Here, we are the wolves. Divinity had the sense
not to touch us. Instead, we bare our teeth, clutch bottles
like lifelines, soak up the messy beats, hide in the
darkness between the strobe lighting.

x x

{ l i s t e n }

I’m infinitely glad that a music video was released for this magnificent number today which I happened to pick up on, as I previously missed out on the resplendent radiance of Blinded, a stunning electronic pop debut from OIJ. The Dutch musician’s first track is a gripping, vivid blend of Glass Animals like slinkiness, Jack Garratt like sophisticated electro R&B production, and a Jungle like funkiness. It’s an infinitely impressive debut that seems to have slid by a lot of music head radars here in the US. Watch OIJ’s video for Blinded below. Blinded is available now on iTunes.


[New Song Of The Week] OIJ  - Blinded

Every now and then there’s a Dutch act that could really make a difference, and OIJ has this kind of international potential right from his debut track Blinded. Behind the alias goes Valentijn Crouwel, who used to be the front man of Amsterdam based rock band The Crowns. His fascination for the neon night life in the land of the rising sun explains the abbreviation of Only In Japan.

We tried to ignore at first, as the track was sung a bit too high making it a bit unappealing for a replay. But national Dutch radio station 3FM picked him up about two weeks ago, so we heard Blinded more and more and it’s turned out to be a grower. Only a week ago we were wooed over when we heard him adapt The Weeknd’s latest hit to his style. Almost the day after the guys at 3FM saw the same potential and crowning him with their highest stamp of approval: 3FM Serious Talent. With this added to his artist bio the music will be on higher rotation and extra slots are opening up for him at the larger Dutch festivals.

Live his multi-instrumentalist approach reminds of Jack Garratt who ditched the guitar for the synthesizer. That same deadly precision of a one man machine monitoring all his instruments proves that he’s willing to put the effort in this project to try and make it work. And don’t forget his Tokyo inspired light show, perfectly synced to the beat as seen above. You could discover his electronic, catchy synth pop at the Let’s Get Lost festival or throughout the Netherlands during travelling festival Popronde this fall.


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And this is why I follow Spotify’s New Music Tuesday playlist: because I get to uncover gems like this! Blinded by Dutch singer, OIJ, layers the pop on thick and it’s great.

Delivering a ballsy (no pun intended) falsetto over a heavily electronic production, OIJ hits the sweet spot in a crossover between BØRNS and Calvin Harris. 

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piece: ‘Serpent’
artist: Joshua M.

11x14’’ acrylic
on acid free matte 

11. joshua is a pretentious name