I was tagged by kartoffel-entchen ! Thank youuu (and thanks for the compliment!)

Put your music on shuffle and answer these questions. Once you’re done, tag ten people 

  • Title of the song describes how you die

The Sunk'n Norwegian - Alestorm

… Weeeeeeeeell…

  • Second song describes your love life

Queens - Caravan Palace

Iiiiiii’m gonna beaaaat them all, in a woooooorld where I’ve never beeen.

  • Third song will be played at your wedding

Born To Handjive - Grease soundtrack

Okay but only if everyone dances.

  • Add “in my pants” to the title of this song

Under Close Surveillance in my pants - Lost in Kiev

  • Sixth song is your theme song

Nu dans ta douche - Hippocampe Fou

WHY. WHY. (for non french speakers, it’s “naked in your shower” by crazy seahorse, sooooo)

  • Seventh song will play when you think of someone you love

Worms - Punish Yourself

Now that’s fucking depressing.

  • Add “with a shovel and a screwdriver” to the title of the eight song

Hate Or Glory with a shovel and a screwdriver - Gesaffelstein


  • Ninth song describes your week

Le Grand Incendie - Noir Désir


  • Tenth song will play when you miss someone.

Era Vulgaris - Queens Of The Stone Age


So I tag oikaast, vegetablecircle, snakesundermyskin and anybody who wants to do it!


Our Q&A video, whatever, getting too drunk to write a caption for it. Appreciation if watched, though it’s long.

I was tagged by kartoffel-entchen! Thank you! List 15 things that make you happy and tag 15 people

  1. A good cup of coffee
  2. Discovering a new good fantastic/science-fiction/horror movie
  3. Going to a concert
  4. People who give me bones/shells/weird stones because they know I’ll love it
  5. Cuddling with my cats with a blanket to the point I feel guilty getting up
  6. Florent making me food or buying me cigarettes when he knows I had a bad day
  7. Dressing nice with a good make-up and actually feeling pretty
  8. Florent thinking my constant muttering/swearing/bitching about nearly everything is actually “cute”
  9. Booking a tattoo/piercing appointment
  10. Knowing I’ll meet snakesundermyskin in january
  11. Buying a new tea
  12. Getting obsessed with a new band
  13. When a client genuinely wishes me “a good day” or is extra-nice with me
  14. Going to one of the special seances of my cinema (like Citizen Kane yesterday)
  15. Great night-outs with lots of friends, lots of rum, and lots of awful singing

I tag snakesundermyskin, cassiehannibal, oikaast, and everyone who wants to feel tagged!

spacecreatureinc asked:

Hi hiiii!

Yay! So, weird music poem :

D’abord je veux avec ma langue natale deviner tes pensées

Say say my playmate 

Go son, go down to the water

You can take me from behind

Attends-toi à c’que j’me traîne à tes pieds

… This is really really dirty.

(Songs : Love On The Beat, Laibach ; Wolf Like Me, TV On The Radio ; The Weeping Song, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds ; Assrider, Tamtrum ; L’appartement, Noir Désir)