side of the court with those intense eyes just before the loudest, highest pitched noise comes from his mouth at the contact of their hands at his sides.
    • He would instantly CRUMBLE to the floor with the volleyball clung tight to his chest because he just doesn’t know what to do! He’s being attacked and he’s clinging to anything in his hands, lol, everyone else thinks it’s the most amusing thing.
  • Oh, and he would be so OFFENDED that they had betrayed him in that way! Like “[First Name]-chan! How could you?!” But believe that they’ve just made themselves targets for Oikawa’s revenge, and he’ll have no mercy whatsoever!

Iwazumi Hajime

  • Aw, this sweet boy wouldn’t even know what hit him when they started tickling at his sides. His eyes would go all wide and a weird sputtering laugh would come out of him as he immediately tries to grapple at the hands that were inflicting such panic into his being.
  • Lol, and he’d probably give some kind of call out for help, but when any of the other third years come over, they would immediately join in on the torture of this little hedgehog (because that laughing face is surely adorable!)
    • He’d eventually escape, gasping for the breath that he lost during the onslaught and he’d turn to them with this glare on his face. But this boy can’t say mad at his significant other for long, all they have to do is make it up to him in kisses, deal with his pouting a little, and they’ll be all set!

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bokuto, oikawa, akaashi, and kuroo's reactions to their s/o unknowingly/accidentally giving them a boner in public. how would they deal with it? would they tell their s/o? are they an absolute mess or are they able to remain calm?

i love it. also, i really wanna apologize because i’ve noticed my headcanons getting shorter and school has been really chaotic so please be patient with me while i work things out! my headcanons will start to get longer again!

• Blushing mess, stuttering, trying to act normal
• ( He’s not )
• He’s a mix between a mess and calmness
• If you don’t look at him soon he’s going to become a mess
• He elbows you and tries to get your attention
• And when he does he just glances down and you laugh and apologize
• He excuses himself to go to the restroom to “freshen up”

• Totally tries to play it off
• He thought you did it on purpose since you looked at him after
• ( Really it was just you looking at him because he’s so pretty )
• You don’t understand why he keeps touching your leg
• Or why his hand keeps going higher
• He’d whisper, “Payback,” into your ear and now you’re even more confused
• What did you do???

• Keeps coughing for some reason
• ( He’s coughing your name )
• He’s able to get your attention but he doesn’t know the best way to tell you about his “situation”
• He just kind of stares at you
• So you get super close and ask, “Keiji? You okay?”
• No he’s not
• He shakes his head and points down

• Similar to Oikawa, he decides to tease you back
• He just gives you small touches throughout the day
• He was very embarrassed at first and tried to hide it
• Then he decided to use some cheesy, awful, gross pickup lines on you to tell you about it
• “I’m a gentleman, my dick stands up so you can sit down.”
• You punch his arm and he laughs
• He’s a very interesting boyfriend

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May I please request a bad boy AU oikawa and semi separately where they have an innocent s/o who aways follows the rules and goes to class and how a healthy romantic relationship would be like.

Hi! So I wrote way too much for this, and it’s headcanons because I don’t really know how to write a bad boy AU yet. This ask was kind of vague, but I’d love to write any of these headcanons into a scenario and develop my bad boy AU skills a bit more!

Oikawa Tooru

  • People at school are always shocked the first time they see him
  • He looks like he could be a preppy golden boy if it wasn’t for the leather jacket, the tattoos, or the cigarette hanging out of his mouth
  • When he decides to show up for class, everyone is even more surprised
  • And when he walks up and kisses you, the class representative, in front of everyone, their jaws are pretty much on the ground in shock
  • He picks you up every day after school activities
  • You like to make him blush by kissing him on the cheek before getting on his motorcycle
  • He doesn’t get flustered often but the boy is weak for cheek kisses
  • People at school think you must be into something illegal on dates because of who your boyfriend is
  • But a typical school night date is him taking you home and letting you do your homework
  • Until he gets bored and then he starts bothering you
  • He gets antsy sitting around the house and not doing anything
  • So if you have too much work to do, he’ll leave for the night because he doesn’t want to bother you if he gets too bored because he knows how important school is for you
  • On weekends, you go out to restaurants or other places for your dates
  • And usually he’ll hang out with his friends
  • You’re usually cool with it, but sometimes you get stressed out over school when he’s gone
  • You can typically handle it on your own, but on the nights that you can’t, he answers you immediately
  • He can always calm you down, even when surrounded by his other delinquent friends
  • And he’ll always take the time to do so, even if it interrupts something that he’s doing

Semi Eita

  • Semi’s the textbook definition of a bad boy
  • People are shocked by his sudden appearances and disappearances at school
  • But when your friends asked, you usually just shrugged and said he wasn’t a school type of person
  • He doesn’t really understand your love of school, and he isn’t very good at helping you study or anything
  • You devote any time you have out of school to being with him because your activities take up a lot of your time
  • He likes to drive, so you spend a lot of time in his car
  • You actually really love his loud rock music that he plays incessantly
  • And he secretly likes some of the pop music that you listen to
  • Not that he would ever tell you that because he has an image to uphold
  • Sometimes if you need a change of scenery while studying, he’ll come pick you up and drive you around while you study
  • He loses his temper sometimes and it upsets you when he does
  • Anytime he upsets you, you can bet he’ll be at your house the next day with your favorite kind of candy and maybe a flower or two
  • He’ll even show up to school if he gets to your house after you leave just to apologize for upsetting you
  • Your friends don’t understand why you’re attracted to him
  • Your favorite thing about his bad boy appearance is his eyebrow piercing
  • It’s the most attractive thing you’ve ever seen in your life
  • And he knows it and is constantly suggesting you get one
  • But there’s absolutely no way he’ll ever talk you into it
  • Becauses who’s ever seen a class representative with an eyebrow piercing
  • But for your birthday he buys you one of those fake magnetic ones
  • It made you laugh, but you’ll occasionally wear it just to make him break that cool persona and get a teensy bit flustered
  • Because just like Semi with an eyebrow piercing is the most attractive thing you’ve ever seen, you with any kind of piercing is the most attractive thing he’s ever seen
  • But really, you’re the most attractive thing he’s seen no matter what and he makes sure you know that every day